How to Start Snail Farming Business

Snail Farming Business For Beginners – Guide
Do you have an interest in snail farming business and just do not know how to go about it? Well, this article is going to answer all your questions on how to start a snail farm. Snail business is a very lucrative business. Let us start with why?

Yomi is a graduate with a 2:1. Yomi has been searching for a good job three years after school, all to no avail. Yomi’s mum advised that Yomi think of a business idea to go into. Yomi decided to go into snail business.

It has been two years now and Yomi is making great profits from her snail business. Yomi now has customers in different states, she supplies snails to different big hotels, weddings, birthdays and lots more. Yomi’s business is growing bigger and better each year.

Are you unemployed?

Are you interested in setting up your own business?…

• Snail Has A High Nutritional Value: Snail is a rich source of minerals including, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium as well as vitamin E and vitamin C. it is also a great source of protein, and let’s face the fact, one nutrient most meals lack is protein.

It is also important to note that snail also has very little calories. Hence going into snail business, you are bound to make multiple sales as people are now being concerned with eating healthy.

• Demand Is Greater Supply: Snail business is bound to thrive anywhere there are lots of restaurants, hotels, parties and the likes, needing this delicacy with little snail farmers available to meet the demand for snails.

Hence the demand for snails is always greater than the supply. With all these in mind, how then do you start a snail business? Here are some helpful tips…

Know Your Snails

The first step in starting a snail business is knowing the snails itself. Firstly, snails are of different species, the most common in Nigeria are Achatina achatina, Achatina fulica and Archachatina marginata. these are the ones commonly eaten and reared by snail farmers.

Secondly, as a prospective snail farmer, it is important to note that snails are hermaphrodites, meaning they possess both male and female organs. Hence when you start your snail business, you wouldn’t have to bother about getting male or female snails just one snail is capable of fertilizing itself and producing eggs.

If it isn’t too much stress, it is best to source your snails for startup of your snail business from the bushes as those are usually in the best condition. Otherwise, you could buy from the market, cover with some cocoyam leaves on a wet soil for them to produce and hatch eggs. This usually takes between 21 to 28 days.


Next thing to consider when starting a snail business is the location of your snail farm. It is best to locate your snail pen in a low plain, downhill site. Snails are sensitive to temperature and excessive wind could cause dehydration. The soil should be sandy-loamy as the soil on which they grow is important to their growth and survival.


Another thing to note as you are about to embark on snail business is their meal. Snails are versatile when it comes to feeding, hence you spend little to nothing at all on feeding them.

They eat virtually anything ranging from leaves to fruits. To increase your snails tissue growth and calcium which is important for shell growth, you could get snails feed from the market and add it to their diet.


Some species of snails (Achatina achatina) lay about 300 to 500 eggs at once and they do this three times in a year. These can eggs take about two weeks to six weeks to hatch and of course under the right conditions, more than eighty percent of their eggs hatch.

Snails usually take about eight months to a year to grow to full maturity. When harvesting, be sure to do so when they are matured enough in order to get good returns from your snail business.

In Africa, to market your snails, you could sell them on wholesale to market women who in turn sell in retail to customers, or you could sell your snails to restaurants, hotels, fast foods, who sell to their customers. You could also make money from your snail business by supplying snails to caterers who cook for parties.

Snail business is virtually one of the best to go into right now because although you are going to need patience at the early stage, the profit is about ten times the amount you used for startup, besides snails almost never get sick and they pretty much take care of themselves.

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