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Are you in need of a snail farming business plan sample? In this article, you will be provided with a snail farming business plan sample which will aid you in the course of writing one for your snail farming business.

The snail farming business is one that does not require a huge startup capital. Basically, the business is concerned with the rearing of snails, and sometimes includes the selling of packaged snail products.

Well, we have below a snail farming business plan sample.

BUSINESS NAME: Louis Johnson & Family Farms Ltd.

  • Executive Summary
  • Our Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Market Analysis
  • Financial Plan
  • Sales Forecast
  • Conclusion

Louis Johnson & Family Farms Ltd is a business that is fully registered and has been given license to operate in the inner-city Alabama, United States. The business will be owned by the Johnsons, and it will be concerned with the rearing and selling of live snails, and the selling of packaged snail products. The main aim of the business is to make profits. Our vision is to become the outright trendsetters in the industry.

To start up, we will require a total of $220,000; which we will raise from our huge investments and savings, and from contributions from supportive friends.

Our business, Louis Johnson & Family Farms Ltd, is a snail farming business in the agricultural livestock industry that will be fully concerned with making profits in the industry. In light of this, we will focus on snail rearing and the processing and packaging of snail meat for consumption in the United States, Africa, and Asia.

Our snail farming business will not be restricted to the United States alone; we will go global and reach far countries in Africa. All of our business dealings will not be carried out outside the laws of Alabama, and the United States.

Our major business vision at Louis Johnson & Family Farms Ltd is simply to be the outright leader and trendsetter in the snail farming subset industry. We will not only be the outright leaders and trendsetters in Alabama, United States; but equally the outright leaders and pacesetters in the industry in all of the North American region and even beyond. We will make sure to achieve this business vision within our first five (5) years of doing business.

Our mission is simple and clear cut. At Louis Johnson & Family Farms Ltd, we will be so concerned with satisfying our local and international customers by providing healthy, quality and nutritious snails and snail products in large quantities. Our snail farming business will become the trendsetter in the industry in the North American region.

In the course of shooting our business among the leading snail farming businesses in North American region, we have devised several strategies to market and advertise our business and its products. Here are some of the strategies:

  • We will start off by encouraging our employees and customers to spread the word out to others.
  • We will make use of flyers, and place our business on business magazines, and newspapers.
  • We will also advertise our business and products on radio and television stations.
  • Our technical experts will establish a functional website that will be very user-friendly to allow our customers access to our business and products.
  • We will utilize the social media platforms such as Facebook, linkedIn, and Instatgram.
  • We will install our business billboards on various catchy locations.

We are well aware that the success of a business lies on the shoulders of a great business structure. Having this in mind, we will make sure we not only employ the required number of employees to fill in the various positions, but we will make sure quality, competent, honest, hardworking, and motivated candidates only are employed to fill these positions.

Also, because we want to shoot our business straight to the top of the industry in no distant time, we will make sure prospective employees or candidates who possess quality years of experience in their respective positions are selected. The following key positions will be filled:

  • Snail Farm Manager
  • Accountant
  • Sales and Marketing officers
  • Field Employees

Market Trends

The common trend you will observe in the United States is that Americans do not eat snail meat. The only people you will find in the United States who eat meat are the people from African countries.  This is why people who are into the snail farming business majorly target the intercontinental hotels, especially the ones that have snail meat in their cuisine.

Another trend in the industry is the fact that people who are in the snail farming business ensure they particularly utilize the health benefits of snail meat as an advantage in marketing the snail meat and products. Some of the health benefits of snails include fight against cardiovascular diseases, and cancer. It is also suitable for people who are trying to lose weight because of its low fat and calorific value.

Target Market

We will especially target the following groups:

  • African and Asian communities in the United States
  • People who are trying to lose weight.
  • People who are on recovery from critical illnesses and injuries; cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Hotels that serve intercontinental dishes, having snail meat in their cuisine.

Source of startup capital

We will require a mean sum of $250,000 for us to be able to successfully launch our business. We will raise this sum from our savings, and investments, and the other part from our very close and supportive friends.

We have already raised at least $150,000; which we hope to increase to $220,000. The last part of the startup capital which makes up $30,000 will be borrowed from our very close friends, the Joneses and the Petersons.

The sales projection below is the sales forecast of Louis Johnson & Family Farms Ltd for the following three years after start up:

Year One                    $250,500

Year Two                   $520,000

Year Three                 $670,000

However, several factors could positively or negatively affect this sales projection.

This snail farming business, “Louis Johnson & Family Farms Ltd”, will be located in the inner-city of Alabama, United States. It will be owned and run by Louis Johnson and his wife and two sons. The business will be focused entirely on snail rearing and production of snail products for consumer consumption.

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