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If you are looking for a sample rice retail store business plan template, here is a business plan for starting a rice retailer business and free feasibility study example you can download.


A rice retail store business is a business that can be started by virtually anyone. You do not need any form of experience, good business or educational background to start and run a rice retail store. One basic requirements for setting up a rice retail business are regular supply of rice and a good site for your business.

This article serves as a guide to how a rice retail store business plan sample looks like. You will need it to effectively start your rice retail store business.

Business Name: George Grey Rice Retail Store

  • Executive Summary
  • Our Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary
George Grey rice retail store is a rice retail store owned by 45-year-old high school dropout, George Grey. It is a registered store and will be situated in downtown Los Angeles, California. We are looking to become one of the biggest rice retail stores in the United States. To make this happen, we have secured a facility that is large enough to help us achieve this.

At George Grey rice retail store, we are aware of the existing competition in the rice retail store business. As a result of the competition that exists in this business, we have carried out massive research to help us know what our customers need. With this, we will be able to give our customers exactly what they want.

We will also make sure that our customers get the best services whenever they come to purchase our goods. We intend to have a personal relationship with all our customers. This, we will achieve with the use of a CRM software.

Our Products and Services
George Grey rice retail store is not in the rice retail business for fun. We are in this business to make a lot of profit. We know that to make a lot of profit, we need to be able to please our customers. As a result of this, we will provide our customers with the best rice from the most trusted rice production firms that are in the world.

Basically, the products that we will offer our clients include long-grain rice, short-grain rice and medium grain rice. All these will be available both in non-organic as well as organic form.

Vision Statement
Our vision at George Grey rice retail store is to dominate the rice retail store industry. We have a vision to become one of the most sought after as well as successful rice retail stores in Los-Angeles California and in the United States.

Mission Statement
At George Grey rice retail store, our mission is to set-up a standard rice retail store business which will be able to meet the ever-increasing needs of our numerous potential customers. We intend to ensure that properly bagged rice and will be obtainable to our prospective customers for a price that they will easily afford.

We are also looking to grow from just having a single rice retail store in Los Angeles, California to having a chain of rice retail stores scattered across the United States.

Business Structure
We are looking to just set up a store that will be considered average. Our intention at George Grey rice retail store is to set up a business that will be a standard for other rice retail store business that will be set up after we get established. We know that becoming a force to reckon with in this business will not happen overnight. We are very intentional.

As a result of this, we will employ the services of only those that we are certain can function at the level we want to operate. We will ensure that our staff are qualified to work in rice retail stores and are also very customer-friendly.

Market Analysis
Market Trend
The rice retail store industry is definitely not a new industry. However, it is constantly undergoing change. At the moment, this industry is moving very rapidly from a manually powered industry to a technology driven industry.

As a result of the advantages that technology has made available, home delivery as well as online ordering are now a major part of the rice retail store business.

Sales and Marketing Strategy
We are new in the industry and we intend to get a foothold really fast. To achieve this, we will carry out the following;

  • Give discounts to our first set of customers as well as our regular customers
  • We intend to have a strong online presence
  • We will also place our handbills in public places

Our Target Market
Virtually everyone feeds on rice. This makes the market for the rice retail store business a very large one. We are not the only rice retail store in Los Angeles, California. Therefore, we do not intend to offer everyone our services.

After carrying out our research, we have come up with a target market that we know will suit our business. Those in our target market include;

  • Homes
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels

Financial Plan
Source of Startup Capital
To get our rice retail store business started on the level that we intend, we will need $100,000. As it stands, we do not have all the money we need. We have been able to come up with 60% of the amount that is needed to set-up this business. The remaining amount will be gotten as a loan from the bank.

Competitive Advantage
We are not ignorant of the high level competition that exists in the rice retail store business. To stand out, we have chosen a location that will constantly keep us in the view of our customers. We are also looking to get the best rice brands from top rice packaging firms.

This is a rice retail store business plan sample. This business is owned by George Grey and will be located in downtown Los Angeles, California.

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