Interested in small fitness center business ideas? If YES, here is how to start a fitness center with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

How to Start a Fitness Center Studio

Are you thinking of starting your own fitness center? Do you love seeing people achieving their fitness goals? I know it is every trainer’s dream to own their own fitness center one day. There certainly are many benefits to owning your own fitness center, but there are also fundamental drawbacks which need to be seriously assessed before you take the plunge and move from an ordinary personal trainer to fitness owner.


Starting a fitness center is an opportunity to become your own boss, take control of your time and life, and detect how much you want to be making monthly. Though, it is not easy to start one but if you dedicate your time and energy into it, you will reap your bountiful reward in the future.


The fitness industry continues to be a thriving business that any serious entrepreneur should consider venturing into presently as everyone is trying to keep fit.

There are so many things to consider when thinking about starting a fitness center. I will help by taking you through every process that will help you start a fitness center of your own and start enrolling lots of people into your fitness programs at your own rate.


Here are how you can start a fitness facility;

Define your Intention

Before thinking about what you need for your fitness center and how to get started, have you bother to asked yourself why you want to start s fitness center? Have you consider the challenges involve?

What kind of fitness center do you want to operate?

Who are your target customers? Are they young ones, elderly ones, sport-specific? Asking yourself these questions will set your mind clear on what you really need, and it will aid you in preparing a perfect business plan for the fitness business.

If you are clear on why you want to run a fitness center, it will also be clear to you what kind of fitness studio you want to open.

Build a Better Business Plan

The key to a successful business is keeping things formal. A startup business plan is the backbone of any business. The average cost of opening a fitness center ranges between $10,000-$50,000. So, if you won’t be able to finance that, having a well-detailed business plan can help you get loan from any financial institution. So, you see why you need a fitness center business plan?

Make sure your business plan outline includes executive summary, marketing and promotion strategies, cost of rent, equipment cost, mission statement, competition, target market etc.

Obtain a Professional Fitness Certificate

Formal education/certification or training is very important in any business as it give you a competitive advantage when compared to business owners with mere industry experience.

Your customers and loan providers will regard you as a pro in the game and will help build trust between you and them. You can go get certified by The American Council of Exercise and establish yourself as a professional.

Give you clients the greatest value for their money and you will be the greatest fitness center in town. You should also be sure to hire certified staff also when hiring.

Tools for the Trade

After drawing out your business plan and getting certified, the next step is to know the kind of equipment you will be needing in your fitness center. Based on your niche of specialty, you might also consider this common tools for your fitness center weight benches, free weights, treadmills, weight machines and mats.

These tools are very expensive. So, it is advisable you go for hire purchase if you can’t fund them.

Decide on what type of facility you would like to build and make sure you meet the equipment and space requirements that your clients would expect.

Fitness Location

This is very important when starting a fitness center. Position yourself in an area close to your client base and potential clients who have the disposable income to use your services. Ensure there is sufficient parking space and that your clients training experience exceeds their expectations each and every time they work-out!

Knowing how much space that can accommodate your clients will determine the location you will pick for your fitness center. A good location is key to getting clients to your fitness center.

Apply for Permits and Licenses

Several businesses require some certain permit and documents before one can launch a business. Do your research and go get the requires licenses and permits from the regulatory bodies in charge so no one disturb your business when you launch.

No Marketing No Business

Your marketing plan is just as important as your fitness business plan. Without clients, your business will be dead and as good as bankrupt. Clients are your income source, so make sure that as many people as possible know about your fitness center.

Advertise your business on the radio, television, in newspapers and magazines. The world wide web should be your number one advertise medium.