This article focuses on a driving school business plan sample, specifically targeting entrepreneurs with interests in this area of transport business, who have little or no knowledge on the steps involved in writing a good one.

Due to the vital nature of this document to the survival of any meaningful business venture, we shall be following a step-by-step procedure in writing out this sample.

This driving school business plan sample will be covering all the important aspects a good business plan should cover. We begin by first writing out the table of contents;

  • Executive Summary
  • Our Range of Services
  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission
  • Market Analysis/Trends
  • Target Market
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Revenue Source
  • Sales Projection
  • Payment Channels
  • Publicity and Advertising Strategy

Executive Summary
To be located in Austin, Texas, Auto Drive LLC is a driving school that will be teaching driving lessons to clients who want to learn to drive and also the conduct of a re-training program especially to professional drivers to help them adapt to international standards in driving. These will be possible through the use of state-of-the-art training equipment to ensure that our clients are given the very best of exposure to every day driving conditions.

We will also continually update our knowledge and the teaching process to meet up with current industry trends, so as to ensure that only the best is offered to our highly esteemed clients.

Our Range of Services
We offer a wide range of driving tutoring related services to our clients that include the conduct of refresher courses to professional drivers, teaching our clients how to drive trucks, cars, the hire of professional drivers to organizations or clients in need of such services and also, the sale of car safety devices to ensure that clients, while driving have peace of mind. Also, we will help our clients to secure their driving licenses once they are qualified.

Our Vision
Our vision at Auto Drive LLC is to be among the foremost driving schools within the state of Texas, and to be among the top highly recommended driving schools. This will be achieved to the provision of premium driving schools services to our esteemed clients who after being satisfied with our services will be encouraged to tell others about us. We also have the vision of being among the top government approved driving schools.

Our Mission
At Auto Drive LLC, we are driven by a passion to become the destination of choice by both new and professional drivers who will be seeking for an update to their driving skills and knowledge. Also, the services offered will be tailored in a way that there will be increased revenue generation without an added financial burden to our clients.

Market Analysis/Trends
The current trends within this industry include the provision of additional driving related services such as the provision of professional drivers. This is a strategy aimed at increased revenue generation through diversification of services rendered. Also some driving schools offer executive classes aimed at providing how training to high net-worth individuals who might prefer home lessons.

Research has shown that the faster and easier clients are able to learn how to drive, the happier and positive they are about the ability of a driving school to teach. This has resulted in increased client base for many driving schools who have exploited these findings.

Target Market
Our target market spreads across a wide range of sectors and individuals. Some of these include corporate bodies in need of professional drivers, need for document renewal by car owners, clients who just turned 18 and want to learn driving, prospective professional drivers, clients who have just acquired a car, but have no knowledge on how to drive. These and mainly our target markets which we will be concentrating our efforts on.

Competitive Advantage
The advantage we have over our competitors offering similar services is our location. We are strategically located between the central business district and the largest residential estate within the state of Texas. This gives us a huge advantage over our competitors because of the huge traffic within this area. This automatically results in more client visits compared to other competitors in other less populated areas.

Our workforce is another area of our strength. They have been carefully selected, with years of experience within this field. Our workforce is highly motivated through increased remuneration packages and other benefits to ensure that they commit their best effort to our business.

Revenue Source
Our source of revenue will primarily come from the services offered to clients. This includes the fees paid from driving lessons taught, the hiring of our professional drivers to both individuals and corporate bodies, and the processing fee for driving licenses.

Sales Projection
With recent survey conducted within the industry, we have come up with a sales projection that will see us realising and maintaining a healthy sales and profit growth within the first 3 years of commencement of business. However, the criteria used discounts factors that include natural disasters and economic downturn/recession. This is summarized in the table below;

  • First Year $220,000
  • Second Year $401,200
  • Third Year $780,000

Payment Channels
The payment channels used will include a wide variety of payment options. This is target specifically at our clients, to ensure they do not have to be worried on which payment option to use. They are given freedom of choice on the payment option most suitable to them.

Among these are; the use of POS machines for payment, acceptance of cash payments, credit card, and mobile money transfers among other options.

Publicity and Advertising Strategy
The publicity and advertising strategies to be used will be broad based. This will include the use of both print and electronic media options, social media platforms, fliers and handbills, and building a website for our company.

This driving school business plan sample is aimed at providing a guide for entrepreneurs with little or no knowledge on how to write a good driving school business plan.

All they have to do is simple brainstorm, while using the procedure provided within this article in writing their own unique business plan. The information provided here are only for illustrative purposes only, and represent no real business concern.