If you are looking for a sample beauty supply shop business plan template, here is a business plan for starting a cosmetics product retail store and free feasibility study example you can use.


A cosmetics business is one business that meets people’s needs on a daily bases. This makes it a very profitable one. To run this business, not much is needed in terms of finances and skills. However, the skills that are needed in running a cosmetics business can be learned easily and by absolutely anyone.

With just the right amount of skill and determination, anyone can make it in the cosmetics business.

Are you interested in starting a cosmetics store business? Then you will need a business plan. This is because running a business successfully without having a business plan is near impossible. Well, this article contains a cosmetics store business plan sample business.


This cosmetics store business plan sample will help you come up with a great business plan. You can take a cue from the cosmetics store business plan sample below if you are looking to start a cosmetics business.

BUSINESS NAME: Perfect Appearance Cosmetics Company

  • Executive Summary
  • Our Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Financial Plan
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary
Perfect appearance cosmetics company is a beauty store that will be based in the central business district of los-Angeles. After few weeks of searching, we at perfect appearance have located a perfect location for siting our business. From this location, we will expand to other parts of Los Angeles as well as the entire United States

Our Products and Services
We at perfection appearance cosmetics company are basically into the sales of cosmetics products, toiletries, perfumes, grooming products, etc. Our major aim of starting a cosmetics company is to take advantage of the unending demands for cosmetics products by people.

However, that is not all we are interested in. We are interested in making sure that the needed and the right cosmetics products are made available to people at the right price and at the right time.

Vision Statement
As a cosmetics company, our vision is to become the biggest cosmetics store in the entire Los Angeles central business district.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to establish a cosmetics company that will dominate Los Angeles and other parts of the United States. We aim to become a cosmetics store that is always stocked with the needed cosmetics by our ever increasing clients

Business Structure
As a new business, we know that success in the cosmetics industry is largely dependent on the venue in which the cosmetics store is located. This is why we have taken out time to situate our business in a certain part of town.

The truth remains that we are looking to build a business that will last the test of time and also stand shoulder to shoulder with the more popular and established cosmetics brands. We intend to create a team that is not just interested in making profits but also in the satisfaction of our clients

Market Analysis
Market Trend
The cosmetics industry is perhaps as old as human civilization. This is one reason cosmetics are easily marketable. The high demand for cosmetics products also explains the presence of cosmetics stores scattered throughout the country.

Target Market
The cosmetics industry is perhaps one of the few industries where there is the least amount of competition. This is because most people in the world make use of cosmetics. Putting this very simple fact into consideration, we have. After spending so much time on our research, we have come up with a target market to sell our products to.

The group of people that top the list of our target market are;

  • Tourists
  • Students
  • People involved in sports
  • Pregnant women
  • Engaged ladies
  • Business executives

Sales and Marketing strategy
Our sales and marketing strategy include;

  • Partnering with popular salons in every neighborhood
  • Selling at a reduced price
  • Good customer service

Financial Plan
We understand that starting a cosmetics company does not require much capital. However, we are not looking to start a cosmetics business on a small scale. To start a cosmetics business on a big scale, we will need $10,000. We have been able to raise 50% of this amount. The remaining 50% will be gotten from the bank.

Competitive Advantage
Over time, the cosmetics industry has become very highly competitive. As a result of this, it is quite difficult for individuals that are not very creative to succeed in this business. We are not ignorant of the high level of competition that is existent in this industry.

We at Perfection Cosmetics Company are starting a cosmetics business that will compete favorably with already established firms in the cosmetics industry. We intend to achieve this by building a team of highly skilled and creative individuals.

The business plan above is a business plan sample for the cosmetics company, Perfection cosmetics company. The company will be situated in Los Angeles. Also, the funds that are needed to start and run this company will be gotten from personal savings as well as from the bank.