Who Is Still Crazy About Mr Biggs? – Start Your Own Fast Food Business

Mr Biggs Franchise: Key Lessons From The Rise And Fall Of This Fast Food Restaurant To Use When Starting Your Own.

Mr Bigg’s is a fast food restaurant business founded in 1973 in Nigeria with headquarters in Ojota, Lagos. The company produces fast food delicacies, Nigerian dishes as well as UAC branded food items.

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Created by United African Company of Nigeria, Mr Biggs was one of the first successful chains of fast food businesses in Nigeria with over 180 locations across the country.
Mr. Biggs restaurant is designed in red and yellow colours resembling McDonald’s. Mr. Bigg’s history began with the coffee shops inside Kingsway Department Stores in the 1960s. The rapid expansion of this business made them one of the first sold franchises in Nigeria.

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Produced from a secret mr biggs nigeria meat pie recipe, many people developed addiction to these baked food items with many ordering on mr biggs nigeria website from different parts of the country. Mr biggs fried rice, Jollof rice, moi-moi, cake, pastries and other delicacies are produced by Mr Biggs.

But recently things have changed. Just like me, I wouldn’t visit an eatery only because of the quality of what is offered but also because of how appealing the brand is to me. My love for the brand and what it represents. Sadly, people are no longer as crazy as before for Mr Biggs. This franchise is not topping the list of fast food eateries in Nigeria as before.

I sat down on day and asked myself, ‘What could have gone wrong with Mr Biggs? Did the master chef changed his recipe? No! So what is the problem with this failing brand?’

In the next paragraph, I will try to share key lessons every investor should learn about the rise and fall of Mr Biggs.

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In the 90s when Mr Biggs was the talk of the town, people’s tastes were adjusted to what they offered but then, competition creeped in. Customers saw nothing exciting about this brand again. Since, It’s only human to desire change coupled with the fact that Mr Biggs stuck to their mode of operation, people had no choice than to look elsewhere. At a point, it was like ‘Mr Biggs is for small boys and girls.’ While Mr Biggs was still basking in the euphoria of being in control of the main market, other competitors like KFC, Tantalizers, Mr Spoon etc targeted smaller market units such as rich folks, middle income earners, foreigners, youth, kids etc thereby undermining the controlling influence of their giant competitor. This ‘I can’t change mentality’ and lack of versatility killed the prospects of this blooming business.

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I’m not looking for an opportunity to consult for Mr Biggs. This post is an expression of my personal opinion. I know Mr Biggs can still regain its top position in the list of fast food restaurant businesses in Nigeria it’s ready to scout for new ideas to recreate the business. The marketing philosophy of uac’s mr. biggs should also be strengthened.


Every business comes with its challenges. For survival and continuity, identify the problems and find solutions to them.

Do You Want To Open A Mr Biggs Eastery/Restaurant Business?

Fast food restaurant business is very stressful, competitive and capital intensive. If you have no prior experience, I would recommend that you avoid this investment.

Mr Bigg’s is no longer what it used to be. There is nothing left but old glory. You will discover that it is advisable for you to create your own brand. This is ensure that your investment won’t crash if anything goes wrong with the brand you are attached to. You will also need to link up with experts in fast food business.


There is nothing wrong in starting your own fast food company. Yes, it be challenging but in the long run, the returns would make you forget the pains.

Here are some people who opened their fast food restaurants and grew them into big businesses.

—–» TASTEE FRIED CHICKEN (aka TFC): Olayinka Pamela Adedayo opened TFC and first location was at Surulere.
—–» SWEET SENSATION: Kehinde Kamson founded this business and started from her parents house at Ilupeju.
—–» TANTALIZERS: Folu Ayeni started this business at Festac town, Lagos.

Other entrepreneurs who have created their own identities and are making serious money include: Delta Kitchen, Mama Klass, Big Fish, Calabar Kitchen, De Morris.

Steps To Start A Fast Food Restaurant Business

—–» Carry out a comprehensive mapping of the market you want to penetrate. What are the potentials and prospects?
—–» Be strategic in siting your business. Your location must be conspicuous with substantial traffic of middle to high income earners.
—–» Develop a business plan taking into consideration the smallest technicalities in the proposed business, here is a sample fast food restaurant business plan
—–» Can you take care of the initial capital to start up and still foot the running cost?
—–» Set up a unique brand and design strategies to penetrate the market by evaluating your existing competitors.

My advice – Establish your own brand.

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