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In this article, I shall be giving you a sample of a fundraising business plan. This is given as a guide to assist you in writing your own fundraising business plan.

Being an essential guide for businesses, business plans offer direction for the future of the business and helps in identifying and avoiding pitfalls that may have resulted if the business had operated without one.

A fundraising business is essentially a business that is involved in raising funds for worthy causes such as fighting poverty, desert encroachment, and unemployment among a plethora of other important causes.

There are spread across different niches and it is left for the entrepreneur to know which of the niches would be of most interest to him. Below is a the fundraising business plan sample;

Sample Fundraising Business Plan Template and Feasibility Report

  • Executive Summary
  • Mission Statement
  • Vision Statement
  • Products and Services
  • Financing/Start-up Costs
  • Our Competition
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Our Donor Profile
  • Publicity and Advert Strategy


Based in Nevada, Funding for All Inc. is a fundraising company that intends to raise and make available funding for worthy causes such as charities and has a vision of growing into a global charity funding program with its tentacles spread across the world touching the most vulnerable in society. Funding for All was founded by Clayton and Associates.

Starting in Nevada, we have a plan to spread our services to cover the entire United States and eventually the world. Funding for All Inc. intends to enlist the services of a business strategist to adequately strategize and align its mission, vision and activities towards achieving set targets.


Our Mission statement at Funding for All Inc. is to make available critical funding through donations to bodies that share our passion to touch lives especially to the vulnerable members of society such as orphans and homeless kids and also families facing financial crisis. Also, we intend to provide highly effective services powered by a highly motivated workforce that will propel us to our goals.


At Funding for All, we have a vision of spreading our services beyond Nevada within the first 6 years to cover the whole of the United States and to eventually operate globally within 10 years of commencement of operations.


Funding for All Inc. is essentially a funding redistribution charity organization. With a strong drive of making profits through seeking individual and corporate benefactors/donors critical to the raising of capital that will further be distributed to other relevant charities in need of funding to achieve set goals and objectives.

In addition to the core areas of raising income, we will be involved in raising funds through other lawful means such as the sales of publications relevant to our area of expertise, provision of consultancy services and trainings and other related services.


For full operations to commence, Funding for All Inc. needs a total the sum of $300,000. Part of this sum, precisely $150,000 will be provided by Clayton and Associate while the rest of the amount ($150,000) is to be made available through grant received by donors. The breakdown of how these funds will be utilized is provided below;


– Payroll $100,000
– General Administrative costs $20,000
– Rent and Utilities $50,000
– Marketing Expenses $30,000
– Workforce Training $10,000
– Company Vehicles $40,000
– Licensing and registrations $50,000
Total $300,000


Although there might be other businesses that operate similar services to ours, we are really not in competition with others because of the unique services we provide. We see ourselves as partners in progress as our duties are essentially humanitarian in nature and hence, we would be most happy to see lives being touched positively. Hence, the more funding platforms available, the better as our services are mainly humanitarian


Funding for All Inc. plans on carrying out an extensive marketing campaign to showcase itself to the world especially to the donor groups (individual and corporate). It intends to achieve this through educating the public on the activities of Funding for All Inc. and the impact it has made on the lives of its targeted population.

Also, enlisting the help of celebrity personalities is an area where Funding for All seeks to market itself. Such VIP would be given an ambassador to Funding for All Inc.


Our targeted donors at Funding for All Inc. are expected to be both individual and corporate. For individual donors, we expect a majority to be middle aged, (no restrictions to age, but must be above 18 years), they must have a legitimate means of income and should have made their wealth through clean means and may be male or female.

For corporate donors, they should be those interested in expanding their services in areas like corporate social responsibilities. Such are the profile of donors that we at Funding for All Inc. will be on the lookout for.


Funding for All Inc. intends to deploy high-tech tools in advertising its presence and activities. Such tools include the use of the internet through the social media and the creation of a website to educate people on the services we provide and to woo donors to join us in making the difference. Also, we will enlist the services of a brand consultant to assist in projecting our image to the world.

Given above is a fundraising business plan sample and includes all the components relevant to a sound fundraising business plan. If you want to start a fundraising business, then you have come to the right place as the information made available in this article will be of great benefit to your business.

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