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Do you want to write a bureau de change business plan, and are looking for a bureau de change sample business plan to help you write one? Chances are, you are like most people and you need to write a business plan because you need that loan from the bank.

Or maybe, you are among the few business owners that take out time to write a good business plan not just because they need a loan from the bank, but because they realize how important a business plan is to the success of their business.

Now, you must have made enormous preparation for that business, and you are well aware of the requirements needed to start the business. I have taken out the time to draft out a bureau de change sample business plan that will help you write in writing a bureau de change business plan.

So without ado, here is a bureau de change sample business plan.

BUSINESS NAME: Johnny Jones & Sons Bureau De Change, LLC

  • Executive Summary
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Products and Services
  • Market Analysis
  • Target Market
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Forecast
  • Exit Strategy

Johnny Jones & Sons Bureau De Change, LLC is a fully registered and licensed bureau de change company that will be situated in New York. We are a well-trained and certified bureau de change company that will focus on buying and selling currencies from top countries all over the world.

We will offer sophisticated foreign exchange services to our customers at a very reasonable fee that they will not get anywhere else. Because we are interested in our clients’ satisfaction, this is why we will do well to hire professionals who are especially experienced in the bureau de change services.

Johnny Jones & Sons Bureau De Change, LLC will be a sole proprietorship company that will be owned by Johnny Jones and the members of his family. The startup capital will be partly contributed by the family and relatives, and soft loans will be secured from the bank to cover the remainder.

Integrity, security, excellence, commitment, and teamwork: these are our core values that we will seek to abide by. Our vision at Johnny Jones & Sons Bureau De Change, LLC will transparently portray all of our core values.

Our vision is to become the leading bureau de change company in all of New York, where individuals, small businesses and corporate clients will come to us for outstanding bureau de change services they cannot get anywhere else.

We will achieve this vision by:

– Providing outstanding bureau de change services to all our clients, whether individuals, small businesses or big corporate clients.
– Applying the right market strategy to grow our company into the number one bureau de change brand in New York.

Our mission is to deliver an outstanding, reliable, and sure bureau de change services to our customers. We will provide services that will enable our customers – whether individuals, startup businesses, corporate businesses and organizations – to deal with their foreign exchange needs as well as other financial needs they have.

We will achieve this goal by steadfastly sticking to our core values that differentiates us from other bureau de change companies.

We expect to start Johnny Jones & Sons Bureau De Change, LLC as a small-scale bureau de change business, but over the years, we will grow it big into one of the strongest and leading bureau de change businesses in New York.

In order for us to become the big bureau de change company that our vision states, we will be ready to hire nothing shut of the very best employees. We will hire professionals who share our vision and are dedicated and committed to growing our company to the desired level. We will hire professionals to fill the following positions:

– The Chief Executive Officer
– Consultants
– Human Relations (HR) Manager
– Accountant
– Sales and Marketing Executive
– Customer Care Service Executive
– Receptionist

We will put in considerable efforts to ensure all of the positions above are filled by the right professionals that will help us achieve our vision and our mission.

Johnny Jones & Sons Bureau De Change, LLC will focus on offering all kinds of services within the range of the Bureau De Change services industry both in the United States and international.

Basically, we will be focusing on the following areas:

– Trading of foreign exchange on behalf of our individual customers, small business corporations, and corporate clients.
– Buying and selling of currencies from top countries of the world.
– Delivering other foreign exchange and financial consulting services to our esteemed customers.

The bureau de change industry is a very large one as one could observe. This industry offers services to other businesses in almost all industries as well as to individuals.

Today, a lot of businesses have become much more active in international trades than they used to be a few years ago. Also, students all over the world are also travelling to other countries across the globe for education. One could easily see the demand for the services of the bureau de change industry as these businesses cannot operate, and these students cannot blend into a foreign country, without having access to the currency of the foreign country.

One trend that is very obvious in the bureau de change industry is that, in recent years, the industry had experienced a massive growth due to the decrease in unemployment. Moreover, the industry will even grow further over the years as product penetration increases, and customer base expands.

The people who need the bureau de change services vary; from the individual, the small businesses to the large business corporations. Johnny Jones & Sons Bureau De Change, LLC will focus on delivering a broad range of services to customers. We will offer our services to individuals as well as businesses of various sizes, they include but not limited to:

– Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)
– Corporate Organizations
– Production Companies
– International Students
– International Tourists

For us to be able to achieve our goal as becoming one of the leading bureau de change companies in New York, we will ensure our sales and marketing strategy clearly heads us in the direction of this goal.

We will ensure first and foremost, that we hire top professionals with years of experience in the bureau de change industry to fill the positions of our business.

We will make our business known by sending our business brochure and introductory letters to companies and organizations, importers and exporters, international businessmen, schools that have international students and a host of others who fall into the category of those who need our services.

We will also advertise our business in reputable business magazines, newspapers, radio and TV stations all over New York. We will not hesitate to create a website for our business as well as connecting on social media platforms.

The sales projections of Johnny Jones & Sons Bureau De Change, LLC are shown below. We hope to expect these sales projections over the next 3 years. These sales projections are based on a number of factors which have been analyzed.

Year 1 $300,000
Year 2 $500,000
Year 3 $950,000

Should Johnny Jones & Sons Bureau De Change, LLC head towards the exit door; we have put in place a good exit path for it to go. We will sell the company off to competitors and invest the buy-out money into another channel.

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