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Thinking of starting a bottled mineral water business plan? Because of the importance of the business plan in starting any business, this article concentrates on providing a guide (sample) to any serious entrepreneur with little or no experience on writing a bottled mineral water business plan for free.

In order to ensure that the user gets the most benefit from this sample, the steps are written carefully under specific guidelines to enable the user easily replicate these steps, yet brainstorming to come out with his/her unique business information.

It is believed that with the proper use of this, a good bottled water business plan will be written. We begin with the following guidelines;

Sample Bottled Mineral Water Business Plan Template and Feasibility Report

– Executive Summary
– Products and Services
– Our Vision
– Our Mission
– Our Competitive Advantage
– Payment Options
– Sources of Revenue/Projection
– Publicity and Advertisement Strategies
– Distribution Strategy
– Target Market

Executive Summary

With water being a basic human necessity for existence, there has been a huge investment in the provision of this basic necessity in different variants and packages. Spring Mineral Water Inc. is not left out of the investments in the water industry.

Located in North Carolina, this company will be providing carbonated mineral water among other variants of water products which include spring water and flavoured water. The production of our mineral water and other water products will be carried out under the strict supervision of a dedicated quality control unit to ensure that only the best products reach customers.

Products and Services

Spring Mineral Water Inc. has several water products that include mineral water, carbonated water, sparkling water, distilled water and flavoured water. Also, apart from the above-mentioned products, Spring Mineral Water Inc. will also provide water for dispensers and provide extra services which include delivering such products to their destinations which might be either public or private as the case may be.

This will be done at no extra cost to the customers. Outdoor services will be provided in sport arenas and other public places such as in beaches among others.

Our Vision

Our Vision at Spring Mineral Water Inc is to build an outstanding brand synonymous with excellent products and services. Driven by a passion for hygiene, our bottled mineral products and other products we offer will be compliant and meet all the regulatory standards set by the federal health regulatory body.

Our Mission

We have a mission of being among the top 5 mineral water brands within the state of North Carolina within the first 5 years of commencing business. This will be driven by a well motivated workforce that will share our values and a highly experienced quality control and marketing units that will work together to ensure that our objectives and goals are attained within a short time.

Our Competitive Advantage

An advantage we have over our competitors is the strategy of ensuring that our workforce is fully motivated. Because we know that a motivated workforce translates to a thriving business, we will ensure that the remuneration of our workforce is attractive and paid timely.

Other advantages we have include hiring the services of highly professional market strategist that will guide and coordinate our marketing unit. There will be a quality control unit that will ensure that any attendant flaws are eliminated before products leave the production line.

Payment Options

We have designed several payment options that will ensure that our highly esteemed clients are not limited by payment options for services provided. Hence we will be accepting several payment options such as POS, cash acceptance, payment through mobile banking, receipt of cheques among other options as the need may arise.

With this innovation, our customers are not worried about how to pay for services, as they are fully covered.

Sources of Revenue/Projection

The sources of our revenue will come solely from the sales of our products and services. Products such as mineral water, carbonated water, sparkling water, among the others will be sold and the proceeds realized will form the bulk of our revenue.

Our profits projection for the first 3 years of starting business shows a healthy growth. However, factors such as natural disasters, economic recession etc are discounted in arriving at this projection;

– First Year $110,000
– Second Year $255,000
– Third Year $575,000

Publicity and Advertisement Strategies

We will be making use of a wide variety of advertisement strategies which will include advertising in the local radio and TV stations. We will have mobile cold rooms which will supply these mineral water products to outdoor activities such as in sport arenas, areas with heavy foot traffic and also in beaches and relaxation spots. In addition to these, we will have a website address where clients can visit and place orders for supply.

Distribution Strategy

The distribution strategies to be used include entering into distribution partnerships with chain stores, department stores and other water retail outlets to further distribute our products to a wider customer base.

Target Market

Because of how water is basic to the support of life, our target market covers every segment of society, as no one can survive without water. Hence, our target markets will include chief executives, celebrities, students, households and every other segment of society not mentioned here.

This is a bottled mineral water business plan sample providing a template for the interested entrepreneur to work with. All that is needed is to simply supply the entrepreneur’s unique business realities through a process of brainstorming on what is true for his/her business.

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