Sample Bottled Water Production Business Plan Template


Developing a bottled water production business plan and starting the business come with its own challenges. Among the challenges usually encountered by entrepreneurs is difficulty in writing a comprehensive business plan.

For a bottled water production company, a business plan is a very important document that is needed to direct the business through its daily, monthly and yearly goals and objectives.

In order to get funding or acquire loans, a well laid out business plan is necessary. If you want to start a bottled water plant business, but have no idea on how to write a comprehensive and engaging business plan, then this article is just for you, as it provides an effective sample to work with.

With the example provided, it is strongly believed that by diligently following the steps, you will be on your way to writing a very good bottled water company business plan.

Sample Bottled Water Production Business Plan Template and Feasibility Report

– Executive Summary
– Products and Services
– Our Vision
– Our Mission
– Target Market
– Market Analysis/Trends
– Our Competitive Advantage
– Our Sales and Marketing Strategy
– Publicity and Advertising
– Payment Options
– Start-up Funding

Executive Summary

Due to the dwindling consumer confidence on municipal water supply channels, there has been a growing interest and patronage for bottled water products. This is good news for bottled water plant businesses as they have witnessed brisk business with increase in demand. Hygiene H2O is a bottled water company operating in Washington DC, providing the best quality water to consumers at competitive prices.

Products and Services

The products and services to be provided by Hygiene H2O includes the hire and sale of water coolers for consumers who will either want to hire our water coolers or buy these coolers altogether.

We will be producing the best quality water under the most hygienic conditions with close supervision of an effective quality control department manned by the very best and highly skilled workforce, who will be monitoring every aspect of production.

Our Vision

Our vision at Hygiene H2O is to produce the most health friendly products to the utmost satisfaction of our clients. Apart from excellent and health friendly products being produced, we intend to have one of the best customer care services which will ensure that our customers are treated to the best experience. Also, we plan on expanding production outlets in other states outside of Washington DC to reach a wider consumer base.

Our Mission

Hygiene H2O will strive to continually update our products to meet up with best industry standards. This is through improving product look and bottling style while maintaining our tradition of hygiene.

Also, we plan within the second year of our operations to start a distilled water department which will be producing distilled water for laboratory use and also for hospital use.

Target Market

The target market is all encompassing, this is due to the fact that every living human will continually be in need of potable drinking water within various times of the day. However, our main target will be the most mobile segment of the population who are constantly on the move either at the office or at the games or just relaxing at the park.

These mobile segment of the population include participants within the corporate world, sports men/women, the military, shoppers, pedestrians, etc.

It is believed that due to the nature of their work or schedule, they would always be in need of refreshment through the intake of water.

Market Analysis/Trends

Market analysis has shown that there has been an increase in competition among bottled water businesses in the area of bottling and marketing. Some bottled water businesses even have customized services for clients celebrating specific occasions, with the name and occasion of the client written on the water bottles.

Some have gone beyond to ensure that their products and services meet environment friendly guidelines, hence, winning the patronage of environment-conscious consumers.

Our Competitive Advantage

Due to the high competition within the bottled water industry, we have come up with innovations that will ensure that we stay afloat and thrive among our competition. We will ensure we achieve this through the proper remuneration of our work staff that will be carefully chosen and will be representing the very best in the bottled water industry.

Also, we will be introducing flavoured bottled water of assorted types to cater for those clients who might want their water to be flavoured.

Our Sales and Marketing Strategy

Apart from having a mobile distribution unit of all the variants of our bottled water products, we will also enter into agreements with shopping malls, bars, department stores, eateries, restaurants, breweries etc. for the sale and distribution of our products to achieve the widest reach.

Publicity and Advertising

The publicity and advertisement of our products will be carried out through different channels which will include the internet (use of social media and the creation of a company website), adverts through local radio and TV stations, fliers, word of mouth advertisement, the use of yellow pages to advertise our products and also mounting of billboards in areas known for high foot traffic.

Payment Options

Our customers will not have to worry about how to pay as we will be eliminating this problem through the provision of a variety of payment channels to ensure that they do not have to worry about how they will be billed. The channels we will be providing include the POS, cash payments, receipt of cheques, mobile money transfer etc.

Start-up Funding

Funding for this business will come through the following sources; from savings made which covers half of the required money for this start-up. Another source of funding will be through debt financing and will be accessed through a bank of high standing. This will cover the other half of the funds needed for starting this business.

This is a business plan sample, providing the basic requirements a good bottled water and mineral business plan template should contain. Following the format laid down, you are sure to produce a sound bottled water production business plan that will reflect your business perfectly and win you that loan you most desire.

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