Zara Franchise Cost and Startup Opportunities

ZARA Franchise Cost and Profit Margin – Review

Have you heard about Zara franchise business?  Do you know how to open Zara store? And do you know what its mode(s)  of operation, focus and scorecards look like?  Relax! This article will explicate the pros and cons of Zara franchising business and some other beneficial things you ought to understand  in that regard.

Do you know how much franchising a Zara cost? The fashion world is growing by the years and a lot of investors are diversifying into the multi-billion dollar industry. Cloth retail business has proven to be a very lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs who have the desire to start a clothing franchise outfit. And one of the best Clothing retail chains that you can deal with is Zara.


If you desire to buy any franchise, we are sure of Zara as a successful retail chain. But the question you might want to ask is how much is a Zara Franchise? That will surely be revealed in the course of this article.


Zara is a clothing and accessories retail company that originated in Spain. It was established in the year 1975 and has since grown to become one of the top fashion brands across the world, popular among celebrities and the high fashion spenders. They offer trendy and stylish clothing both for women and men and they have close to 850 stores across the world.

The Zara Company was established by a man called Amancio Ortega and Rosalia Mera. The company was opened as a result of a wholesaler disappointing Ortega after he had made payment for the delivery of a very large consignment which he had invested all his cash upon. He decided to sell the merchandise by himself and this was how the first ZARA shop was opened.

The success came as a result of their ability to make low-priced imitations of popular brands as at then and it was immediately accepted by the fashion world.

When it comes to creating numerous designs of clothing and fashion accessories, Zara comes at the fore front. The Zara Franchise launch an average of 2 designs every week and their designs target mostly the youth and youthful at heart, with new innovations coming into reality as fashion trends change.


If you have the passion to buy a Zara Franchise, you might want to get familiar with the different products they have to offer before thinking of owning a Zara Franchise. Well, you won’t be disappointed as Zara will present you with the opportunity to offer to your potential customers a wide variety of clothing that will suit them.

Zara offers for sale fashion products for men, women and children and they also have cosmetics and various beauty products, fashion accessories as well as trendy shoes on retail. The company takes charge of it whole business right from the design to the manufacturing or creating of its products and then down to distribution of the products.


If your question is “Can I buy a Zara Franchise?” The answer is yes. You can buy a Zara Franchise and tap into their success story. The brand already has a name and quite popular with great service delivery coupled with customer’s satisfaction. You will surely be on a smooth ride when you buy into the Zara Franchise.


When you compare the Zara Franchise fee with other franchises, it is quite low and very affordable giving you a very good opportunity to be a franchisee with Zara. Now, let’s give a highlight of the total cost of the Zara Franchise and other fees you need to make available in order for you to start a franchise unit with the company.

  1. The startup cost of a Zara franchise will set you back a sum of $80,000
  2. You will also need to make a royalty fee annually. This is about 5-10% of the annual revenues.
  3. Zara also requires of you as a franchisee to make an advertising fee. This is just 0.3% of the total startup fee required for the Zara franchise.

These additional fees are paid after a Zara franchise agreement has been made between the franchisee, which is you and the franchisor, which is the company.

Other costs you might incur in the process of running your business are the basic costs of furniture and fixtures will be totalling around $50,000


If you want to be part of the success story of Zara and would love to benefit from their ongoing expansions at various locations from across the world, then you might want to take advantage of the Zara Franchise opportunity, which is currently available to entrepreneurs form different parts of the world.


If you have just purchased a Zara Franchise, be rest assured that the company will offer you full access to their corporate services such as trainings, human resources development and logistics. This will come to you free of charge.

You will also be given the opportunity as a Zara franchisee to return 10% of purchased merchandise, should you face difficulties to get them off the shelf. This is quite higher than what other franchises will offer.

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