YouTube Pay Per View is a feature that allows video creators to make money out of their creativity, passion and expertise. This venture can be an attractive side job for most people, but it is also an active source of livelihoods for others. Video creators whose channels have at least 10,000 views can start earning off YouTube.

How Does YouTube Works?

If you want to make money off YouTube, find a niche that you are passionate about. It has to be a topic that people will actually connect with. As you start your YouTube channel, gather as much knowledge as possible and segment your ideas. Let each idea make up a single video of 2-3 minutes. Long videos are likely to fall out of favor with your audiences.

If a video attracts a million views, you will earn about $1,000. That is quite an ambitious target considering how hard it is to convince people to subscribe. To make substantial amounts of money, your videos will have to be very interesting, funny, witty, transforming and persuasive.

Tips for Creating YouTube Videos

  • Use a Good Camera

Create videos using a high quality camera. The quality of your ordinary camera phone might not appeal to viewers unless it is a high-end mobile phone. Talk to a seasoned videographer and make high resolution videos.

  • Post Videos Regularly

Consistency is an important part of the game. You want people to be glued to your channel and come back for more. At the end of each video, call on your audiences to subscribe at the end of each video. Tell them what to expect in the next.

  • Share Value

You grow your YouTube channel; you will need to teach a course in your videos. Millions of students around the world are looking for study guides online. If you are good at a certain subject, you could tap into these masses and reach the 1 million mark faster. Encourage subscribers to bring their classmates and friends to the virtual class.

  • Apply for YouTube Partner Program

When your channel attains 10,000 viewers, YouTube can review the content as part of the process to approve your application for partnership. Approval will come if the content is in line with the company’s creator policies.

YouTube Monetization Avenues

Google AdSense is the most basic avenue for making money on YouTube. Simply link your account to your YouTube channel and receive payments per view. However, this is the least profitable especially for beginners.

Another avenue for making money is affiliate marketing. Assume your YouTube channel talks about technological gadgets such as headphones, mobile phones and laptops. Create an affiliate link to an ecommerce website that sells these items.

When a person buys a product through the link you shared, you get a small percentage of the proceeds. Affiliate links work best for ecommerce websites dealing with consumer products. Examples are Amazon and eBay.

Ensure that your videos are original and not copyrighted. You have to prove ownership of intellectual property rights. Do not use background music that does not belong to you. The ideas in the video might be similar to those of other YouTubers, but the presentation must be uniquely yours.

Before starting out, read and understand YouTube policies on video content. Payments from YouTube are channeled to your AdSense account. If your account attains preset payment thresholds, you can cash your money.

Make Money from YouTube Ads

Apart from YouTube video views and affiliate marketing, adverts managed under Google AdWords can make you handsome profits. As you know, each video has an ad embedded at the start. The more people click, watch and engage with the ad, the higher you earn. One engagement is attained when a person watches half of the ad or at least 30 seconds.

There are two types of YouTube AdWords models- Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per View (CPV). CPC model earns you money from advertisers when their ads on your videos are clicked. It is tied to a certain keyword whose cost per click is in dollars. Suppose a keyword has a $3 CPC. An advertiser will pay you $3 for each click on his ad.

Cost Per View, on the other hand, earns you money based on the number of views that an ad attracts. A pre-roll ad plays like a preview just before your video. Viewers have the choice to skip it in 5 seconds’ time. In-search ads have a yellow highlight box on YouTube’s search results. In-display ads appear in the dedicated ‘suggested videos’ corner.

General Partner Program Policies

When you apply to be a YouTube Partner, you have to abide by a set of policies. The following are examples of regulations.

  • Videos must be free from violent, threatening, sexual, graphic, hateful, adult and racist content.
  • You can’t click on your own ads or obtain clicks through deception.
  • Videos that promote counterfeit, illegal, gambling and terrorist items and activity will not run on YouTube.
  • You can’t place AdSense code on emails, software and popups.
  • You must disclose to viewers that advertisers are placing and reading cookies.
  • You can’t modify the code to artificially increase clicks or views for increased pay.


You can make good income running a YouTube channel but it involves a lot of work upfront. If you are patient, dedicated and persistence, you will surely be able to run a YouTube channel that will be generating enough cash to get you engaged full-time.