Trusted Writing Websites that Pay You to Write For Them Online

Amazing Freelance Writing Websites That Will Pay You To Write Online

Do you know there are genuine websites and blogs that pay writers $100 per article instantly? So, you have got that love for writing, putting your thoughts and ideas into words that people would read and appreciate? It could be a hobby, just a side business, or you just do it for pleasure. But have you thought about making money online writing? Have you thought about earning a living by being a writer?

The thought of making money writing has probably crossed your mind before and you may have thought you would not make so much from it. Or you may have ventured into blogging or a little freelance and did not make it as big as you were expecting. Well, I have got great news for you! You can make so much money writing!

Writing these days has evolved from printing paper backs to ebooks, writing articles for paperback magazines to submitting articles to online websites. The internet now makes it possible for writers, content developers and bloggers to make money online by writing for websites that pay you to write daily.

Some of them even allow you to include your own bio as well as a link to your own site. So you get to make money writing as well as promote your brand. Amazing right?

So, what are those websites that are willing to pay for writing when they publish your articles? What online writing websites pay you to write for them? Here are some writing platforms that pay you to write…


ADDitudemag is a website that caters to people living with ADHD. They accept articles relating to experiences from people living with ADHD, living with people dealing with ADHD, doctors and other articles relating to ADHD.

Length of article accepted is usually about 2000 words and the amount paid is agreed upon by the writer and the website which depends on the length of the article and the experience of the writer.


This is a business-related website that pays up to $150 for articles submitted by writers that gets published on the website. On this website, you get paid when you share your expertise, and since articles are business related, you would require to have real-world experience with business in order to submit original pieces.


Another content writing website that pays you to write is brazen. Brazen has its niche in the following categories; Universities, Recruitment and HR, Marketing and Networking. It is important to note that Brazen only pays for articles submitted when you have a pre-arrangement with the editors.


Developertutorials is another article writing website that pays people to write for them. It is a programming/web design blog that accept articles from writers who can provide cutting-edge programming and design guides and keep readers up-to-date on new and emerging technologies and techniques in the tech world.

On developertutorials, you get paid online for the tutorials you provide which would be a minimum a 1000 words, as well as list based articles. The pay rates depend on the demand for the tutorial you provided as well as the quality.


Another site that pays you to write is collegehumor. As the name implies, college humor is all about funny articles and pays about $35 to $50 for articles submitted. So, if you have got a funny streak, then collegehumor is just right for you as you could earn money since it is one website that pays you to write short stories, comedies and poetry for them.


Transitions abroad is another website that pay you to write for them. With a niche focused on stories of people who travel, regardless of the reason – work, education, retirement, volunteering, fun or whatever reason. They require articles that inspire people to enjoy and explore the experiences of writers during their journey and their destination.

Writers usually get paid about $150 or more especially for articles based on personal experiences. So if you love travelling and want to make money writing about it, then transitions abroad is just the right website that pays you to write for them.


Another website that pays for article writing is Babyfit is a website dedicated to mothers and their babies. It is an online preventive healthcare website that focuses on fitness and nutrition for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Writers are paid between $25 to $90 for articles having about 500 to 1200 words.


With over 200,000 visitors every month, income diary is another website that pays people to write for them. Articles accepted on income diary are articles related to online businesses including, SEO, getting traffic, conversion optimization and the likes. This website that pay writers to write for them usually pay about $50 – $200 per article.


Another website that pays you to write for them is Your online biz. This is a business website that accepts business-related articles from writers and pay as high as $100 for articles submitted. Payment is usually made the following month after your article has been submitted.

So, there you have it, websites that pay you to write for them. Take advantage of any of the following and make money writing….

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