How to Write a Product Description for a Business Plan

Do you know how to write a food product description for a marketing plan? Is your product description optimized to full potential? Are you aware that a product description document is not just about describing the product features? In short, product description is all about winning the interest of your readers so they can buy the product.

It takes 10-20 seconds for an average visitor to tour your website. That is not a lot of time. Or is it time enough to capture the attention of a user? What do you think?  You might have heard that product descriptions can help you dramatically improve sales of your product. Well, you heard correctly.

Do you want to learn how to write a good product description so you can boost sales of your product on your site? The important of a good product description cannot be overemphasized.

This article highlights the benefits and importance of product descriptions, and how to write product description sample that will sell and convert.

What Product Description Can Do for your Business

  • A good product description convinces a user or visitor that your product is absolutely essential. It removes confusion from the mind of potential buyers and also persuade them to buy.
  • A product description greatly improves your site SEO which in return makes your product more visible to potential buyers. To better optimize your product for SEO, your product description should contain relevant keywords describing the product.
  • Makes you look professional. A product description, or lack thereof, can make your visitors judge you as either a professional or a lazy amateur. And without professionalism, how do you hope to gain the trust of your customers?

Having seen what product description can do for your business, the question now is:

How Can You Write a Good Product Description?

In writing a product description, the following tips are important and can be very useful;

  1. Recognize your Target Audience

When you do not have a target audience in mind, your product description is liable to be horrible. And when it is horrible, nobody will bother about the product.

Thus, recognize what demographic you are writing the product description for. Know this group and tailor your description towards them. Something you should do before writing that description is to first visualize who your ideal target is and imagine the person is right in front of you.

How would you present the product? What words would such a person want to hear? Would the person appreciate some humor, or would prefer a strait-jacket approach? What emotions would you want him/her to feel?

Answering these questions can improve the quality of your product description.

  1. Make your Product Description Brief but Engaging

Do not write a novel. Your visitors do not want to spend their precious time reading about the product, thus, do not waste their time. Use words that are short and easy to understand. Many top companies strip down their product description to one sentence.

This might not be easy and might require a fair amount of brainstorming but it can really help you gain more users or clients.

To understand this better, study as many product descriptions that you can find online and offline and see how they are tailored.

  1. Create a List of Benefits and Features of your Product

You must have heard of the saying that people don’t buy products, they buy benefits. This is very true. You might so be excited about how great your product is, how it is the best new thing since sliced bread, but the bitter truth is, your potential buyers do not really care about the basic features and specifications.

All they want to know is the answer to the question: how does this benefit me? How can this product solve my problem?

You should be able to answer these questions in your product description or else you have failed even before you started writing. Your product description must contain buyer’s benefits alongside specifications.

Most times, if the benefits are so good, buyers won’t even look at the specification. A benefit is defined as what a feature does for your potential buyer.

  1. Appeal to the Imagination

This is one secrets of successful copywriters. Your customers obviously cannot physically touch, smell or feel the product. Therefore, try to appeal to their imagination.


This might sound corny, but starting your description with the word ‘imagine’ can make the customer, well, imagine. Ensure you complete the description with how the user will feel after using your product.

  1. Keyword Optimize Your Product Descriptions for Search Engines

I don’t think I need to explain why you need to do that. Using keywords and phrases prospective buyers type on search engine helps pop up your product on search engine which will then lead them to read through your product description and possibly make a purchase.

To further optimize your product description for search engines, use keywords or phrases in your headline and text. This is how you grab the attention of potential buyers.

Using the keywords in your image description and alt tag is also another tip.


No matter how much you spend in driving traffic to your product’s page, if your product description is poorly written, you ain’t going to make any sale at all. So, sit down, study other product descriptions you find persuading enough and see how you can come up with something that stand out.