How To Write a Freelance Proposal for a Project

Writing the Best Freelance Proposal Letter

A good proposal will always make your potential clients want you more than you want and in this post, you will know how to write one. One of the secrets paths in securing a freelance gig is knowing how to write a good freelance proposal.

Whether you are new in the world of freelancing or you are into freelance full-time, convincing potential client that you are the best for the job is always sometimes a difficult task.

Writing a strong freelance proposal is the only sure way to get a gig and outsmart inexperience competitors. If you can write good freelance proposal as a freelancer, then you will make your potential client want you more, even more than you want them.

Nevertheless, you will also win more gigs to your side. Sometimes, potential client may advertise that they need your freelance kind of service but because you don’t know how to write a good proposal that will win the client heart, you are afraid to pitch the employer.

In this post, I will be helping you out with writing one of the best freelance proposal you have ever thought about.

Decide the Formality of your Proposal

Before you even approach your potential client, you should have an idea of what they want and why they should hire you so you can position your proposal in that direction.

This will make you think more about the project and understand it as well as how to deliver it.

A good proposal should demonstrate your understanding of the project, your experience in the niche/field and how you can be of help and your fee.

Make a Strong Proposal

A very captivating introduction will easily win the client interest and attention to want to read your proposal. It shows that you have done your home-work very well to know what the client really want.
If you are a freelance writer, you can easily catch the attention of your potential client to reading the body of your email by using a subject line like, “5 Steps to Generate Organic Traffic Using Content.”

In the body of the email, you will touch on each of the steps and continue to tell how working with you can make them achieve that goal.

Starting a freelance proposal with a strong entrance increase your chance of getting the job.

Streamline the Process

It is not necessary to always change some part of your proposal. There are some parts of a proposal that should remain the same irrespective of if it is a big client or not.

You can have a flexible template which will always allow you to use whenever you want to pitch a particular client on that same nature of job.

Sometimes, you might even get a job that you have once written a proposal in before, all you have to do is just to edit it and use.

Anticipating and Answering Questions

Unfortunately, not every potential client give details on what they actually want done in a project.
While the employer may fail to give description, you should capitalize on these kinds of opportunities by displaying your experience and expertise.

Telling a client that you can identify and provide solution gives you an edge in closing the deal.

But, the big question is how do you do this. Very simple! Put yourself in the employer’s shoe. What are the unspoken problems they might have been experiencing?

If the employer is a blogger that needs a freelance writer and he or she uses a term, “unique content”.

You should know that he or she knows the bad side of plagiarism and you should know that providing unique content is the solution.

If you are experience in your niche, figuring out employers problems and providing solutions won’t be a problem.

Including Relevant Samples

It is very essential that you always include samples of previous projects whenever you are writing a good proposal. Pick the best and relevant ones.

Employers are eager to see that you have worked on such project before and it went well.

Drop links of great samples in your freelance proposal email and state how your contribution helped your formal client.

If you are new to freelancing and you don’t have any sample, kindly create a portfolio website or a blog where you can display your work and use the link whenever you pitch clients.

Selling your Strength

Whenever you are writing a proposal, it is to your own benefit to always sell your area of strength to your potential client. Don’t make the mistake in focusing on irrelevant things.

Always try to keep your proposal short. Attempting to write everything that you know about the project is just a shortcut to being rejected. Consider listing one or two areas your strength can carry.

Follow these guidelines just explained above and you will be heading to writing the best freelance proposal that can never get rejected.

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