Steps to Writing a Winning Business Proposal – Ideas

How do you write a proposal? If you are looking for tips on how to write a business proposal and increase your chance of winning that contract, then read this post till the end because I have for you 7 guides on how you can style your business proposal to meet the taste of the person that will be going through the proposal.

A business proposal is different from a business plan so don’t get it twisted. Your ability to write a winning proposal can be the key to the success of your business. A good business proposal should identify the problem that you solve, propose a possible solution, and explain why you are the best person to solve the problem.

Whether you are a freelancer or you run a company, you need to master the skill of how to write a business proposal very well. In this post, I will be carrying you through my 7 guides on how you can write a business proposal effectively.


Without wasting much time, here are 7 steps you need to write a business proposal that make waves for your business.

  1. Study the Requirement

Before you write and submit a business proposal, you need to first understand your client’s requirement. This is very important if you must win that business deal. Ask yourself questions like;

  • What is the company’s goals?
  • Is my company qualified and have the resources for the project?
  • What is my role in achieving these goals?

Studying the requirement also entails that you identify if your prospect goals and objectives match your solution. Make sure that you meet the client’s requirement. If you can’t fit in with the client’s budget, you don’t need to write a business proposal for that deal.

Your business proposal must be written specifically to meet your ideal prospect requirement in terms of finance and other factors.

  1. Your Business Proposal Format

This is one important guide you also have to put in front of your mind when writing a business proposal for any purpose. Write your business proposal in the correct format and include all necessary attachments.

You must include information about your business, the location and also the services or the products that your company offers to its customers. Use as formal and straightforward language as you want. You can look for samples from the net on how to format your kind of business proposal.

Make sure you use your Title Page as the cover of your business proposal. Keep the introduction line of your proposal simple yet mind-gripping. For this purpose, you need to know your target audience very well. Good understanding of the potential customers leads to the drafting of your proposal.

Create an outline. Having an outline is the best way to keep your thoughts organized. It is a logical framework on which to build your proposal. It also ensures you do not leave out anything important. An outline is the basis for a strong presentation.

  1. Understand the Client and Know their Problem

If you don’t understand the client problem, you can’t definitely write a business proposal that convert. You want your proposal to answer the client’s actual needs? Then, you need to ask the client questions and get to understand the client.

You need to be able to tell the client through your proposal that you understand the client problems more than anyone else. How can you expect the client to believe that you can help them solve their problems if you don’t even know what those problems are?

This is why you should conduct a market research concerning the area or field you want to be providing solution to.

  1. Propose a Detailed Solution

After understanding your client and know the problem you want to solve, you will need to state it in your proposal. You should be detailed as possible. It is better to use bullet points in explaining the solution so it will be easier for your client to read.

Explain the benefits of your solution and why your reason is the best with evidence. A common benefit is “saving your client money and increase profits and productivity”. If you have no evidence to show, you can share a testimonial of your past client’s experience.

  1. State your Pricing Information

From my experience working with client, the pricing information is what they will want to see after going through your proposed solution and benefits. The pricing information is what will make them decide whether they would offer you the contract or not.

How to write this part greatly depends on the solution or solutions you included in the previous segment. If the solution proposed will only entail a short period of time, a ‘Fee Summary’ will suffice.

For longer projects, segment these payments to specific milestones in a ‘Fee Schedule’ list.

How to Remember When Writing a Business Proposal

Now that you know the essential on writing a business proposal, there are things you have to keep at the back of your mind when writing a business proposal that commands attention and award you a contract.

Once you have completed the business proposal, proof-read it, leave it aside for a day or two, and then apply the final touches.