7 Reasons Your Neighbour Appear Richer Than You Are

Why Your Neighbor Would Always Be Richer Than You Are

Whether you live in a rich neighborhood or in the country side, at some point in time you have probably
wondered why everyone appeared richer than you are. You check out your neighbour’s beautiful duplex and stare at his garage of exotic cars. The family that stays nearby also appear to have lots of free time on their hands which they lavish on vacation trips and picnics. Is it the class of school his kids attend that you want to talk about?

The truth is no matter how wealthy you consider yourself to be, there are others in your hood
who would be richer. While trying to find out why that neighbour seems richer, you should also find time to answer why you think you are richer than your neighbour.

In this post, I’ll be opening your eyes to some reasons you find it difficult to afford many things your
neighbour enjoys.

1. ==> Are You Sure He His Actually Richer?
Sometimes it is what we believe that we end up seeing. What you see on the outwards may not have any
correlation with happenings behind closed doors. Your skewed perception is what makes you think he is richer. Forget about his well-trimmed lawns, the full garage and those kids attending expensive schools. What you can see is his physical spending not the current status of his finance. Just because you see him as a richer neighbour doesn’t mean he is.

2. ==> What Does He Do For A Living?
Does he have a better paying job or business? Often times, your standard of living is commensurate with what you earn on a monthly basis. If your neighbour has got a more lucrative business or job, chances are that he would appear richer than you. A better paying job or business would make wealth accumulation faster thereby granting easier access to a more comfortable lifestyle.

3. ==> Is He More Educated?
Education is not a guarantee to success in life. In fact it is should be considered a meal ticket. I have often come across this popular saying that, ‘Certificate does not make a man, a certified mind does’ Irrespective of these findings, highly skilled educated persons get more pay at work because they are committed to a greater level of responsibility. Ideally, as an office assistant you should not expect to be richer than your neighbour who holds an MBA or PhD in the same company where you work, all things being equal.

4. ==> He Has More Streams Of Income

The size of salaries and wages is not the best way to judge how wealthy an individual may be. Many
employed entrepreneurs make more money from side businesses than what they realize from their main job monthly. Having established new streams of income and diversified his investment plans, your neighbour has secured better access to a higher standard of living which would eventually make him look
richer than you are in every regard.

5. ==> Does He Have A Smaller Family Size?
There will always be decent funds to save and invest if his family is better planned. While you are struggling with innumerable requests from immediate and extended family members, he is probably looking at expanding a business you don’t even know exists. With a smaller family size, he is able to plan
better. This will ensure than more money is available to spend on luxuries and that his children can attend better schools than your kids. You should never compare the size of his budget with yours, bearing in mind that you have more dependents resulting in more mouths to feed and more
clothing and shelter to provide.

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6. ==> He Is Better At Budgeting
Whether he got the skills while in school or from his workplace, if your neighbour is better at budgeting
and resource allocation he would most times appear richer than you are. With an effective budget, he finds it easy to save for business and a comfortable lifestyle. Why? Because only the most important needs are attended to per time. Develop your own budgeting skills and diversify your streams of income if you
want to be as wealthy as you think your neighbour is.
7. ==> He Prioritizes Wants Over Needs
Your neighbour can appear wealthier if he satisfies his immediate wants first. Though you
earn the same amount of money, by channeling your funds into long-term investments you may appear ‘poorer’ than him, who is spends money on short-term luxuries.

Why? You prioritize differently.

Do not be deceived, it is how your neighbour allocates his money that makes him look richer. Whether
your neighbour make more or less than you make, do not let his ‘rented’ lifestyle influence your spending habits. You will discover than many a times, that wealth is a pure illusion. Inner satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment are what matter most in life.

I bet some of us have been in this is situation before. What did you do? How did you cope with ‘keeping up with the Kardashians.’

Share your experience especially on how you were able to prevent inferiority complex from setting in?

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