Why Middle Class People Always Remain Under Pressure

5 Reasons Middle Class People Always Remain Under Pressure

According to Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary, the middle class people are referred to “the social class that is between the upper class and the lower class and that includes mainly business and professional people, government officials and skilled workers.”

You might be assuming that these kinds of people are living a fulfilling life with minimal stress, but this is not always the case. The truth is that the middle class people are always under pressure. Why is this so? Why do the middle class people always remain under pressure? It is because to many reasons which you are going to understand as you read this article.

They have too Much Responsibility

The middle class people are the bridge between the upper class people and the lower class people. So they are closer to the lower class people, they have many of them as their families and friends. Since the lower class people have easy access to them, they tend to make financial demand on them. This leads to increase in financial responsibility of the middle class people.

And trying to meet this responsibility puts them under much pressure because they have fixed income and many of them do not have extra source of income.

Apart from the pressure that the lower class people put on them, the middle class people also put pressure on themselves. Many of them are trying to live above their means. Most of the time they spend more than they earn and this leads to financial pressure for them.

They sometimes have too many responsibilities at work such as meeting deadlines, having to deal with a boss that is too hard to please, too much workload etc. and this puts them under pressure.

Job Insecurity

A lot of middle class people do not have job security as they can be sacked or retrenched from their work at any time. This puts them under pressure as they are always gripped with fear that they might lose their job at any time.

And some of them in trying to have a plan B also put themselves under pressure as they try to find an alternative job or build a side business.

Stagnation in Income

The salary earned by middle class people is fixed and only reviewed periodically. But this does not prevent inflation and increase in price of commodities. So, at times they don’t have sufficient money to meet their needs and they resort to borrowing loans from financial institutions. And the stress they go through trying to return the loans put them under pressure.

No Control over their Time

Unlike the upper class entrepreneur who has control over their time; they can choose to go to work any time they want and they can take vacation from work any time that is convenient for them. It is not so for the middle class.

Most of the middle class don’t have this privilege because of the kind of work they do. They must go to work whether they like it or not. Though they get annual leave, they might not be able to determine when they will get this leave. And the time they are given for this leave might not be convenient to travel together with their family for vacation.

This inability to have control over their time sometimes put them under pressure. Also, some of them are schooling alongside their work and this demand a lot from them. Trying to juggle all these together often put them under pressure.

No passion for their Job

Many middle class people working are just doing it to make ends meet. They don’t have passion for what they are doing. And the thing is that in whatever you are doing, you will always reach a point where you are discouraged and feel like giving up.

It is at times like this that you really need passion. This is because passion is like a fuel that keeps you going especially at point when you feel like giving up.

Now, imagine if you do not have passion for what you are doing, what will happen when you feel like quitting your work? And in this case, you cannot even quit your work because it is difficult to find another one. And not finding another one means financially difficulties.

So, if you don’t have passion for your work, you quitting means you will still have to go the stress of finding another work. And if you don’t quit you will also go under pressure because trying to force oneself to do the work one doesn’t have passion for puts one under pressure.

These and many more reasons explain why the middle class always remain under pressure. For the middle class people reading this, you don’t have to remain under these pressures because there are some measures you can take to tackle these pressures.

For example, you can deal with your financial pressure by trying to have another source of income aside your salary. Ultimately, you can consider transitioning from your work to build a business that you are passionate about and gives you control over your time and the freedom to do what you like.

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