Why Employees want to Turn Entrepreneurs at 40

Why Every Employee wants to Turn Entrepreneur at Age 40

Why does employees want to turn entrepreneurs? Every entrepreneur will tell a different story behind the decision to start a business/venture.

While a number will state with certainty that they had a plan in place before they embarked on their entrepreneurial journey, others will confess that the inspiration/drive to start a business arose from the period when they worked for other businesses.

Recent surveys reveal that a growing number of employees are giving the idea of leaving paid employment and starting their own businesses a lot of thought. This thinking assumes greater urgency when individuals place a time frame for the attainment of this goal.

A random check puts this number at 40 years of age, where many employees are of the opinion that they have gathered enough experience, resources and other wherewithal to navigate the waters of entrepreneurship.

The following reasons can be advanced for why employees want to become entrepreneurs at 40 years of age:

A. Assuming Full Control of Fate and Destiny

Employees have experienced a past where they received instructions from superiors and colleagues alike; which they had to carry out whether they agreed with the decisions in question or whether their input was taken into consideration.

However, becoming entrepreneurs at the age of 40 will enable them assume control of the decisions they make regarding their business and other ventures. They will act in the best possible ways for the business and will receive no opposition to their vision, especially since the business will succeed or fail based on the decisions they make.

B. Fulfilling a Life-long Passion

Employees desire to become entrepreneurs at 40 because a good number of them have set goals and ambitions that center on them starting and owning a business, whose creation, structure and operation are their brainchild.

Choosing to begin the business at 40 pre-disposes that the employee has garnered sufficient knowledge and expertise to handle the new venture or within the period, the employee has acquired knowledge concerning starting the business in a totally new sector.

C. Possessing Control over the Workspace

A business survey shows that one of the factors that engender workplace dissatisfaction among employees is the fact that they have little or no input in the way the workplace is administered.
Employees that desire to turn entrepreneurs at 40 see the opportunity to apply all their creative onus, freely and without inhibition.

So if the employee desires to have dry-erase wall paper, where ideas and strategy can be put down, they are free to do so; as part of the process to help the new business thrive and grow.

D. Spending more time with People and things that Matter

One of the more compelling reasons why employees want to turn entrepreneurs at 40 is the desire to actually make room for ample time with friends, family and passions/hobbies. Paid employment usually devolves into monotonous work time regimes, that provide little or no opportunity to engage in other personal/productive endeavors.

However, the employee as the head of a new business venture, is at liberty to create work schedules and programs that free up time for taking the kids to school in the mornings personally, or catching up with learning a new language.

E. The Freedom to Pick who to work with

Another reason some employees want to turn entrepreneurs at 40 can be traced to the years of paid employment, when such employees had no input into the team members s/he had to work with.

Often times, work place conflicts were often the results of such incompatibility at the work place.

The employee, as the head of a new business, can effectively screen and select members of staff who are a nice fit and can buy into the long term visions and goals of the business.

Turning an entrepreneur, the employee is also at liberty to disengage members of staff that do not meet up with the demands and expectations of the business.

F. There are no Limits to what can be Achieved

Employees that want to turn entrepreneurs at 40 years can also be driven by the desire to achieve as much as they humanly can. As employees, there was only so much growth that they could enjoy.

Although they could bag promotions and enjoy pay rises, there is always the sense that one could only attain heights that have been set by others. However, employees that start and run their own businesses understand that there is no ceiling that can limit the size and scope of their pursuits.

G. The Room to be Flexible and to Pivot

Employees that desire to be entrepreneurs as they turn 40 are attracted to the fact that the rigidity that comes with past engagements, when they worked for others, is gone. As new business owners, employees turned entrepreneurs have a greater say in the structures and ways the business operates.

In the advent that the business experiences a slow-down or the market dynamics changes, the employee owner is able to make necessary adjustments and take spontaneous decisions for the good of the business.

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