Whataburger Franchise Cost, Fee and Profit Opportunities

WHATABURGER Franchise Startup Cost, Profit Margin, Revenue and Locations

Is Whataburger a franchise? Are you having doubt if Whataburger is the best choice of becoming a franchisee in the food restaurant business? Are you interested in the food industry that you are planning on join a successful well-respected food chain restaurant franchise? Here is all you need to know about them so you can decide on your choice of action.

Does whataburger franchise? Yes, Whataburger is a fast food restaurant chain just like every other food chain business and their main product is hamburgers, and is based in San Antonio, Texas, in the United States of America. It is popular for its trademark A-frame restaurants with its white-and-Orange stripe roofs.

Whataburger Franchise Opportunities and Worth
Who were the first Whataburger owners? The first Whataburger restaurant was opened by Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton in August 1950 on Ayers street, Corpus Christi, Texas. At inception, the burgers were sold for 25 cents. Harmon Dobson’s goal in opening Whataburger was to serve a burger so large that it had to be held with both hands, and so delicious that when anyone ate it, they would say, “What a burger!”

How much does whataburger make a year? Whataburger fast food franchise has its core products the Whataburger, Whataburger Jnr., Justaburger, Whatacatch-which is a fish sandwich, and the Whatachik’n. French fries and hot pies were added to the menu in 1962. Whataburger also serves breakfast to customers from 11am to 11pm.

Whataburger’s Growth – How much Profit Whataburger Franchise Make

After arguments regarding price increase of the burger from 25 to 30 cents between Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton in 1951, barely a year after opening, the duo ended their partnership.

Paul Burton was settled with owning the Whataburger franchises in San Antonio, Texas. The first store outside Corpus Christi was opened by Harmon Dobson in 1952 in Kingsville, Texas, and a year later, Joe Andrews Snr. became the first non-founder to own a Whataburger franchise in Alice, Texas.

The first Whataburger restaurant outside Texas was opened in 1959 in Pensacola, Florida. By 1960, Whataburger had stores across Texas, Florida, Tennessee, and expanded to Arizona in 1963. From a total of 26 stores in 1963 with over 16,000 burgers sold daily, Whataburger grew to 40 restaurant outlets in 1967.

Whataburger celebrated its 50th anniversary on August 8, 2000, with 575 operating stores. In 2007, with 700 stores, the company estimated an annual revenue of one Billion Dollars.

By 2011, Whataburger had 728 stores operating in ten states of which 611 stores are owned by the Dobson family, and the remaining 117 stores owned and operated by 25 franchisees.

How much is a whataburger franchise?

  • How much does it cost to open a whataburger?
  • Is whataburger a franchise that is expensive? 
  • What is the average whataburger franchise price and fee?

How much does a whataburger franchise cost? A lot of funding, expertise, and experience is required to run a restaurant franchise, and a good way to deal with the expertise and experience part of the equation is to purchase a franchise. Franchises depend on a system and business model that has already been proven to work. The total investment cost for Whataburger franchise is $1 million.

Additionally, franchises also get the added value of receiving support and training from the Whataburger franchise association.

How would you go about starting a Whataburger franchise?

• Request a franchise application from Whataburger. Ensure to review all the documents and agreements provided by the franchisor, including financial statements and company training and support programs that are in place for franchises.

• Talk to people who are currently franchisees in the Whataburger franchise restaurant chain. Get to know first-hand about the day-to-day running of the business activities, as well as how much the franchise make in a day as daily income because this will give you valuable insights on what to expect when opening the franchise.

• Find out if Whataburger franchise profit meets or exceeds your expectations. It is important to also find out how easy it is to work with the franchisor from their point of view.

• To franchise Whataburger, get a suitable location and ensure that the proposed territory is not occupied by another franchise.  Whataburger favours locations in the southern part of the United States.

• Do a feasibility study on the establishment of a Whataburger franchise in the chosen area. The area should be beneficial to the franchise economically and should have enough foot and vehicular traffic to support the franchise.

• Initial funding for your Whataburger franchise will require a minimum of two hundred thousand dollars and could reach up to half a million dollars depending on other factors. This will include your Whataburger franchise royalty fee.

Whataburger franchise application
• Obtain the necessary forms and information regarding Whataburger franchise requirements for your business approval. This application can be gotten from the Whataburger Development Officer.

• Meet with the Whataburger franchise liaison office to draw up the plan for opening the franchise.

• Get a real estate property for your Whataburger franchise. This could be purchased or rented. Getting a property for the franchise should be done after approval has been gotten from Whataburger.

• Set a date for the store opening, hire the needed staff and a manager to oversee the operations of the franchise, and ensure to get all the details regarding product delivery from the Whataburger liaison office.

So, are you still going with your choice to own a Whataburger franchise? You have to do a personal research by giving a call to any of their chain office if you still have any question in mind. You can Google any of their fast food store nearest to you to look them up, as well as to find good whataburger franchise for sale.



Do you know how much franchising a Whataburger costs? Starting up a new restaurant is always a tasking and highly demanding job that requires so much experience, finances and a great deal of expertise.

One way to ride behind the issues of experience and expertise is to buy into a franchise business, which has already been established with perfect support systems and a well proven methodology to achieve success.

A lot of people have chosen this path and so have decided to make searches on how much is a Whataburger franchise? Well Whataburger is simply one of the most successful franchises opportunities around.


You might want to enquire if Whataburger is a franchise? The answer to that question cannot be directly given without much knowledge about the Whataburger Company itself and their ideology.


Whataburger is a private American regional fast food eatery. It is located in San Antonio, Texas and they specify in the making of hamburger sandwiches. It was established in year 1950 by Harmon Dobson alongside Paul Burton. They opened their first ever restaurant in the town Corpus Christi, Texas.

The Company is being operated by the Dobson family and they have 25 franchisers. Presently, the Whataburger Franchise has close to about 750 stores across the South-western and South-eastern parts of the Unites States of America.

The name Whataburger was coined from the experience of creating a type of burger that will be so big and when a customer tries to eat, they will need both hands to grasp. The good feeling the customer has when biting this type of burger will make them exclaim “What-Burger!!!” Hence the name Whataburger.


As we all know, Whataburger specializes in the making of handful hamburgers and until recently, they have started dishing out delicacies, such as taquitos, Whatacatch fish sandwish, Justaburger, Whatachick’n chicken sandwish.

Their stores are open from 11 a.m to 11 p.m in all the 735 stores they have across the Southern parts of the United States


You might want to ask if it is possible to buy a Whataburger Franchise. Yes it is so much possible. The Company prides itself as an eatery network that exhibits a very simply lifestyle. They have a very unique design and take much pride in the delivery of their services.

They believe one of the ways to expand the chain is to sell franchises to business minded person that are interested in dealing with them and this they do with so much delicacy and caution with limits to the geographical location of any franchise – You can only establish a Whataburger Franchise in the South and can never be taken up North.


It is very important for you to understand that to establish a Whataburger Franchise, you have to conside the startup capital. The cost of a Whataburger franchise is so high, you might want to have a re-think. But if you have finally decided to buy into the chain’s ideology and as well ready to engage your potential customers with the best service delivery, which is typical of the Whataburger company, then you will need to be ready to part with a whopping sum of about $1,200,000 (One Million, Two Hundred Thousand Dollars) It is therefore advisable for you to have considered the available of the required assets to start up and to ensure that you have the capacity to open one.


As it is the case of so many franchisors, Whataburger will engage you as the franchisee in adequate training and learning to get you fully ready for the task ahead. You will be introduced to the essential procedure about running the Whataburger Franchise.
It is the normal practise of most businesses that offer franchises to the public, to charge the franchisees a certain fees, which is otherwise called royalty. Well, it will interest you to note that Whataburger does not charge any form of royalty, beginning franchise expenses or promotion charges.


If you would love to know how you can buy a Whataburger franchise. After consulting with your franchise solicitor, the next thing to do is to approach the Whataburger Company itself.

  • You can get all the information you require from the development officer and as well get all the forms and information you will need for approval of your franchise proposal. You will also be expected to tender all the relevant financial forms, with other specific documents that Whataburger might request from you.
  • Once you have gotten all the necessary documents, the next step to take is get a location for your Whataburger Franchise. This could be either leased or entirely bought depending on your financial capability. Although it advisable to get the property after the final endorsement has been approved by Whataburger


From the article, now we believe if you are asked the question on how much is a Whataburger Franchise? You can boldly give the accurate answer. The cost of a Whataburger Franchise is $1,200,000 and Whataburger does not charge any other Franchise fees aside the initial payment.



Do you need information on Whataburger franchise cost and requirements to open one?

As a privately owned American  provincial fast food eatery network, Whataburger is situated in San Antonio, Texas, and works in hamburger sandwiches. In 1950, the organization was established by Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton and opened its very first restaurant in Corpus Christi, Texas. The chain is claimed and also operated by the Dobson family, alongside 25 franchisers.

There are more than 735 Whataburger stores over the Southeastern and Southwestern United States area as at September 2012. The major big idea for it’s creation was to offer a kind of burger that will be big enough to take up to two hands to grasp, and that will be so good that upon a bite of this type of burger, customers couldn’t help but exclaim, “What a burger!” The humble burger stand, which was located on Ayers Street in Corpus Christi, Texas, was named “Whataburger.”

As at this present moment, that original vision still inspires everything done in the restaurant. The unique restaurant still family owned and operated. Every Whataburger is still made to order—when it’s ordered. One hundred percent pure beef is still been used and served on a large, toasted 5-inch bun. Customers were still greeted our customer smile all around the clock every day and at all times, serving hot, fresh food at several Whataburgers all over the country.

Whataburger was known for a long time for its unmistakable A-confined, orange-and-white stripe-roofed structures. The initial outline of the eatery was implicit in Odessa, Texas , and is currently an authentic historic point. The organization’s center items incorporates the “Whataburger”, the “Whataburger Jr.”, the “Justaburger”, the “Whatacatch” (angle sandwich), and the “Whatachick’n”.

Does Whataburger Franchise?
Of course yes, this company is a fast food eatery network simply like other natural lifestyle business where their principle item is cheeseburgers, situated in San Antonio, Texas, United States of America. Mainstream for its trademark An outline eateries with its white-and-Orange stripe rooftops.

Another vital variable that you ought to consider when you want to open a Whataburger franchise is the startup capital. Opening a Whataburger franchise requires a lot of cash to be contributed. Normally, the aggregate sum of cash that you should contribute is around $1,200,000. It therefore smart to ensure that your desire to begin a Whataburger is solid and see to it that you will have the abundant assets in order to have the capacity to really open one.

Just like other numerous franchise organizations, Whataburger does not permit their franchisees to begin their business on the off chance that they don’t have the fundamental learning, particularly the essential things about running and working the business itself. Whataburger requires each franchisee through courses and training to guarantee that they have adequate learning with the end goal for them to be successful in their business.

Finally, if by happenstance you experience issues which are not secured or talked about to you during the courses and training, stress not as Whataburger will give you on-going backing to guarantee that you will have the help that you require at whatever point you needed

Whataburger Worth

You may be curious and wanted to know about who the main Whataburger owners were. Well, the main Whataburger restaurant was opened in August 1950 by Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton on Ayers road, Corpus Christi, Texas. When first started, the burgers were sold for only 25 cents. The key objective of Harmon Dobson when opening Whataburger was to serve a burger so substantial that it must be held with both hands, thus so tasty that when anybody ate it, they would state, “What a burger!”

How Much Does Whataburger Make a Year?
The key products of the Whataburger fast food franchise  the Whataburger, Justaburger, Whatacatch – which is a fish sandwich, Whataburger Jnr. and the Whatachik’n. In 1962, hot pies and French fries were added to the menu. Whataburger additionally serves breakfast to clients from 11am to 11pm.

How much Profit Whataburger Franchise Make?
After contentions with respect to cost increment of the burger from 25 to 30 pennies(cents) between Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton in 1951, scarcely a year in the wake of opening, the couple finished their association. Paul Burton was settled with owning the Whataburger franchise in San Antonio, Texas. In 1952, the main store outside Corpus Christi was opened by Harmon Dobson in Kingsville, Texas, and after a year, Joe Andrews Snr. turned into the main non-organizer to claim/own a Whataburger franchise in Alice, Texas.

In 1959, the primary Whataburger eatery outside Texas was opened in Pensacola, Florida and by 1960, Whataburger had stores all across Texas, Florida, Tennessee, and in 1963, extended to Arizona. From a sum of 26 stores in 1963 with more than 16,000 burgers sold day by day, Whataburger developed to 40 eatery outlets in 1967. By August 8, 2000, Whataburger celebrated its 50th commemoration with 575 working stores. With 700 stores, the organization assessed a yearly income of one Billion Dollars in 2007.

The year 2011 was another good year for Whataburger has it had 728 stores working fine of which 611 stores are owned by the Dobson family, and the staying 117 stores possessed and worked by 25 franchisees.

How Much Does Whataburger Franchise Cost?
Well, a considerable measure of subsidizing, mastery, and experience is required to run an eatery franchise, and a decent approach to manage the mastery and experience some portion of the condition is to buy a franchise. Franchises rely on upon a framework and plan of action that has been demonstrated to work. Moreover, franchises additionally get the added profit of getting training and support from the Whataburger’s central command and affiliation.

How much is a whataburger franchise?
How much does it cost to open a whataburger? Before you order for the required measure on franchise cost and expenses, you should examine its present execution in the market. To do it, simply visit existing franchise units and look at their development and advancement in their particular target markets.

After you complete the business execution assignment as illustrated above, look for the most ideal approaches to use, assuming you are interested in buying a Whataburger establishment unit;

Startup Cost to Acquire: $1,200,000.

Eatery Franchise Fees:

Unlike different franchisers, Whataburger eatery does not charge its franchisees any sort of sovereignty(royalty) expense, promoting charge or beginning franchise expenses and so forth.

How to Open a Whataburger Franchise

Follow these simple procedures:

– Make request for a franchise application from Whataburger.   Inspect carefully every one of the documents and assents given by the franchisor, which can consist of financial articulations and organization training and bolster programs that are set up for franchise.

– Communicate with individuals who are currently franchisees in the Whataburger franchise eatery network. Become more acquainted with the everyday running of the business activities, and also how much the franchise make in a day since this will give you significant
bit of knowledge of what to expect when the franchise is opened.

– It is time seek out if this franchise profit meets or surpasses your desires. It is vital to likewise discover that it is  natural to work with the franchisor from their perspective.

– In order to franchise Whataburger, get a reasonable area and make sure that the proposed region is not involved by another franchise. Whataburger favors areas in the Southern piece of the United States.

– Now do a plausibility think about  the foundation of a Whataburger franchise in the picked zone. The range ought to be advantageous to the franchise financially and have enough foot and vehicular movement to bolster the business.

– The initial financing for your franchise will require at least $200,000 and could reach up to a large portion of a million dollars relying upon different components. This will incorporate your Whataburger establishment royalty expense.

How to Apply for the Whataburger Franchise
• Obtain the fundamental structures and data with respect to Whataburger franchise prerequisites for your business endorsement. This application form can be gotten from the Whataburger Development Officer.

• Meet with the Whataburger franchise contact office to draw up the arrangement for opening the establishment.

• Now, it is time to get a land property for your Whataburger establishment. This could be bought or leased. Getting a property for the franchise ought to be done after endorsement has been gotten from Whataburger.

• Set up a date for the opening store, enlist the required staff and a chief to manage the operations of the franchise, and make sure to get all the insights with respect to item conveyance from the Whataburger contact office.

All in all, would you say you are taking action with your decision to own for yourself a Whataburger franchise? You need to do an individual research by giving a call to any of their chain office in case you have any other question(s) as a primary concern. You can Google any of their fast food store closest to you to find them, and in addition to discover great Whataburger franchise available to be purchased.

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