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If you are planning on starting a business idea in the wedding industry, here are 15 business ideas in the wedding industry that you can take into consideration.

If you love wedding and the general excitement around it, you should consider starting a business around it then. It has been estimated that over 3 thousand wedding do take place in many cities and towns in every particular country every year. This tells that the wedding industry is one big industry to venture into and rake in huge amount of money.

In this post, we shall be exploring some business ideas in the wedding industry and how entrepreneurs can take advantage of them.

Here are 15 top business ideas in the wedding industry:


  1. Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is a professional that help in the planning of weddings from start to finish. Couples do hire the service of a wedding planner as it is their first time and they would not want to stress themselves over everything.

As a wedding planner, your job start from the decoration of the wedding venues to whatever is entails in the wedding. Your job is to eliminate the stress of the couples. This is a very good business idea if you know how to market your services very well.

As a wedding planner, you can provide other wedding related services such as ushering, cake designing and drinks supplies to boost your profits.

  1. Make-up Artistry

There is no wedding taking place anywhere in the world that the service of a make-up artist is not needed no matter the fee. Anyone with this skill can start this business and make a lot of money from wedding events.

Make-up artist are one of the top earners in wedding because the beauty of the couples especially the bride lies in the hand of the make-up artist. How much you make depends on the fee you charge, your network, and how good you are in delivering your job because the market is a little saturated.

  1. Wedding Gowns

The wedding gown industry is worth over $9 billion every year because every bride wants to look beautiful on their wedding day. If you have eyes on fashion, you can start up a full-wedding bridal shop where the sales and renting of wedding gowns, tuxedos, bridesmaids dressing will be on sales and make money from it.

Most people especially celebrities prefer buying their wedding gown instead of renting like some couples do. A smart entrepreneur could buy back used gowns from already married couples at bargain discount prices and either sell or rent out to new brides.

  1. Photography and Videography

This is another big business idea in the wedding industry that does not involve large capital to start. You just need to have the needed equipment for the business. Photographers and videographers are always needed in any wedding to catch joyous moments.

You have to be very creative as a wedding photographer and videographer because this is one moment in any couple’s life and if you ruin it, it will bring bad reputation to your business. Though, the business is very competitive. You must stay creative to win.

  1. Wedding Caterer

Have you ever gone to a wedding ceremony and food were not serve? This means the service of a caterer is nothing to be debated about.

Food planning as a means of refreshment usually take up 40% of the wedding budget. This is because no wedding couple want to hear that their food was either not enough or did not taste great. So, they will go extra length to make sure this is avoided by hiring an experience caterer to do the cooking job.


Starting a catering service business is a great idea for entrepreneurs who are well-organized, hardworking, creative and able to accommodate and adapt to changing customer needs and demands.

  1. Wedding Blogger

Wedding discussions are usually a hot topic most especially for single ladies. They want to know what is the latest trends in wedding gown/dress, cake designs, flowers, rings and many other things.

Starting a wedding blog to share information on wedding fashion and styles, and after marriage life, will bring a huge amount of traffic to your blog. When your blog begins to attract huge traffic, you can monetize it either with Google Adsense or any how you wish to.

  1. Bridal Gowns Designer

This fashion business idea is not that competitive as it involves creativity to win customer’s heart. To start this kind of wedding business, you just need to start posting different types and styles of wedding gowns on either your fashion blog or social media account like Instagram and Facebook.

You don’t need to spend money buying wedding gowns, just look for beautiful gowns online and start uploading. When customer show interest on a particular one, you tell them the price, they pay, you go get a gown and design it just the way they want it.

  1. Wedding Live Band

If you love music and can organize a band, you can make money every weekend by playing in wedding ceremonies. Some couples prefer live band to disc jockey. To win couples heart, you should ask for their favorite songs and play it for them when they come out to dance.

This way, they will never forget you and will certainly refer you to their friends when they have the opportunity to.

  1. Wedding Magazine

This business idea is just like starting up a wedding blog. The only difference is this one is on print. You can start up a wedding magazine where you will be publishing what is happening in the wedding industry.

Your magazine will carry wedding news, the newest couples in town, more adorable wedding gowns, rings, flowers, best places for honeymoon, shoes and other wedding related information. You can have photographers who will go to wedding ceremonies to take photograph of the decoration, cake designs and dress code of couples and bridal train of wedding ceremonies.

You can succeed in this market niche of you have good marketing strategy.

  1. Wedding Rental Services

All wedding venues require chairs, tables, canopies, plates, backdrops, portable toilets, generator and sound system. All these are always rented because wedding ceremony is just a one-day event.

You can be a smart entrepreneur running such kind of business that offer these services to wedding couple. You will only need to spend once by acquiring those items that will be needed for weddings.

Some rental businessesalso provide refrigerated trucks that store and chill all the drinks to be used during the wedding event.

  1. Wedding Invitation Cards

Wedding invitation cards usually create first impression about the wedding. Couples prefer to spend money to make their invitation cards beautiful just to send out a good impression.

If you can create a good design or assemble a team of graphic designer, you can start up this business and profit it from it. Make use of social media in promoting this kind of business.

  1. Wedding Florist

The best way to enter into this business is for you to provide florist service for a family member or friend at a cost. This way, you can promote your business using pictures and videos to help build your portfolio.

Your service includes bouquet for the bride and bridesmaids, boutonnieres for all the gentlemen on suit. You are also in charge of decorating the reception hall and the cocktail tables with your flowers.

  1. Wedding Master of Ceremony

This is the host of the wedding ceremony and his or her job is to make sure everyone enjoys the wedding very well with his or her jokes. Most often, the success of a wedding ceremony hangs in the hands of the master of ceremony.

A good wedding master of ceremony must be very good at public speaking and conversant with smooth running of wedding ceremony.

  1. Rent Chair Covers

Couples that have the budget for this (mostly celebrities and elites) go for chair covers for their wedding ceremony. Chair covers are common ways to give the chairs a good look and add beauty to the wedding ceremony.

A smart entrepreneur can start this business with low capital and partner with wedding rental companies.

  1. Gift Packaging Services

You can also offer gift packaging and delivery services. Help couples and wedding guests choose and present the perfect gifts for the wedding.

More Business Opportunities:

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