This article is important to those about starting a wedding planning business. Wedding planning business is a business that deals with helping prospective couples to organize their wedding ceremonies so as to make it an interesting and less stressful one.

It involves some series of organization on both the side of the couples and the organizers. It begins with booking an appointment by the prospective couples at our offices and signing of some important documents.


Here is a free business plan for starting a wedding consultant business.

BUSINESS NAME: LarGarry wedding planner company

  • Executive Summary
  • Our product and Services
  • Vision statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Statement
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary
LarGarry wedding planner is a wedding planning company which has fulfilled all the legal requirements for starting a business in the Florida, United State of America. The business will do all in his ability to fulfil all its obligations, and provide good service for prospective customers.

Nelson Larry and Newman Garret will both be the owner and manager of the company which will be located in Florida, United State. They have been able to secure a total of $300,000 from their savings and sales of some of their assets to contribute to the start up capital which amount to $500,000. Bank loan will be used to complete the remaining fund which is $200,000 and plan has been in place to complete the fund as soon as possible.

Our Product and Services
LarGarry wedding planner has gone into wedding planning business to provide prospective couples with the best planning for both before during and even after their wedding ceremony all over the world, and not limited to United State alone. We are poised to provide required equipment that are very good which includes;

  • Table
  • Chairs
  • Canopies
  • Speakers
  • Microphone
  • Etc.

The headquarter will be in Florida, United State. Our services include setting up of tents, reception ground, cake production, and other needed supplies as specified on our contract.

Vision Statement
Our vision in the planning industry is to attain the height of the best wedding planner in the world that is offering the best service.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to be able to build standard wedding planning firm, which will organize some of the best wedding event ever. Our secret would be working hand in hand with the organisers, and considering their situation to make our service suit them well.

Business Structure
Due to the intense and strong competition in the market and the importance of a wedding program, LarGarry will only be employing individuals with high experience, talented ones, very hardworking ones and those with matured reputation.

Market Analysis
Market Trend

Organizing and planning wedding requires great skill, commitment and preparations so as to be able to prepare a perfect occasion for the couples. There are thousand or probably hundreds of wedding event happening each week and either directly or indirectly wedding planners are involved in the events.

Target Market

Our target market are people getting married. Since marriage is a thing of joy, prospective couples may not be able to make do with the preparations alone. This is why you are definitely needed.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

We would make sure the services our customer received are top notched and as such tell others about all. We will also make use of all available media to advertise our company amongst which we will use;

  • Extensively us the Radio
  • Television services will also be used.
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Fliers
  • Billboard would be placed at different open locations.
  • Internet (online advertisement)
  • Social media using the like of Facebook, Instagram advertisements

Financial Plan
Source of Startup Capital

A minimum startup capital which amounts to $500,000 will be needed for the purchase of the required equipment for the required business registration. As at present we have been able to raise a total sum of $300,000 from our own personal savings and we are expecting to raise the remaining $200,000 from bank loan.

Competitive Advantage

LarGarry wedding planner is new to the industry, this is not a limitation to us as we have and still making the required advanced preparation. With a team filled with first class experience and the willingness to work we are sure to succeed in the business.

Above is a simple and standard wedding planning business plan sample with the name LarGarry wedding planner. This business will be co-owned by Nelson Larry and Newman Garret both of whom have been friends and have been involved in so many successful business dealings.

As stated earlier both Nelson Larry and Newman Garret will produce the startup fund and secure the remaining fund from their banks.