Complete Wedding Photography Checklist for Clients

Ultimate Wedding Photography Poses, Equipment and Preparation Checklist for Photographers

Do you have a wedding photo checklist for that upcoming special event? After a moment is gone, what is left behind is the memory that comes with that moment, the best way to keep those memories in recent years has been improved through photography and video recordings.

Photography helps keep that memory and at every interval, one wants to meditate on such beautiful moments, with the aid of the pictures already taken he can do that without stress.

But, how would it feel like if your photographer fails to pick all the important moments especially on your wedding day? Guess it will be tantamount to not using him in the first place.

A checklist then rolls in as the best way to control your photographer and remind him of the important moments you want him to capture or rather the important moments you will be paying him for.

In this article, we would be looking at the advantage of checklist and important moments to be discussed with a photographer before the event.

The Benefits of Photography Checklist

  • It Reduces Potential for Missing Photography

If after an event you realize that the picture of a friend, uncle, aunty or parent is missing, one will definitely not be happy since it might make it seems like those people were not present. But, with a checklist in place, names of people with whom you and your mate want to snap with will be listed already.

  • It Reduces the Work of the photographer

A checklist reduces the stress a photographer passes through and in a way increases his efficiency. Instead of shouting aimlessly or running up and down in search of the next person to snap, having a checklist beforehand will help him deliver his job in the best way possible.

  • It Helps Preserve Special Moments

Some moments might occur just once in a person’s lifetime, moments like cutting the gigantic and delicious cake, the moment of delivering the ring into the beautiful hands of your wife, or the moment when you’re taking your first dance together. All this moment will be kept and well documented if you have a checklist before the event.

  • It Helps Reduce Expenses

The expenses incurred while preparing for a wedding ceremony in itself is much, if one doesn’t take time to define the type or the pictures he needs, a photographer might keep taking useless pictures and then add to the already heavy burden. But with a clearly defined rule guiding the photographer, you tend to spend less and get quality pictures and the quantity you need.

Things to Consider when Preparing a Wedding Photography Checklist
Here are few things that must be on your mind when preparing a wedding photography checklist;

  • The Wedding Theme

The theme defines the moment the photographer captures, and what he captures will be what people will use to remember your wedding day, are you going with a modern setting or an old-fashioned one, define your theme well and your wedding photo won’t be useless.

  • How you will Use the Wedding Photo

Most share their wedding photo with friends and family members and it will be treasured for years, you might want to create a photo album, a thank you card, you might even insert some into beautiful frames that will be hung neatly on your wall. In any way those images might be used if the right ones are not captured, it might not fit the purpose you’re having in mind.

  • Define the Important and Must have Pictures

Not all images captured will have the same value, some will be treasured more than the other, so deciding ahead of time will help you know which one is more important and which is not as this will affect how you will treat those pictures in the future.

The Wedding Photography Checklist
Below are few moments, settings, and pictures that you must include in your wedding photo checklist;

  • Moments Before Ceremony

The styling of the bride’s hair, when applying makeup, the bridal accessories, friends of both groom and bride testing their attires, putting on of jewelry, leaving for the ceremony, children with the bride etc.

  • The Moment at the Ceremony

Arrival at the venue, the venue, special places or seat at the venue, seating of family members, the entry scene of both bride and groom, maid of honors entering, the bride and grooms parent entering giving away of the bride by parents, exchange of vows, exchange of ring, bride and groom leaving the venue etc.

  • Portraits

The bride alone, Groom alone bride and groom together, bride and bridesmaid, bride and groom, bride and maid of honor, Couple with Best man and best lady etc.

  • At the Reception

Arrival at the venue, table settings, picture of the DJ and his arrangements, cutting of cakes, gift table, toasts, dancing by both bride and groom dinner service etc.

With a formal wedding photography checklist in place, you can be sure that not a single beautiful moment of your wedding will be lost, instead, you will have the complete happy moments you crave for and have something beautiful to look on to in the future.

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