10 Genuine Websites Where You Get Paid for Your Writing

10 Top Websites that Will Pay You to Write – Get Paid for Writing Instantly
Written content is becoming the medium of choice for businesses and companies in engaging with their target audience. These businesses are prepared to pay writers who can offer quality writing that captures the essence of their operations.

Therefore, you can earn a living as writer from producing such needed content. The following top websites are always on the lookout for quality content writers for their respective niches and they pay for such writing as well. There are as follows:

Top 10 Sites Where You Can Get Paid to Write

1. Developer Tutorials

This website concentrates on the niche area of web design and programming. If you are technology-savvy and desire a platform that pays sums commensurate with your writing skills, then Developer Tutorials is your sure bet. Your articles can range from tips and trends in the programming/web designing world to tutorials.

The site’s fees for writers starts from 35 to 50 USD for articles in list form. Other compensation packages include 50 to 100 USD for articles that teach coding skills. An added attraction of Developer Tutorials is that the platform allows you the leverage of inserting backlinks to your personal blog/website; hence you have the potential being reachable by thousands of readers.

2. Audio Tuts+

Audio Tuts+ is another veritable platform for you to receive fair compensation for your articles. If your writing passes their stringent policies, you can command fees in the region of 50 USD for every 500-word article, themed on tips and how-to dos for people who love to use audio files.

3. PSD Tutorials

PSD tutorials specifically target users of the Photoshop software. If you have expertise in the use of Photoshop and can express your experiences with tips and other relevant hacks, you can earn anywhere between 50 to 150 USD.

You should be aware that the payment platforms used by this website include PayPal and Moneybookers.


This niche website is from the stable of the American College of Healthcare Sciences. It focuses on issues relating to health and holistic living. If you have considerable knowledge on health matters and you can craft that knowledge into a compelling content, then you could earn regular sums writing for the ACHS. The major stipulation are articles in the 600 to 1000-word category. You can earn at least 50 USD per published article.

5. Funds for Writers

As the name suggests, Funds for Writers is a one-stop shop for writers and content creators to get the resources they need in order to get premium payment for their writings. You can earn between 45 to 50 USD writing articles that provide freelance writers with tips on refining their craft. You can also make submissions on real life success stories. You will need to have a PayPal account; alternatively, you can request that your earnings be given to you via check.

6. Writers’ Weekly

Writers’ weekly is not your conventional blog/website. Rather it is a weekly online publication that serves a target audience of readers that pay for the subscription. This publication is really appreciative of articles that show their readers not how to write, but how to earn more money from their writing.

You can become a paid contributor by first pitching a query with the fine points of your intended article. The chances of your article being accepted increases when you focus on success stories that center on freelance writers.

For a 400-word article, you can expect to be paid 40 USD. The preferable payment method for Writers’ Weekly is by PayPal.

7. Listverse

Listverse is an online website that encourages writers to explore to the very limits, the inner recesses of their talent and powers of imagination. You are not restricted to any genre or style of writing. And you can earn handsomely too; the website pays 100 USD for every article accepted and published.

Your article must dwell on subjects that will captivate the reader; it must also be in a list format for a minimum total of 10 items. Each item should be addressed in two paragraphs only.

An important consideration for you in addition to the quality of your writing, is that you will receive your payment by PayPal.

8. Make a Living Writing

This blog harps on the need to get writers properly paid for their content. Hence you will be required to submit quality articles that exposes the ways and means by which he/she can earn more, as a freelance writer.

The curator of the blog, Carol, is a huge advocate for writers reaching their full earning potentials, so your intending article must be as practical as possible. Once your article is accepted, you can earn 50 USD for your efforts.

9. eCommerce Insiders

This website prides itself on being an authoritative voice in the online retail industry. Her crop of writer is more often than not, online retail practitioners themselves; hence the quality of their write-ups is accentuated by direct experience of their writers themselves.

If you want to get published and paid by eCommerce Insiders, then your articles must be retail-focused, educational as well as pass commentaries on trends in the online retail world.

Another key requirement is that you must provide backlinks to your personal blog or website. The payment schedule implemented by eCommerce Insiders ranges from 75 to 125 to 150 USD for article lengths of 400, 600 and above 600 words respectively.

10. Techlabs.com

Techlabs has created a niche that produces content relating to everything regarding Adobe and related products. Specifically, your article should help web developers and designers hone their craft, with insights and tips on using Adobe suite more productively. Once your article has been accepted, you could earn anywhere between 50 to 75 USD per tutorial published.

You can, as a writer, earn a decent living, from your craft. What is required of you is constantly refining your skills, expanding your horizons by reading educative materials and associating with fellow writers as well as ensuring you put your brand and writing out, to your target audience.

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