10 Best Websites for learning New Skills

Top Websites for learning New Skills 

Are you having hard time thinking of a better goal to work towards? Do you mind challenging yourself to learning new skills? These days one doesn’t necessarily need to attend any skill acquisition workshop to learn new skills, you can learn some skills right from your bedroom.

There are various websites for learning new skills and this comprehensive list of the best websites for learning a new skill will surely be of help to you.

1. Coursera.com

Coursera is a website that can bring to you new skills in practical to any field offer in the university — humanity, social sciences, business, math, plant sciences, animal science and host of others.

Coursera partners with over 140 educational institutions throughout the universe to providing video lectures with interactive quizzes. Plus, you are also prone to getting peer-graded assessments cum social support from various learners.

Some courses are for free, while some cost up to $400 including an official Certificate of Completion fee.

2. Skillshare.com

This website lay more emphasis on the tagged words “learn by doing”. Skillshare offers over 2,500 classes of self-place spanning creative arts, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, designs and technology.

More than 200 of these classes are for free, while others are locked, to unlock the rest, there are two things involved, either you pay per course of your choice or you become a member of the community- after two weeks free trial, you begin to pay $10 per month.

Skillshare is a website that does encourage students to learning by uploading, reasoning and collaborating on a various projects. While people like Seth Godin, an industry leader have taught some of Skillshare’s courses, however, the golden opportunity to become a tutor is now open to any interested individual.

3. Stumbleupon.com

This is one of the best websites for learning new skills in any field of your choice. This website also have collective hook of recommendations from tens of thousands of hours of surfing the net by web users with common idea and share interests. Basically, it is a recommendation engine.

Users do add to this precious engine through provision of their personal recommendations on the sites that actually worth your time. If you opt in for a topic and tag your interest like ‘self-defense’ and ‘DIY’ in no time, you will be learning new skills.

4. CreativeLive.com

Another best websites for learning new skill is creativelive.com. As the name implies, CreativeLive.com broadcasts online streaming live workshops in conjunction with creative experts around the globe on topics such as video, photography, design, crafting, business, music, audio and software development.

The website offers 600 plus classes that can be purchased for $100 to $200 there about each. Or, by watching unlimited live broadcasts free of charge. Each class includes tons of lesson and reading materials for bonus.

5. Codyapp.com

Cody’s mission and aim is to combine technology, the power of physical movement and community to helping you realized your best self. While their major emphasis is usually on yoga and the weight training, it also offers video of high-quality plans for meditation and weightlifting.

6. Teamtreehouse.com

Treehouse is where intermediate and novice coders can learn more on the web development and web design skills. This website has numerous tracks and it depend on which interests you, you can start your web development from ruby track and detour into the web design without leaving a beat behind.

Treehouse has more than 1,000 videos- high quality, with a warm investment for starters. Pricing begin at $25 monthly.

7. Onlinecookingschool.com

Are you a food lover and will want to learn new recipe so as to add to your writing skills? Become a professional griller, discover what you can really do as a slow cook, sharpen your cutleries skill and learn to prepare vegetables on America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School.

This well-founded onlinecookingschool.com deals with catalog of over 200 courses, including recipe lessons, cooking basic, technique and In-depth courses.

There is always access to meet the instructors for personalized support and guidance. To attain a membership form, it costs $19.95 monthly or $179.95 for unlimited access within a year.

8. Duolingo.com

Do you stumble on bricks when you try to speak Spanish? Seriously need to learn Italian sequel to your tour to Rome? With Duolingo.com, you can learn and understand 15 different languages with lots of fun and bite-sized lessons.

All it required from your time is 10 to 30 minutes in a day.  You can run a test to determine where to start if you are not a complete beginner on any of the language they offer.

Though duolingo is yet to add any Asian languages to its website, any other language courses are free of charge. To take a test for the official Duolingo certificate of
English fluency, it costs $20. Other language official certificate will be included in the posterity.

9. Lumosity.com 

You can learn to improve your mental faculty by playing series of educational and fun brain training games on this website.

10. Woopid.com

You can watch for free; technology training videos and get solutions to your gadget and computer questions with countless number of video tutorials for various software applications. Visiting this website will enable you to hurl the skill of attending to your PCs when malfunctioning.

Whatever skill you dream or imagine of learning, the above best websites can absolutely teach you better—maybe for free. So, what is keeping you waiting? Make use of this time and have personal development! Because tomorrow maybe too late.

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