Ways To Make Money From Your Bedroom – 3 Creative Opportunities

Smart Ways To Make Money From Your Home

How can I earn money from my home? Are there online business ideas while on bed rest? I received a call this morning from a longtime friend, as I pick up the phone to say hello, he was surprised why phone voice was low and if I was still sleeping at 8:45am. I told him I am working on top of my bed and since I was lying down, my voice has to be low.

‘Working?’ he was surprised by the term.

So, I explained to him that I work from home and make my living from my bed. He was so surprised by the way he shouted ‘What!’

Hello dear, if there is one universal truth everyone seems to acknowledge, it is that there is enough more money to be made from the internet without leaving your home.

Knowing what to do and how to do it is the first step to making money from the internet. Many stay at home moms are taking advantage of creative ways to make money from their bedroom even with children.

I know I don’t need to convince you that you can make money right from the comfort of your bedroom and there are multiple reliable ways that can be possible.

You can now make a decent living working from home as a full-time business man or woman, sleep and wake whenever you want without a boss telling you when to show up at the office.

In this post, I will be showing you 5 legit ways you can make money from your bedroom with just a laptop or smartphone and an internet connection.

3 Real Ways to Earn Money Without Leaving Your Room

1. Amazon Affiliate Business

Becoming an amazon affiliate marketer is one unique way to make money from your bedroom after retirement. It is a business where you register as an affiliate to sell someone else’s product and you get a percentage cut from it called, ‘commission’.

In other words, you are a sales person on behalf of a company. But instead of moving door to door or office to office, you sell it just from the comfort of your bedroom. You market the products online and get paid (commission) for every sales made.

You can sell through a blog, websites or any media you may wish to use. The first thing you need to do is to sign up as an affiliate marketer for amazon, if you are approved, then you start searching for products that you will like to sell.

2. Blogging 

Blogging is another innovative way to make money from your bedroom on the side. If you search on search engine, there are blogs that will list to you 101 new ways to make money with blogging or how you can become a full-time blogger and be rich.

Even as a working or stay at home mom, the best way to make residual income through blogging fast is by running Google Adsense on your blog. This may not be that easy but at the long term you tend to do less and get daily.

Becoming a blogger involves you creating a blog in a niche you have passion for or else you will get bore in no time. After you have created the blog, you start publishing useful and informative content and at the same time sharing it using your social media platforms.

Invest enough time in building enough traffic for your blog so you can get high page views. After like three months of consistent blogging which involves posting useful content and driving traffic to your blog, you can then go and apply for a Google Adsense account so you can start displaying advert on your blog.

The amount of money you earn via Google Adsense depend on the amount of traffic that comes to your blog daily. The higher the traffic, the more you’re earning. This is how this blog makes residual income for me.

3. Become a YouTube Star

Many people are making money from their bedroom easily as a YouTube star, and you can also be among them. If you have a good smartphone with great camera or you have a small digital camera, you can become a YouTube star and make money uploading videos on YouTube part time.

I know you may be wondering how this work, it involves you uploading videos that get high views. If your video can get people to subscribe to your channel, that will be great. You must have seen those adverts whenever you want to watch a YouTube video that tells you to skip it.

That’s how you make money as a YouTube star via the internet, and the more people view that advert, the more your earning increase. This is because the advertiser paid for people to view their company advert, and if more people get to view their advert through your channel, you will start making money while you are sleeping because your video can be watch by anyone from all over the world.

Just in case you don’t know, the advertisers don’t pay you directly. Google pays you after you reach an earning payout limit for a month.

These are easy ways you can make money from your bedroom. I would advise that no matter which online business you might want to choose, you should have a blog. You will know later!

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