Reliable Ways to Generate Free Publicity for Your Business

FREE PUBLICITY IDEAS: 10 Best Ways to Generate Free Publicity for Small Business Brand

What are some new ways to generate free publicity for your business or organization? Publicity is one thing that business owners don’t joke with when it comes to marketing their business. The more your business is being mentioned on TV, radio or any media, the better for the business as far as the publicity is a positive one.

Positive publicity gives way to more customers and increases sales. There is no better joy for any entrepreneurs with his or her business is trending online and offline positively. But, before your business can achieve this kind of wave, your business has to be extraordinary and newsworthy.

If you happen to have a business, an event, services to offer or a product to sell, there’s nothing better than getting a free publicity.

Creative Tips For Getting Free Publicity For Your Business

In business, publicity is more regarded than advertising. It is one great way to spread words about your business. Every business, no matter how large or small, can effectively use free publicity to enhance its image, increase sales and profits, generate sales leads, expand distribution, and promote customer goodwill. All of these benefits can be gained for nothing more than a small investment of time, paper, envelopes, and postage.

So how do you generate free publicity for your business? In order to get free publicity, you need first to understand what makes it. I will be sharing with you 10 ways to generate free publicity either for your business, events or properties.

10 Incredible Ways and Tools to Get Free Publicity for Your Business

1. Press Release

A successful press release is one successful way to generate free publicity. This can mean more business and huge profits for you. With just one well-written press release, you can have your article published in a popular magazine or your local newspaper and expose your product information and/or your website to hundreds, even thousands of interested readers.

You need to create a really good and catchy press release to get things started. There are lots of sites that can help teach you how to write a good press release that gets published.

2. Sponsor a Local Event

This is one of the ways business owners generate free publicity. They look for an event that they know will attract a large crowd and sponsor the event so they can put their brand name in front of the people that will come for the event.

It is very effective when it comes to generating free publicity that is why you see many brands doing it. Sponsoring local events in your city may not necessarily do with cash. You can offer your products to be used in the event.

This gets people to use your products, fall in love with it and go to where they might find it to order for it. This generates free publicity with using cash.

3. Offer your Products or Services for Free

This is mostly done by internet marketers to build their email list. They announce a free offer and give it out in return for your email address or phone number. Offline business owners still do this. I once used a bleaching detergent for free that I never planned to buy because the company was sharing it for free in exchange for phone numbers.

A time came that when I needed a bleaching detergent at that moment, I went to a shop near me to buy the product. Why did I do that? Because I have already tested the product, and it works. Though, there were alternatives but, I went for the product that was once given to me for free.

Now, if anybody needs a good bleaching detergent, I recommend that product to them. This is the power of offering your products or services for free to generate free publicity.

4. Post Content on Article Directories

Article directories are one powerful channel for generating free publicity for any individual. Article directories like Medium, EzineArticles, HubPages etc are good channel one can use to reach out to large readers for free.

Most of these directories are free and are also effective. There have very large traffic coming to their sites to read valuable contents and yours might just be what they can find interesting.

5. Be Active on Social Networks

This is also one effective way to generate free publicity. You can use popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to generate free publicity. Join groups that you know your target audience is and start posting valuable content they will welcome and want to connect.

Drop good post, tweet using your target market kind of hashtag or join a trending conversation that is related to your market using a hashtag.

6. Guest Post on High Profile Website/Blog

A high profile website is a website that belongs to mostly high influenced personalities that have built trust with their large followers. You can generate free publicity from such a website by dropping a guest post related to the site niche.

Though, it is not very easy to get post approve and publish by owners of such website. But, it is possible if you follow their guidelines and your guest post go in line with their terms and conditions.

7. Get Involved with a Charity

I am not saying you should visit any charitable home and give a huge sum of cash. That only work in the 80s. Volunteer your time, products or services or you and your staff can run a campaign that can help raise cash for the charity.

8. Speak for Free

This can be one good way to generate free publicity for speakers and internet marketers too. Offer to speak for free at any speaking events. This brings you and your business in front of people for free.

Speak in an event related to your business. Normally, as a guest speaker, there will always give out a brief bio of who you are and what you do. This makes the audience know about your business and want to relate to you at the end of the event.

You can also sell yourself politely at the pulpit without making it look like you are selling anything so you don’t annoy the host.

9. Create a Contest

Create a contest related to your business. Promote the contest more than the company organizing it. As far as you are promoting the contest, people will always want to see the organizer. Award the winner of the contest in any media outlet like social media, local newspaper, and television.

The winner will always spread the news and everyone will want to stay close for the next contest and this will increase awareness of your business.

10. Make Use of Trade Fairs

This is another form of products demonstration. Book a stand at any trade fair center related to your niche of business and demonstrate your products.

I have seen many businesses that sold lots of their products from trade fairs. It is so easy since you don’t have to bring people to the ground. People are just ordinarily there to see what can catch their attention and buy what they like if you maximize this free publicity generating option.

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