Wawa Franchise Cost, Fee and Profit Opportunities

Wawa Franchise Startup Cost, Profit Margin, Revenue and Locations

Will you love to take up a Wawa gas station franchise? Do you have interest in opening a Wawa franchise in your environment?

Are you in need of the cost to incur for a Wawa franchise fee? If yes, then I will help you to provide the right answer to the queries in this piece.


Is Wawa a franchise?

Does Wawa franchise? Is wawa a franchise opportunity? Wawa franchise is ready to make the lives of her customers comfortable over the United States. It major interest is to deliver a unique, superior and adopt changes in providing high qualities services to its potential customers.

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How did Wawa get its name? Wawa is an American native word that is used for the Canada goose found in the Valley of Delaware sometimes around 100 years ago. Wawa first and original Diary farm was constructed on a land that was located in a rural region of Pennsylvania called ‘WAWA’, that is more reason why they use the goose on the Wawa’s logo.

Who owns wawa convenience stores and gas stations? Wawa Inc. started in 1803 then as an iron company in New Jersey, however the owner of this Gods-own business George Wood picked interest in another business and that was a dairy farming with a little processing plant in Wawa as at 1902.

Sooner, declination put home delivery of milk into shame in the early 1960s, George’s grandson, Grahame Wood, opened and introduced the first Wawa market known as Wawa Food in 1964 which serves as an avenue for dairy products.

As of today, Wawa offers varieties of fresh food selections which includes the Wawa brands Like built-to-order hoagies, hot breakfast sandwiches, freshly brewed coffee, built-to-order hot, frozen and iced specialty beverages, hot sides, snacks and soup, surcharge free ATMs service and Fuel service. Over 300 and above of the 600 convenience Wawa retail stores are offering gasoline as well.

Wawa Surcharge ATM
What is wawa atm withdrawal limit? It is evident from the foregoing that all Wawa’s ATMs are surcharge-free. Though the bank you are using may charge you of an out-of-network if you withdraw from any of their ATMs but the fact is that Wawa doesn’t charge for ATM use.

Wawa Beverage
Wawa beverages Company also makes and delivers product of the quality, on time delivery, making available all the dairy products, teas, juices to over 600 stores and wholesale customers.

Wawa Fuel
Wawa is very passionate to provide its customers quality, fair, honest pricing of fuel those other retailers in the market won’t be able to offer

What Is The Range of Time Wawa Stores Open?
What is wawa store hours? Majority of the Wawa stores across the states do open 24 hours in a day equivalent to 365 days a year if not leap year.

Where Is The Best Location For Wawa Store?
How much money is Wawa worth? Since Wawa is a recognized leading head in the industry, they consider the best of all places and the brightest area for business. As at now, Wawa have more than 650 locations in area of the Mid-Atlantic and Florida, region.

With this their star that is still seeing the light of the day, it is evident and obvious that they will continue to expand their wings and enlarge their coast as wawa stock price per share continues to rise.

What are the steps to start a wawa(convenience store) and Gas station
How much does it cost to build a Wawa? The following should be considered before taking up Wawa franchise or store.

 According to findings on wawa website, about 2 acres of a constructed standard building with 4,000-6,000 size square feet for the spacing and parking of nothing less than 50 cars, spaces for about eight fuel dispenser (multi product). Other size apart from the aforementioned might be considered, but if less than a acre it is prone to rejection.

 To franchise with Wawa, the location for your store is advisable to be located in a resident that have population that will support retail sales; the daytime population that have employment centers, office, retail and even commercial traffic generators; which if counted, the traffic should have up to 25,000 vehicles that could have access to the site in a day.

Where Can I Locate or Find Wawa Store?
How many Wawa stores are in the US? Wawa stores are located in different parts of the country. You can find Wawa store in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia and Central Florida.

How Much to Open up a Wawa franchise

  • How much is a Wawa franchise?
  • How much does it cost to open a wawa?
  • Is wawa a franchise that is expensive? 
  • What is the average wawa franchise price and fee?

How much does it cost to open a wawa? Nice question you’ve asked, the realest and quickest way to own a Wawa store is by joining a Wawa Associate. Haven’t joined them, you shall be given some requirements to meet and if you are qualified or eligible you will be part of their ‘Employee Stock Ownership program’.

Without mincing word, Wawa is proud to proclaim that the company is 41% owned by the employees, and they are reverse to as ASSOCIATE OWNERS.

To apply for Wawa job or become one of their associate visit their official website on Wawa.com to learn more and also register through the provided place.

How to open a wawa franchise 

Do you know how much it cost to franchises a Wawa store? A lot of people are very careful with what they eat. As there are so much junks everywhere around the corner and the key to a very sound health is to eat fresh. Well, Wawa came into business for that main reason; they simply offer fresh foods to the public.

Eating good is a key to living good. Fresh foods are natural and they work perfectly with our body being a natural entity. If you seek to eat fresh food and you are in the United States, then Wawa is what should come to mind.

They are just one of the few stores that offer fresh foods to the public and they are highly rated and considered to be way ahead of their competition.


Are you a versatile business person and you will love to expand your horizon? Will you love to own a Wawa Franchise in your local environment? And also get the information on the cost and fees that is required to start up a Wawa Franchise? If these are the questions that you have bothering your mind at the moment, then you are at the right place as we will be giving you the full information on how much a Wawa Franchise is.

The Wawa Company was launched in the year 1964 by Grahame Wood. And at the moment, they have bout 750+ stores running across the federation. The Wawa Company has a great reputation in providing fresh and at the same time quality based food to its numerous customers, three times in a day – morning, noon and evening.

They are dedicated to simplifying the lives of their customers and this has made them popular all over the United States. The Wawa Company believes in delivering superior value and the provision of high quality services to their customers.

As reported by recent surveys, Wawa is being labelled to be ahead of stores like Sheetz and QuikTrip, when it comes to customer loyalty score. They have been enjoying repeated patronages by their patron who have simply adhered to their great service delivery and rather find it hard to drop them for another outfit.



A franchise business is a business in which the owners or otherwise known as the “franchisors” allow an access to their business patent knowledge, trademarks and processes by a “franchisee” in order to allow them operate under the business name of the owners


Getting a franchise from a reputable company, such as Wawa, is one of the ways you can have a good head start in business. The Wawa Inc already has the name, all you need as an entrepreneur is to use that as a leverage to boost your own progress financially.

The information a lot of people will love to know about is how to own a Wawa Franchise and how much does it cost to own a Wawa Franchise. Yes, who wouldn’t want to work with a company that already has success stories and is already a household name across the country.

So what will be the Wawa franchise startup cost if at all the opportunity is opened to the public to own a franchise with Wawa.

But it will interest you to know that not much information is known about the Wawa Franchise and how much the Wawa Franchise cost. As it all seems at the moment, the Company has not started giving out their Franchise to the public.

It is quite unfortunate to inform you and also thousands of people who aspire to own a Wawa franchise that as at the moment, it is certainly impossible to purchase a Wawa franchise unit because the company does not provide any such opportunities.

We all know they are very particular with standards and they will want their policies and philosophies preserved for a very long time. The Wawa Franchise might be so difficult to get at the moment as it all looks like the company is doing very well with stores opened across the United States and dedicated staff in all their centers to offer the customers the best services, when it comes to fresh food delivery.

If you will love to know how much a Wawa Franchise is, we will suggest you try as much as possible to locate the company through their website www.wawa.com/contact. There is a form you can fill on the website and then tender your query to the admin. They will surely respond to any question you have as regards if Wawa sells franchise or how much a Wawa franchise cost.



Do you need information on Wawa franchise cost and requirements to open one? Are you keenly interested in starting up a Wawa franchise store, and have been diligently searching for any available information regarding the Wawa franchise? Well, in this article, I will keep you updated on the latest development regarding the Wawa franchise.

Is Wawa a franchise? 
Wawa Inc. is a very reputable privately owned business in the United States, which is highly reputed for its quality products and customer services. It is not surprising that a lot of entrepreneurs are seeking to open a Wawa store.

Well, you must be informed that Wawa Inc. does not currently offer franchise opportunities to franchisees. All Wawa stores are opened and managed by the company. One can only influence the opening of a Wawa store if he holds a key position in the company. Keep reading, to learn how you could become one of their employees and influence the opening of a Wawa store.


About Wawa Franchise
Wawa Inc. is not a franchise. It is a privately-owned business that has several of its chain of convenience retail stores located in various states and cities in the United States such as Florida, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

Wawa Inc. is a business in the convenience stores & gas stations industry. The company’s corporate head office is located at Red roof, 260 West Baltimore Pike Media, Wawa, PA 19063-5620, United States. The head office is open from 8:00am – 5:00pm, each day, Monday – Friday; but most Wawa stores open every single day 24/7, all year round.


Wawa Inc. had its first ‘Super Wawa’ store opened in 1994. The Super Wawa stores are actually larger; they have public lavatories, and extra parking space. Today, the company has more than an estimated total number of 720 stores all over the United States.

The company has been ranked #34 on the Largest Private Companies by Forbes Magazine in 2015. As at 2014, the company’s revenue was estimated to be more than $9 billion. In 2011, the company recorded more than $118 million as annual Net Income; and the company’s total asset was estimated to be at US1.57 billion. As at 2015, the company’s number of employees had reached 22,500.

In 1985, the company started a partnership with the PNC bank, which resulted in the surcharge-free ATM services that the company now provides to its customers. As a result, the company eclipsed more than 1 billion transactions in 2010.


At the Wawa ATMs, customers can perform any financial transaction without being charged any fee. They may only be charged some fee by their banks.

The name ‘Wawa’ was gotten from the name of the area where the company has its first milk plant located. It is also the place where the company has its head office. Founded by Grahame Wood, Wawa Inc. has its deep origin traced to New Jersey in the year 1803, more than two (2) centuries ago; but its first store was opened more than a century later in 1964.


Some of the key people in the company include: Christoipher Gheysens as the Chairman Executive Officer (CEO) who took over from Howard Stoeckel; Jeff DePonte as the General Manager of Middletown Operations; John Poplawski as the Director of Store Operations; Adam Schall as the Planning & Analysis Director; and Lisa Wollan as the Director of Consumer Insight and Brand Strategy.

Their major competitors include the following companies: The Kroger Co, Hess Corporation, Chevron Corporation, 7-Eleven, Inc., Sheetz, Inc., Wegmans Food Markets, Inc., Exxon Mobil Corporation; and The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company.

Most products that are offered by Wawa are products that could be found in almost any convenience chain mart. Most of these products range from soda, drinks, chips, etc. Wawa Inc. stores particularly focus on groceries.


Their products include snacks, wraps and salads, sandwiches and hoagies, soups; dairy products such as milk and ice cream; bottled and frozen blended beverages; as well as gasoline products such as gas and diesels.

One of the most popular products that the stores offer is the ‘Sizzli’. Every now and then, the company tweaks the menu by introducing some new items into it. Wawa Inc. also produces and supplies beverages, which carry the brand name, to more than a thousand institutions such as colleges and schools, restaurants and eateries, hospitals, etc. They even offer products such as novelties and gift cards online.

Wawa Inc. is one company that takes special care of its employees. The company has several programmes that are aimed at developing their employees and associates. There are several benefits to becoming one of Wawa’s employees; one of such benefits is the Wawa’s Employee Stock Option Programme.

This Employee Stock Option Programme had made it possible for more than 40% of the company to be owned by the employees despite the fact that the company is a family-owned business.

Wawa employees are renowned for upholding the company’s values, and their passion to serve customers. For you to become one of their employees; you must be a person who is capable of succeeding in an environment that is very fast-paced; and you must also be a person who puts customers’ satisfaction above everything else.

How Much Does a Wawa Franchise Cost?

You can contact Wawa Inc. on telephone at 1 (610)-358-8000, fax at 1 (610)-358-8808, 1 (610)-358-1046; or visit their website at www.wawa.com.

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