Waffle House Franchise Cost, Fee and Profit Opportunities

WAFFLE HOUSE Franchise Startup Cost, Profit Margin, Revenue and Locations

What are the best Waffle house franchise opportunities to start? Waffle house foods, the unbeatable and undeniable restaurant business in Georgia, Atlanta. Established around 1955…. This comprehensive piece is going to pinpoint on some ideas that will be of help to those folks who are on the verge to taking up a Waffle House franchise ownership.


Waffle House restaurant business cannot be overemphasize in the United States. It is known viral and registered its name in the labor market as a result of its delicious menu cum outstanding performance out of its peers.

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How much is a Waffle House franchise?

  • How much does it cost to open a waffle house?
  • Is waffle house a franchise that is expensive? 
  • What is the average waffle house franchise price and fee?



Is waffle house a franchise? The Waffle restaurant combinations of delicacy menu and brilliant performance made people to embrace it with passion. Waffle restaurant serve its customers the best and the attendants give the customers warmth gesture throughout their stay in the restaurant.


They have an experience and unique chefs whose skills are second to none. Oops! I’m too sugar coated but the fact is that they are too good and this is actually what their customers fall for.

  • How much do you know about waffle house franchise?
  • Are you that familiar with waffle house products?
  • Are you ready to franchise with them but don’t know their requirements?

If I’m yet to say what you are currently thinking hard inside you, endeavor to continue reading because I shall discuss everything of important in as far as Waffle franchise is concern.


Before taking up or opening franchising a particular business, there are some points that is of importance that you need to tends to, most especially if you are on the verge to franchise with Waffle House Inc. and I will highlight those point for you now. Ask and check yourself if you are duly fit for the course (i.e. Waffle House franchise)

You really mean to be among the franchisee of Waffle House but have you checked if;

• There is tangible and reliable space for the market in your environment pertaining to owning a business franchising with Waffle House?

• You are that competent enough to serve your potential customers dearly and still make a profit of wider margin as a Waffle House franchisee?

• You are innovative and creative to gain, maintain and develop your market share in the midst of others especially when there is competition in the market.

If you deem fit to buy the franchise business with Waffle House, then you need to know all the vital requirements and priceless information including the Waffle House franchise startup cost that I shall discuss further.


Waffle House restaurant
Waffle House foods includes, Waffle, Omelet of different fashion, Hash brown, Bacon, Sandwiches, Potatoes, Chicken and others.

Waffle House museum
Waffle House incorporated museum in its business and the museum happen to be the first place where Waffle House was built back then in 1955.Tours and excursion can be made to the museum on Wednesday or Thursday of the week and the management must have been notify a week before the tour.

Waffle House by number
Waffle House Inc. came into existence in 1955 somewhere around Atlanta; Georgia, United States as one of the most successful restaurant franchise businesses where varieties of food drinks and quality meals were being served. It has a restaurant chains of nothing less than 2,100 located in more than 20 states.

How much do you know about Waffle House franchise?
Informatively, it began its franchising chain in 1960 after acquiring its fourth store. Presently, Waffle House directory is having over two thousand (2,000) franchise opportunities meaning you have a brighter opportunity to be among their successful team any moment from now so far you catch up with their needs and requirements.

How much does a waffle house franchise make? Franchising with Waffle House is like gaining access to a bungalow full of gold. Do you know what it means? It means money. Meeting all the require needed to be certify as franchisee team of Waffle House means you are into to the world of profitable and recognizable business in United States.


The first thing you need to know before you can be recognized as a certify Waffle House team is to study and know very well the conventional ways it uses in relating to its management team.

If you understand all the basis of their relationship with the experience you garnered from the study, standing on your own will turn out positive, hence you become a successful waffle franchisee.

Waffle House locations
To locate Waffle House store you can easily find one where it was first originated and that is in Atlanta Georgia. You can however find their store in more than 25 states across the US, among them are; Pennsylvania, Florida, Alabama, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Colorado, Indiana, Texas and so on.

How much does it cost to franchise a waffle house? For other information you may need on how to start a waffle house franchise that cannot found here, endeavor to visit their official web page on www.wafflehouse.com so you can get the updated Waffle House franchise fee.



So how much is the cost of a Waffle House franchise? We are in the information era where every opportunity can be picked off the internet. Unlike in previous years where access to information is quite limited to most individuals. Now with the click of the button, you can get everything you want including how much is the cost of a Waffle House franchise?


Waffle House restaurants started in the year 1955 and they have been able to offer unbeatable mixtures of good food coupled with extra-ordinary services to the teeming public. Their outstanding services have made them stand out among rivals and also made them a choice restaurant among food lovers.

They provide a unique experience that is quite rare in most other restaurants. When you visit Waffle House, be sure that you will be greeted by your name. How does that sound to you? You will surely feel welcome and please to dine with them. And maybe be tempted to inquire on how you can own a Waffle House franchise.


Just as it the same way with most large businesses with success history. A lot of people seek information on Waffle House franchise opportunities and what is the cost of a waffle house franchise?

If you have decided to start up a businesses and rather not sure of what idea you want to dive into. You might want to consider a Waffle House franchise. The business outfit have a penchant for great service delivery with dedicated staff and grand policies, which ensure they only give out the best at all times to their customers. With this information at hand, it will be a good idea dealing with them. In the course of this article, we will as well be talking about how to open a Waffle House Franchise at any good location across the United States.


It is quite paramount that you understand the policies and standard of a company before you decide to open a franchise business with them. With this information at hand, you will be able to figure out the processes and requirements of opening the franchise.

  • In the case of Waffle House, you might want to consider the presence or proximity of any other Waffle House Franchise within the location you are choosing. And you also have to get this at the back of your mind that the eventual cost of opening a Waffle House franchise will depend on the location. Highly populated or dense areas might have much cost implication, especially in the buying or leasing or real estate in that area.
  • You also need to consider your capital at hand. Waffle House is a large conglomerate with good pedigree. You might want to understand it would be a big deal running a franchise with them, you will be expected to part with a huge sum of money.
  • Another thing to consider is your team. The Waffle House Company works with great standards and the best staff in the industry. Even if you succeed in getting a franchise with Waffle House, you will surely still need to undergo training with them. This is to ensure you imbibe their standards and procedures of operation. So all you need to do is to gather around yourself a very sound team that will help you startup your Waffle House franchise on very good note.


One big question you might want to ask is “Is Waffle House a Franchise?” Yes it might not really be considered a franchise, but a business outfit that offers franchise to entrepreneurs.

You should understand that starting a Franchise business with Waffle House will not come that easy. The Company has very strict conditions they give to their prospective franchisee. This although deter most prospects from dealing with them, but they just want to maintain their standard in the restaurant chain business and so will want every franchisee to follow the due process they themselves follow for great service delivery. Now the question is how much does Waffle House Franchise cost?


According to Thornton Bert, their Vice Chairman, “There are so many people with the intention of getting business with us; we are just very pronounced and outstanding” You might want to ask yourself if you can buy a Waffle House Franchise with the conditions the Company will surely state for you.

What Waffle House does at the moment is to put into plans an expansion strategy for existing and successful franchisees. What this implies is that you can only get an additional franchise with Waffle House if you have an existing franchise with them, and your success in the business will be seriously considered before you are given the licence to expand. The reason for this according to Thornton is that the Waffle House business is dedicated to be more consistent at all their locations across the country.

The Waffle House Franchise Startup cost, as we have earlier mentioned, is only going to be for existing franchisees. And the Franchise fee will go between $200,000 to $300,000, excluding other Capital cost you will incur, which will also depend on the location you are choosing as well the value of Real estate in that location.


The overall cost you will need to start up a new Waffle House franchise will go in the tune of $600,000 to $1,000,000.

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