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Instagram Marketing Strategies To Double Blog Traffic [Get Free US Readers]

Have you been using Instagram to drive traffic to your blog? Do you want to increase your blog traffic so you can grow your business?

It is no longer a surprise that with the growth of social media networks, many webmasters are now using it to reinforce their blog traffic efforts. The good news is that you don’t need any training to know how to use social media to increase your blog traffic.

One particular social media site that has grown in popularity since its creation is Instagram. Instagram is a photo sharing site that was launched in 2010 as a mobile app for Apple users which later became an Android app in 2012 has gotten more than 200 million users presently.

With a few tricks I will be sharing with you in this post, you will be able to increase your blog traffic effectively using Instagram. Though, it takes a little more work than it is required in other social networking sites but the quality of traffic you will get is worth it.

  1. Add a Blog Link to Your Bio

With the way Instagram is built, links to site cannot be clicked. But, Instagram allows you to input clickable link in your bio. To get this done, go to edit profile in your dashboard and input your blog link.

You have to always tell your followers to click the link on your profile if they want to check a particular product, services or post. That is the purpose of adding the blog link.

To track your click through rate and know where your traffic is coming from, you can use shortened Google url link or Bitly link for tracking clicks.

  1. Make Proper Use of Hash Tags 

The use of hash tags is the best way to generate exposure for your blog and posts. Hash tags are properly use in relation to the image you want your followers to see and like. You should use these hash tags in the proper way to promote whatever message you want to send out.

Make sure you use hash tags associated with your niche to describe the image you are uploading. I will advise that you don’t use too many so it does not look like spamming. A maximum of 10 is okay. Don’t use hash tags that has too many mention because it will be hard for yours to be located.

  1. Place a Call to Action on Images

To be able to use Instagram to increase your blog traffic, you should design your photos to convert. Never post a picture that has no description. A single word description is better than one.

Make sure your photos are of high quality to be able to connect with your followers very well. Make use of Instagram filters and any photo editing tool to enhance your photos to high quality. Be creative in your photos by using different varieties of image to send out your messages.

  1. Use Creative Videos

Another way to use Instagram to increase your blog traffic is by using creative videos to boost engagement. Use videos to connect with your audiences. The kind of videos depend on your niche of blogging.

The video can be an incomplete short explanation of something valuable, but for your followers to know the end part, they have to visit your blog to get it. This way you are not just engaging your audience, you are driving traffic to your blog.

  1. Use Influencers for More Exposure

Just one influencer in your niche sharing your post is worth more than all your Instagram marketing techniques put together. To increase your blog traffic with Instagram more quickly, you have to partner with an influencer who will share your post even if it is just once.

Consumers trust influencers more than brands. Influencers capture more follower’s attention than any other thing. To get this done for you easily, you must have built a strong relationship with the influencer long and must have been sharing, commenting and liking his or her content before you can request for a share. This way they will have no excuse because you have always been a friend.

  1. Be Active and Engaging

If you really want to grow your Instagram followers so you can use it to increase your blog traffic, you must go beyond just posting photos on Instagram and be active and engaging.

Connect with others by commenting on their post and liking their posts too. When people comment on your photos, make sure you @mention them so that they get notified of your response.

  1. Invest in Instagram Ads

By using Instagram ads, you can increase your blog traffic more than 100% the way it will work using Facebook ads. Using Instagram ads, you will see an increase in your blog traffic.

Instagram ads gives you the opportunity to add clickable links on your post. This way your targeted audience get to click and go straight to your blog without going first to your profile.


Instagram is one popular social media network that bloggers and internet marketers have exploited to generate significant traffic to their blogs. When it comes to monetizing websites, you already know that an increase in traffic translates to more earnings.

Do you know that you can use Instagram to increase the number of US visitors to your blog? Increase your blog’s USA readers will push up earnings from PPC Ad publishing like Google Adsense, Chitika, Adbrite etc as well as Native ads such as Content Ads, MGid and Outbrain.

How To Increase Blog Traffic Using Instagram.

==> Get a good smartphone or PC and register on Instagram.
==> Create a personal profile using your blog’s main keyword as a harsh tag.
==> Input your blog url in the bio section to get more visits when people check up your profile.
==> Follow at least 500 people based in the USA or any other country whose traffic you are targeting.
==> Get about 50 interesting pictures about your niche and upload them.
==> Here is the main move. Like about 100 pictures and drop not less than 10 meaningful comments on a daily basis for two months.
==> The harsh tag in your bio will start attracting traffic organically so people can find you easily and follow you.
==> Once you like or comment on other people’s picture, they will want to know more about you, thereby checking you Bio and a sizeable number of them will eventually end up on your blog.

This is the traffic generation method that I used to build my personal email list using this as a powerful marketing tool, I have been able to generate over $2000 this month alone from my web hosting affiliate offers sponsored through Commission Juncture.


Instagram is a great tool in increasing your blog traffic if you have a good strategy to make it work out for you. Try out the proven and tested techniques explained above and see the increase in your blog traffic.

Are you ready to engage this traffic boosting tip? Ask me any question using the comment box below and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog so as not to miss any update.

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