5 Unique Marketing Ideas that Improve Small Business Sales

Best Unique Marketing Ideas for Realtors, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Small Business

Because marketing is very important to the growth and profitability of any business, a lot of innovation is required to make it more effective in having the desired impact on potential customers. There are several marketing strategies that can be used to achieve this. The effect it has depends on how effective the strategies adopted are.

We are interested in discussing the most unique marketing ideas that can be of immense benefit to your business. Because they are unique in their design, they are not common but have a way huge impact in attracting patronage for businesses. Some of these unique marketing ideas include the following;

  • Working with Magazines to Project your Messages Better

It is not enough to place ads in a magazine and lay back waiting for patronage through this medium to start flowing. Although this may actually result in attracting clients, it is not enough as you need to work with the magazine in developing an exceptional advert pattern. This may result in placing of ads at the header or footer of each of the magazines page.

An exciting way to do this is to tell your story in a concise and engaging manner. Each page should carry an aspect of your business and products and should not be such that the reader will have to strain their eyes.

  • Radio Advertisements

Radio advertisements have been in use for a very long time. However, what you are interested in is to raise the curiosity of the listener by selecting a particular program where you pay for a 60 second ad which should be played on the program at specific times of the day. This has a way of raising awareness on your services better than having your ad played at any time of day.

  • Use the Social Media to Give Back

This unique marketing idea is meant to grow your followers as well as make them more engaged in finding out more about your business. This is a cost effective way where you should give away something on Twitter or other social media accounts on a daily basis at any time of the day. This should be something which is desirable. While doing this, you should also talk about your products and services. This strategy when used over time is quite effective in attracting sales.

  • Know Where your Customers Spend their Leisure Time and Get Involved

This is normally a great time to sell your services to these customers. However it should be done in a subtle way that the client is receptive to the advert. You can collaborate with businesses such as restaurant and bars where people relax to use your custom glasses having your ad at the bottom to be used in serving their clients.

  • Local Sponsorship

This is an area which can be exploited by businesses. By sponsoring local events in the community, you are creating a positive image for your business. People attending such discounted or free events will warm up towards your business and in the process help in spreading the word about your products and services.

  • Develop a Content Series

As a business, you are interested in providing solutions to problems while making profits in the process. Therefore it is necessary to have an understanding of the problems faced by your potential customers, and then developing an online blog post or a video series that provides solutions to such problems. A content series creates anticipation. Your readers or viewers will always expectant of your next series. However, you need to set the tone from your very first release.

In order to attract a viewing or reading audience, you need to demonstrate you capacity to provide this solution by projecting your strengths. Highly creative and engaging posts will keep your readers/viewers and suspense, thereby making them stick around for your next series.

  • Yelp Listing Optimization

Being one of the main destinations for businesses and consumers, yelp has become a major tool businesses use to generate traffic/increased patronage. People visit to make reviews about services provided as well as view reviews about products/services they intend to purchase. It is necessary as a business to take advantage of this opportunity in projecting your business. To do this, you need to provide detailed information about your services and products as well as encouraging satisfied clients to leave a positive review about their experience using your products or services.

  • Gamify your Business

Mobile technology has greatly helped this process as businesses have found an effective way of increasing sales through turning their businesses into games. This naturally has a huge impact on your clients as they keep coming for more. In the process, your business witnesses a tremendous patronage which is way better than those not taking advantage of this options.

One thing is certain, that clients need to be treated as individuals and not as robots. Performance requires having highly effective marketing ideas that takes into consideration the needs of the customer. This results in developing their services and products around the customer. The result is a customer who is deeply satisfied and a business which has made tones of profits through the provision of such vital service.

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