8 Different Types of Self Employment for Entrepreneurs

What businesses qualifies as self employed? What are some good examples of self employment to start? Find out more in this guide.

Examples of Self Employment Businesses for Beginners

Owning a business has increasingly become a fanciful idea among a growing number of people. This is understandable due to several factors such as working on their own terms and schedule and not being bossed around etc. In this article, we will provide you with the different type of self employment for your consideration. With the information provided, you have the advantage of taking informed decisions on the most suitable. Without further delay, let’s get to details;

Why you should Consider Being Self Employed

In most countries of the world, there has been a drop in employment rates. This has negatively affected the livelihoods of a lot of people. But what are some of the most identifiable causes? This is caused by fewer employment opportunities caused by fewer jobs. In some cases, employers of labor have had to drop their wage bill in order to still accommodate existing employees.

With the above scenario, you can see that the more people are self employed, the less problems society has to contend with. There are lots of advantages to being self employed. Some of these include more income, you can work from the comfort of your home, you have an enjoyable work-life balance, getting to choose which clients to work with, as well as being able to implement new ideas and improvements without having to wait for anyone’s approval.

There are several more advantages to being self employed. However these are some of the immediate benefits you will experience.

Do you have some writing skills? If you do and also love to write, such a skill is in high demand. Freelance writers handle different types of writing jobs for both organizations and individuals. The good part of being a freelance writer is that you get to work with multiple clients. In order to remain competitive, blogs need the services of freelance writers for the sole purpose of content creation.

As a freelance writer, you need to be very creative. You also get to develop on the job by honing your skills. One of the ways to achieve this is by reading and researching on articles written by great writers. A good writing job pays an average of $25.00 per hour.

We are in an era where infographics has increasingly become a medium through which information is disseminated. As a graphic designer, there are a whole lot of opportunities to exploit. A good number of graphic designers are self employed while some are even employers of labor. All you need to become a graphic designer are graphic skills. Such skills can be acquired through online courses among others.

As a graphic designer, you get to choose your clients as well as the benefit of being your own boss. This type of self employment allows you to work from wherever you choose. It also requires a lot of creativity too!

The fashion industry is huge and has created opportunities for people to actively participate. Being a makeup artist is one of such areas you can exploit. There are fashion schools where you can go to learn such skills. As a self employed makeup artists, there is hardly a shortage for clients. However to even boost your capacity, you should consider marketing your business effectively to create awareness.

Photography still remains a highly viable business today as it did before. Improvements in technology have enhanced the quality of equipment which delivers superior photo shots. There are lots of niches to choose from such as wildlife, landscape, wedding, fashion and several more. It is not enough to have a camera and equipment. You need to learn the necessary skill sets to give you an edge.

Driving is yet another skill you can use to become self employed. Lots of options are available to you as a driver. You can choose to drive cabs or register as an Uber or Lyft. However this requires that you are fully licensed, another requirement for a driver should include driving records that are impeccable. You may choose to set up a travel or cab company as well.

  • Interpreter / Translator

Translators provide an important service to society. People across different cultures and languages need to interact. To become a translator, you need to have multi-lingual skills. You services will be required in a wide range of situations. These could be in business meetings, national borders, and other areas. Like all types of self employment, you determine your work schedule and conditions.

Most times when people exercise, they need guidance on the best types or forms of workouts to engage in. This is where your skill as a fitness expert can be deployed. As a fitness trainer, you can start a fitness center where people come for their fitness training. Under this type of self employment, you will need to arrange your classes in a way that suits your schedule as well as that of your clients.

  • Business Consulting

Becoming a business consultant requires that you have prior experience in the field of business. Your wealth of experience is your major asset. This is offered to people who need to consult on specific areas of interest.

Starting a business consulting business does not require huge capital commitments. This form of self employment can be operated from wherever seems best for you, although you must consider how convenient it will be for your clients.

We have seen the different types of self employment which you can take advantage of. These are just a few, yet viable ways to liberate yourself from working for others. There are so many benefits of being your own boss which cannot be fully discussed here.

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