Types of Network Marketing Systems Plan + Companies Compensation Strategies

Different Types of Network Marketing Systems and Companies Compensation Plan

How much do you know about network marketing? Are you even aware of the different network marketing we have? No matter the approaches you try to find in other to ensure uniformity to the questions I posed to you, until you read this article to the last line you wouldn’t comprehend them very well. I sound confidential, right? Fine, because I’m sure of my content, it’s unique.

The types of Network marketing I will talk about are those ones that will earn you real money, fame and undisputed familiarity. The types of network marketing companies that are legal as such earn you legitimately.


Let me at this point in time unleash what network marketing is all about to the first timer in our midst. Network marketing base on my sense of reasoning and belonging, it’s seen as a mode of business that put all its trust on a network to move the business to the greater height by the distributors. Network marketing basically deals with three sets of strategies to earn big, the strategies include;

• The first aspect of the strategy is talking about where and how to propagating new prospect.

• The second phase is recruiting customer or partner hood to the network; the last is

• How to manage your new recruit, motivate and inspire them.

Without wasting much of your time to what we mean by network marketing, I would love to go into the types of network marketing compensation plans that are present in today’s world.

Marketing is more or less a part of something we call industry-driven and partly require creative thinking. In as far as network marketing is concern, and it is all about finding people with cool charisma to make sale for you. If people that are happy and satisfy about the business and the product you are into, their enthusiasm and love will surely be transmitted to others, hence it brings about sales upon sales cum recruiting members to your network marketing.

Marketing thrive any business well, but it’s important to note that sincerity and enthusiasm that is genuine on the company and its product is what really matter most. You don’t need to be too engrossed with money because it may inspire others to make any risky attempt to gather money for themselves. So how many types of networking marketing do we have?

Thanks to the adoption or introductions of the internet, we have different types of network marketing systems and they are:

1. Single-Tier Network Marketing
2. Two-Tier Network Marketing
3. Multi-level Marketing

The first type of network marketing we shall discuss is the Single-Tier Network Marketing, it deals with you signing up a particular affiliate program for you to be a bona fide member that will have the access to sell any of their products or services.

There is no need for you to recruit any other person as a distributor and your payment will be made to you only if you make some reasonable direct sales. The America Popular Network Marketing, Avon is a single-Tier.

There are also some online affiliate programs that paid for traffic you referred to the website you affiliated. The pay-per-click and the pay-per-lead are also good example of single-tier Network Marketing.

The next Network Marketing I will lay emphasis on is The Two-Tier type, this network marketing pays you instantly for direct sales or the traffic you referred to their website and as well as the direct sales made by the recruit or distributors you brought in, their traffic shall be paid for also because they work under you. Ken Envoy site is a good example of Two-Tier Network Marketing.

The last aspect of the Network Marketing is the Multi-level network. The Multi-level network marketing otherwise known as MLM is type of Network distribution that is two or more tiers deeper. Many of the MLM allow you to generate money as many times as five or six more tiers deep.

Though it is not only or main business you can enroll or engage in the 21st century there are many of them. The Amway are good example, the likes of Trump Network, Magnetic Sponsoring and others.

If you have the intention or passion to start a business and rely solely on Multi-level marketing of any kind you could imagine, ensure and make sure that you are having sales marketing team which is important to your company or organization. If your base marketers are very strong you will surely excel.

However, it’s very crucial and Paramount for you to take your precious time in carrying out a survey and research of the law regulating your environment regarding network marketing so as to have a business full of compliant. If care is not taking deceptive network marketing or practices can land you in rough legal mud and as such spoil your business.

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