5 Types of Multi Million Dollar Business Ideas

How To Start Simple Small Million Dollar Business Ideas and Opportunities

Is there any simple business idea that can be regarded as a million dollar business idea? Oh Yes! A top multi million business idea that can transform you from nothing into a million dollar either withing a year or two is regarded as a million dollar business idea.

Everyone is entitled to receive some profit thereafter. Even if it is 10k you use in investing, a real entrepreneur  will be expecting a worth 15k upward as a  invested value and the acquired profit. Here are some business that you could acquire million of dollars after investing in it;


HAULAGE SERVICES: Are you tired of choosing business that never yield into million dollars as thought. Haulage service is the next option you could venture in. The business involves the transportation of truck from one location to another.

Though it entails an high capital to start, but if the result is unique? It is capable of making one a millionaire. Many companies loved this because, they advertise their company while distributing their product to customers. Irrespective of the thousands you use in running this business, you can make up to millions working for different industries per day.

To start this business, you are to buy your truck, hire a partner- to help you in your work, register your vehicle with commercial driver agencies and you are setting a pace to make your million, so far your diligence is of high esteem.

POULTRY BUSINESS: Poultry farming is one million dollar business that majority see as a dirty business. In countries where agriculture is so much cherished. Poultry business can be welcomed and elevated as fast as possible. Ask a poultry farmer how he make it high, he will tell you, it is his hard work combined with dedication.

No matter everyone’s day to day living, birds as a source of protein is very common. To talk of meat and egg from them, they are very nutritious to the body. To start this million dollars business, you are to get a conducive area for rearing these birds like hen, turkey, cock, pigeon, parrot, dove among others.

Be prepare to face challenges, get equipment for feeding them, vaccines for treatment, register your name to local or state agricultural ministry, buy more birds, making clear separation for them, like cockrel separately, as more as possible so as to encourage unity between them.

You need to invest some thousands in it and thereafter, million of dollars is waiting at the bank for you.

OIL AND GAS BUSINESS: It’s a belief that many citizens of the world engage in using petroleum, even if you don’t use it directly, you in one way or the other pay for it as a service. Many people can’t do without using it daily, it is indeed an endowed business to start with. Kerosene, petrol, diesel and gas are examples of specialization in this business. You could own a filling station in your environment as an inspired entrepreneur.

To start this, you will have to build a filling station of your choice and thereafter, make a clear specification of where kerosene, petrol and diesel will be sold. Register your company’s to national petroleum agency of your country. Employ salesmen for your company and after several weeks of commissioning, you will see yourself moving into the paradise of vast demand and high millions of dollars in return.

RICE FARMING: Countries all over the world are in high demand for rice. Rice is a very popular grain food, planted in swamp area and after months of plantation, it grows into new seed and ready for harvesting.

Since it’s a very dependable product, everyone wants to get it into their awaited stomach so there is a need to plant more as more as possible. China is a country that deals with the plantation of this food  yearly and she is known for it. You can also partake and participating in the intensive plantation. To start this business. Prepare some thousand of dollars.

Get a farm near riverside or were irrigation will be available, get farmers that could help and also purchase fertilizer. Make consistent check on the farm and after months, you will smile last, acquiring durable cash from your business.

SALES OF FURNITURE: There isn’t anything worth resting, sitting, eating even reading comfortably. I’ve seen different successful entrepreneurs in furniture selling. Though it is capital intensive but if heartily invested in, it results in high profit.

To start this business, create a cordial connection with  any leading furniture company, you’ve once sighted. Invest in it by buying a sales office, workers and competent supervisor for your company.

Make sure you reside in a marketable arena and after some months, your million of dollars is walking in as invested.

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