If you are looking for a sample tutoring agency business plan template, here is a business plan for starting a home-based learning center and free feasibility study example you can use.


It takes more than knowing how to impart knowledge to start a business. As a business owner, knowing how to properly manage an organizational structure is of the essence. Hence managing a business is entirely on a different level when compared with being under the employ of an organization as a tutor. Being a tutor can be very challenging, as you would have to ensure that the information you are trying to pass across is properly received. A tutor is only as successful as the knowledge passed across. Running a tutoring business will have to combine this attribute in addition to being a manager.

For persons planning to start an online tutoring business, this tutoring business plan sample will come handy as you need to know how to design one of the most important documents for any business venture. This guide will provide you with the needed assistance in drafting your own unique plan. As evident in the title, this is only meant for guidance purposes only.

Executive Summary

The Headline Tutors is a tutoring service based out of San Diego, California. It offers a vast array of instructional services in the woodwork and electronic repairs sector. These services are offered at very affordable rates to clients from different walks of life and we accept clients with no background at all in these fields. Our students/clients typically range from the total novices to those with an appreciable knowledge on these areas who are a bit rusty and would love to brush off on some memory as well as learn the newest trends.

Our team of experts/professionals are ever ready to commit themselves to imparting their vast experience and knowledge in these fields into teaching willing clients about the tricks of the job and professions. These fields, especially woodwork has witnessed a surge in interest from a diverse group of people from different professions with absolutely no link to furniture making or woodwork. This is where the opportunity lies as we offer very practical approaches to learning, as well as a learning-friendly environment where students/clients are comfortable without distractions.

The Headline Tutors is a partnership entered into by childhood friends Jimmy Stuart a professional carpenter with over 30 years of experience in the woodwork industry and Mr. James Miller, an electronic repair expert who has spent 25 years working with electronics giant Philips. These have come together to start a business where they plan on combining their skills to teach people willing to learn.

The Market

There is a growing demand for the services of woodwork experts as well as electronic repair engineers. This has largely been driven by the innovations that have characterized these industries. With the rising costs in electronic gadgets and furniture, people are increasingly tending towards learning to seek the services of experienced technicians and carpenters to fix their furniture and electronic gadgets. This is more so due to the fact that fixing a faulty electronic product is cost-effective than having to buy a new one. The only difference here, however, is newer technology which may attract users to prefer buying new products.

Hence the demand for professional electronic repair and woodwork experts is on the rise. This is good for our business as we seek to provide the needed training, which will be accompanied with the necessary certifications after having been exposed to quality training.

Products and Services

For our woodwork department, the services on offer include tutoring on how to make wooden toys, varieties of bookcases, baby cradles, boxes, fruit bowls, blanket chests, as well as home pieces of furniture such as settee, beds, chair, tables, shelves and many more. Our electronic department will offer to tutor on repair of TV sets, radios, gym equipment, hospital equipment and many more, as most of these work on the same principle.


This business will be financed from two main sources that include savings set aside for this purpose by Messer’s. Jimmy Stuart and James Miller amounting to the sum of $300,000.00, while the sum of $700,000.00 will be raised from loans obtained from financial institutions where the duo are both clients/customers.

Sales Projection

At Headline Tutors, we have a projected sales forecast which has been arrived at by conducting a 3- year quality survey on the forces of demand and supply in the furniture and electronic repair markets. This has revealed a lot of prospects for your business as we will witness a steady rise in our revenues. The chart below summarizes these findings;

  • First Year $380,000.00
  • Second year $700,000.00
  • Third Year $1,500,000.00

Competitive Advantage

While there are several tutoring services doing a good job, an advantage we have over these are our niche specific areas of specialization. This allows for greater focus and a streamlined effort channeled into achieving the desired impact. By choosing the two areas to focus on, we will offer more depth in tutoring and our clients will be the better for it as there are lesser distractions and they will only focus on what they are supposed to focus on.

Our Keys to Success

At Headline tutors, our keys to success include the creation of an excellent learning environment for the student that allows for maximum learning while also providing a work-friendly environment for our instructors to better express difficult concepts for better assimilation. Also, our crop of instructors will be carefully chosen from the best in their respective fields. These would be persons with a passion to impart knowledge and experiences they have gathered over the years.

This is an outdoor and home tutoring business plan sample you can work with to achieve the best results with your business. The business plan is one of the most important documents necessary for success in business. Hence it is important that you give it due attention.