How to Turn Likes into Sales on Social Media

Convert Fans’ Likes and Shares into Money – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Today, this article shall base on how to transform “like” into money on social network, this is basically meant for entrepreneur and the wannabes individual in the business world.

Interestingly, many write ups have been conveying this message of erratic, inappropriate and the misused of the social networks by many users. I want to believe that you are not hearing this for the first time.

Severally, I do write that social media pages are not meant for sharing funny audio and video jokes, a platform to upload selfies and sorts; but it’s one of the conventional and ideal online marketing strategy and you can embrace to make more sale and generate steady cash-flow so that you can be financially okay.

Turn Those “Likes” Into Cash – Use Social Media To Make Money
When a business is start for the first time, the business owner biggest goal and aim is to get a very large profit and a steady income. For 99 percent of businesses, this means that you are required to make quick sales.

Whether you are selling a product or services, or the two combined, it is expected of you to be able to transform your social network favorites, follows and likes into cool money and this piece is going to exploit and unravel the mystery behind it to you. Stay tuned!

The following are surefire steps on how to transform “like” into money on social network.

Convert Facebook Likes into Sales – Twitter Shares into Real Dollars – Instagram Fans into Paying Customers

Step 1: Connect with your Customers

To transform like into money on social network, the number one thing one need do is to use all or the preferred social network- Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc. – to connect with your new and/or existing prospects.

The easiest and simplest way to make cool cash with thousands “likes” on your social network is by selling and/or marketing something new to your business existing customers.

One of the good things about Facebook and Twitter and is that, the two will enable you to reach out as you wish to your contacts as you open up your account.

Go a step further by sending out personalized greetings to all or many of your prospective customers immediately you create an account. Reach out to them and say hello and let them realize that you really appreciate their likes and interest in your business and that you’re readily available if they have any questions to ask about you and the business.

Also, you will need to reach out to your very important or most important customers at least once or twice in a month, this would enable them to feel extra special.

Step 2: Offer a Discount Online

Once you have connected with your prospects or customers on the social network, the second best step to transform your “like” into money on the social network is to offer a discount. Cool isn’t it?

Since you’ve connected with your potential customers and prospects, ensure that you inform them that you are offering a discount over the sale of whatever reason or idea you have come up with.

Don’t be too engrossed by adding a particular day to it for instance, it’s discount Wednesday. The important thing is discount will be available for nothing less than 24 hours. If the time the discount is available is limited, you’ve embraced psychological principle of scarcity that states that people are likely to do or buy something more if it is seen as limited or a rare opportunity to get or acquire such thing as temporary.

Step 3: Survey your Audience

Another tested and trusted way to transform like into money on the social network is to conduct a survey on your audience (there are various survey tools out there you can use to perform the operation). Once your followers or fanatics reach 100 or thereabout, you can begin to ask them series of questions on what they want.

This is really an invaluable tool, because conducting a survey on your social network followers allow you to provide contents, products and different offers that are really what your prospects or audience wants to buy.

Step 4: Promoting Affiliate Program

In the long run, when talking about turning or transforming “likes” into money on social network; it’s very imperative you note that selling or promotion affiliate program using your various pages cannot be jest with.

Promoting affiliate program means recommending people to buy a product. If you could do this and such product is making sales, you will surely get paid for every single sale that is made. This is best done on a social media outlet with a huge followers or likes.

Lastly, keeping in touch with your existing customers and prospects, reaching out to them very often, using the social network to have sales conducting survey on your followers; and promoting affiliate products. If you will listen to this piece, you will surely be turning “likes” into business results on social network, very soon!

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