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There are actually lots of investment management software out there. Some are splendid, some are not. Here in this article, we’ve bring to you five superb investment management software that have good reputation all over the world.
Therefore, if you are searching for investment management software, here are some you should consider.


With a GIPS-compliant Presentation of Performance Reporting, this business application software is actually a solution for managing all one’s investment portfolio and accounting, within just one strong investment management platform. It comes with vital features such as Wide Range of Securities Covered, Client Management and Billing, Integrated General Ledger, Automated Broker/Custodians Reconciliation, and others.

This software is nice and beneficial to Asset Management Companies. It can help them with vital things like keeping fund portfolios, and also enhanced investor relation module. One thing that can however be quoted as a downside of this software is the fact that they don’t have a free version or trial one (though they should be working on that already).

Founded in 2004 in Canada by PureLogix, this software OASIS goes for $200 monthly per user. Actually, the software is regarded as North America’s first Electronic Investment Management Process. It comes with powerful investment management tools, Client Statement Generation, and eDocument Generation. OASIS also offers Detailed and Customized Reporting, Portfolio Tracking, and Re-balancing Tools.

The OASIS software is quite easy to learn, and also easy to use. The software gives firms the flexibility to have a simple and even detailed conversation with their clients. By using the software, firms can provide nice detailed explanations for analytical clients. Oasis is a nice tool for firms who are interested in building client portfolios for review and or marketing purpose in an accountable and transparent manner.

A downside is of the software is that, sometimes, you might get corrupted data feeds for one fund or security. And also, a firm once complained that the Portfolio Analytics Tracking Historical Performance with Graphical Review for Select Periods is not available. However, there are chances that at this time you’re reading this, PureLogix would have fixed those downsides.

The AlternativeSoft is a software that was founded 2005 in Switzerland and cost $8,000 per month for a user. It is an analytical software solution for portfolio construction. It is can be linked to all your alternative investment databases and even to Bloomberg.

The AlternativeSoft software is easy to use and also easy to install. They also have free support, and have a complete package for fund selection and portfolio construction. The software is a superb one with very little complaints (even one particular firm said there’s no complaint whatsoever with them). The fact remains that, AlternativeSoft has the capacity to revolutionize the portfolio construction process of every firm. It is being used by the largest banks in the USA and in Switzerland too.

iBalance was founded in year 2000 by softTarget in Canada. It goes for $8,000 per month and comes with superb features that are beneficial to firms.

SoftTarget got a quality team and they are being referred to as ‘the answer to complexity’ by someone. The software is quite flexible and offers different level of decomposition that enables firms to have a more accurate view of the portfolio’s exposure to stocks and currencies. This software is an excellent tool that is an ideal platform to implement a compliance program in fast track mode.

Some noted downside of the software (which we expect softTarget to have worked on) is that it needs testing effort to implement new releases and can take some little time to run compliance if many accounts and many rules to monitor.

Founded in 1987 by ProTrak International in the United States, this software caters to Institutional Asset Managers, Wealth Managers, Family Offices, Private Equity, and other related ones.

It offers a free demo and is trusted by investment professionals for over 25 years. This software is tailored to firm’s needs out of the box and it minimizes costly and time-consuming customization. The system is beneficial to asset managers and is extremely well thought out. It is quite flexible and comprehensive and convenient. The owners have a good customer service that handle calls quickly and competently and politely.

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