There are lots of Investment Management Companies all over the world. However, while many of them are not worth the huge money they charge for their products and services, some others are pretty superb.

Here are five known Investment Management Companies you can trust.


This firm began their journey from Helsinki, Finland, in 1999. But presented, they’ve expanded successfully into other countries such as Sweden, Denmark, and even China.

FA Solutions takes pride in their logo, which according to them, symbolizes their solutions which are actually built with blocks. And of course, that is how they ensure they build a platform that fits clients’ needs perfectly. They aren’t merely interested in building a platform that fits the needs of their clients- but they are interested in doing things fastly.

FA Solutions has strong expertise in financial and technology. They develop their software constantly to ensure they always offer their clients the best solution in the market. And no wonder they said their ambition is ‘to always find the perfect fit for your needs. That’s why we offer solutions instead of just products or services’.

FA Solutions pride themselves to be the leading provider of investment management software solutions for Asset Managers, Private Banks and also Family Offices in the Nordic countries. As a combination of strong knowledge in financial industry and high-level technical skills, they work closely in partnership with their clients to accomplish the client’s business goals.


This firm was founded in 1996 in Canada. Their target market is primarily Canadian and U.S investors. According to them, ‘Canadian Investors will find that Chartsmart Screens are more detailed than any other product.’

Chartsmart software has lots of confidence in their software. According to them, even though there are lots of screening tools on the internet, they think none can match the flexibility, the speed, and the power of Chartsmart.

Their software is one that is used by investors for over 20 years. Whenever anyone have an enquiry to make and send them a mail, they promised that the mail will be answered in only minutes (or they can give a personal remote support session.


Founded 2000 in the United States of America, CreditPoint have a mission of providing the most comprehensive commercial credit risk and collections solutions available. They felt they’ve got a better way people can manage their credit and collections processes.

CreditPoint Software solutions have been built for maximum configuration to fit the needs of any kind of client and work with their processes- irrespective of the client’s company or portfolio size.

This firm also offers business reporting. The business intelligence solution was actually designed with the reporting needs of finance departments in mind. They acknowledged that in today’s fierce market, to remain strong in the business environment, a holistic view of one’s portfolio is required. Their application actually enables clients to assess vital things such as the performance of their customers, analysts and strategies that will ensure that their processes remain effective.


Macroaxis is a known firm that described itself as ‘a disruptive fintech venture’. They are a simple to use (but sophisticated) investment management service. Also, Macroaxis is one of the first robo-rebalancing platforms on the internet that was built for self-guided investors. It pride itself in it simplicity, accessibility, and also advanced user experience (nothing like downl6ads, nothing like plug-ins, nothing like programming, nothing like excel). Things as these made this firm unique in the industry.

The Macrotis financial engineering platform helps to deliver great value that takes the form of improved return on investment portfolios of investors of all levels and skills. This firm serves traders, finance students, retirees, wealth managers, family estate planners, and even amateur investors. They provide them with tools and techniques that are used by professional money managers every day.


Capital Hedge created the superb FINTRX Platform. Their FINTRX allows alternative investment professions to raise capital and organize investor interaction with great ease. Their platform gives their users the chance to access live family office data and family office directory information (while also gaining access to a suite of marketing and CRM tools that are built within the interface).

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