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Criteria for Selecting a Viable Business Idea

Criteria of a Viable Business Idea  What are the basic criteria for evaluating and screening business ideas? Starting a business always begin with innovative ideas that entrepreneurs need to generate to achieve business success. Have you been working hard and hard for years? Oh, you are having difficulties in which ladder of business to climb? BUSINESS […]

Small Shop Ideas – Successful Top 10 Retail Shop Opportunities

Best Small Shop Ideas For Small Towns and Big Cities Are you interested in successful small shop ideas? I know you are interested in starting a small shop business otherwise, you won’t be reading this. Let me congratulate you because you are making a very good decision that your future self will thank you for. […]

Internal and External Factors Affecting Business

Internal and External Factors That Influence Business Environment and Growth Business, as it is conducted in our world today, is dynamic. There are factors which affect business. These factors can be internal to the business. These factors can also be external to the business. These internal and external factors make up the environment of business […]

Criteria and Techniques in Selecting a Business Idea

Steps in Selecting Business Idea What are the various criteria and steps in selecting a business idea? Before a business idea is arrived at, there are several steps and criteria used at reaching a conclusion on the type of business to be started. This article sheds light on these criteria and techniques in selecting a […]

Frequently Asked Questions about Starting a Business

Frequently Asked Questions To Ask When Starting a New Business When an entrepreneur wants to start a small business, he must first decide on what he wants to do and how. An entrepreneur first scan available options and then selects the type of business, given his major considerations. I know when it comes to starting […]