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Sample Gift Basket Shop Business Plan Template

GIFT BASKET COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE Establishing a gift basket company does not require much in terms of capital. Although the amount that is needed to start a gift basket company might not be much, there is a lot to be gained from this business. The reason for this is people will always give […]

Sample Handyman Service Business Plan Template

HANDYMAN BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE Do you wish to know how to start a handyman business and become a boss of your own? There are many advantages to having a handyman business, such as choosing the people you’ll work for and the kinds of jobs, setting your pay rates, having total control of your income, […]

Sample Resume Writing Service Business Plan Template

RESUME WRITING BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE How do I start a resume writing business? In the United States, the human resource consulting industry is a big and thriving industry. The resume writing service business is a business which is filed under the human resource consulting industry, and people who operate a resume writing agency could […]

Sample Leasing Company Business Plan Template

LEASING COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE Are you looking to start a leasing company? A lease is a contract where a party agrees to rent properties (building, equipment, machinery, vehicle, parcel of land etc.) owned by him to a second party (lessee) usually with terms. This enables the lessee’s use of the asset and guarantees […]

Sample Funeral Home Service Business Plan Template

FUNERAL SERVICE HOME BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE An adage goes thus “Nothing is certain except death and taxes”. If this is true, (and it is true), then someone has to prepare the bodies for interment. This is exactly the function of funeral homes. They are involved in preparing the body (i.e. washing, dressing, embalming and […]

Sample Moving Company Business Plan Template

MOVING COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE Starting a moving company can be daunting especially during the initial planning stages. However, approaching it with the right mindset would enable you overcome these initial startup challenges. With an ever changing economy that has witnessed shake-up in the housing industry, a lot of movement has been necessitated. The […]

Sample Event Planning Business Plan Template

EVENT PLANNING BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE If you are good at decorating and organization, you will find it easy to do an event planning business. Though to be seen and respected as a professional event planner, there are certain skills and certifications you need to have. Wedding event planning is a very lucrative business that […]

Sample Virtual Assistant Service Business Plan Template

VIRTUAL OFFICE ASSISTANT BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE Virtual assistant business is one that is self-employed. It falls under the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, and it is particularly concerned with providing a number of professional products and services to both individuals and businesses. If you are very interested in starting up a virtual assistant business, and are set to […]

Sample Cemetery Service Business Plan Template

CEMETERY BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE Do you know how to start a private cemetery business? How much money do cemeteries business make? No one on earth is going to escape the inevitable end. People die every day and more people are dying, this is why there are many cemeteries all over world. Without the cemeteries […]

Sample Self Storage Unit Business Plan Template

SELF STORAGE UNIT BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE Are you at a loss for what business to start? Do you have a property with ample space? If your answers to these questions are in the affirmative, then you should consider starting a self storage unit business. If you are concerned with the ‘how’, we will guide […]


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