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3 Classical Examples of Assets that Depreciate in Value Over Time

What types of assets are subject to depreciation? A car is one classical example. When acquiring assets, there are those which never maintain their value. These types of assets are considered depreciating assets. Our focus is to discuss these types of assets. We’d also provide examples of assets that depreciate in value with time. As […]

10 Most Lucrative African Industries Foreign Investors Should Be Watching

Hot Profitable African Industries For Foreign Investment Are you an investor and will love to invest in African industries? There are so many industries in Africa that investors should be watching for. There are some industrial sectors in Africa they I believe are gold mines. Just as the gold in its raw form is oblivion […]

Long Term Investments Options, Strategy, Plan And Examples

Best Good Long Term Investment Options If you have idle funds that you know you won’t need to make near-time purchases or use anytime soon, you can invest in securities. Any profitable investment will increase in value with time but if you want to maximise your investment opportunities, let your money be in the care […]

Foreign Direct Investment: Definition, Types, Examples, Roles and Benefit

Types of Foreign Direct Investment, Stock, Policy and Strategy What is FDI? Explain with example.  Discuss FDI and its types? Well, a foreign direct investment (that is also known as FDI) is simply a controlling ownership in a business enterprise in one country by an entity that is based in another country. That is quite […]

Short Term Investment Ideas – 5 Good Opportunities

Reliable Short Term Money Investment Ideas and Options With High Returns No one love leaving their money idle in a saving account in the bank because it brings in nothing or low interest, but some people don’t also like investing their money in a long term investment vehicle that will later bring back just a […]