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Sample Smoke Shop (Cigar Lounge) Business Plan Template

SMOKE SHOP BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE For the entrepreneur with the passion for business in the smoke shop sector, but with little or no experience on the skills of writing a cigar lounge business plan, this article provides a way out, by making available the basic components to be included in a smoke shop business […]

Sample Family Entertainment Center Business Plan Template

FAMILY RECREATION CENTER BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE This article is a family entertainment center business plan sample for any entrepreneur looking to start a family entertainment center business. If you have plans of starting a family entertainment center business, then this article is for you as I have made the job of writing a business […]

Sample Hookah Bar Business Plan Template

HOOKAH BAR BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE Do you know how to make business plan for a hookah lounge? Setting up a Hookah bar business is definitely a great idea, it is especially profitable if established in an environment that is dominated by college students. A hookah bar business is one business that will always have a […]

Sample Game Company Business Plan Template

GAME COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE Game companies create interactive and digital entertainment products designed to be played on a wider range of platforms, platforms like personal computers, smartphones, Gameboard, video game platforms like the popular Sony’s PlayStation 1, 2, 3, 4, Xbox and host of others. The game industry in its own league has […]

Sample Laser Tag Gaming Center Business Plan Template

MOBILE LASER TAG GAMING CENTER BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE how much money does a laser tag business make? What are the basic laser tag equipment? Laser Tag business is a tagging game played with guns that fires infrared beams. Players always wear infrared sensitive materials and at times this is integrated in the arena they […]

Sample Nightclub Business Plan Template

NIGHTCLUB BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE If you are a fun loving entrepreneur that wants to run a business in which you get to socialize and meet new people, the entertainment industry is your calling. One of the best ways to make good money and catch fun at the same time is to run a nightclub business. […]

Sample Record Label Business Plan Template

RECORD LABEL COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE The global music industry is one which has been driven by talent, innovation as well as the business side of things. This has given birth to a continually evolving industry with lots of people gainfully employed and taking part in its value chain. A major contributor to this […]

Sample Recording Studio Business Plan Template

RECORDING STUDIO BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE A recording studio business is lucractive because there is always a high demand for its services. If you are intending to start a record studio business, you have made a good decision. However, even if you start a profitable business, if you don’t start it the right way, that […]

Sample Sporting Goods Business Plan Template

SPORTING GOODS RETAIL STORE BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE Have you ever thought about starting sport apparel shop business? Sporting equipment have become very popular nowadays since virtually everyone gets involved in one sport or the other no matter their age or background. I will be presenting to you in this article a sample business plan […]

Sample Gentlemen’s Club Business Plan Template

GENTLEMEN’S CLUB BUSINESS PLAN PDF SAMPLE Starting a business is no small undertaking especially when considered against the number of new businesses that never make it to their fifth year birthdays. Nevertheless, people still start businesses and new businesses are launched every other day across sectors and industries in the economy, be it agriculture, finance, […]


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