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Shipping Cars from USA to Nigeria – Procedure and Arrival Time

Need help shipping cars from USA to Nigeria? Here is a free guide. Car importation is big business in Nigeria. This is largely due to the fact that the auto manufacturing industry is almost non-existent. The United States of America is a major source of cars being imported. Because of this, we will discuss how […]

Cost of Shipping to Nigeria from Houston

Here is the average cost of shipping to Nigeria from Houston, Texas. USA. Nigeria is largely an import reliant nation. Products than can be shipped range from cars, electronics, furniture, chemicals among a long list of items. This gulps a lot of foreign exchange. The exchange value of the dollar to the naira also impacts […]

Marketing In Nigeria: Best 50 Marketing Ideas & Strategies For Business

Small Business Marketing Strategies for Top Advertising Companies In Nigeria Do you want ideas on marketing to promote your new business or startup? Are you interested in a marketing plan template you can adapt for your businesses? Marketing is one important lifeline of any business and is very crucial to improving sales through increased clientele […]

Invest In Student Hostel Accommodation – Cost Analysis for 16-Units

Make Money Building Private Student Hostels in Nigeria Are you interested in how to build a student hostel for business? What is the average cost of building a hostel in Nigeria? One of the most lucrative real estate business in Nigeria is constructing halls of residence for students. Over the years, under-funding of the educational […]

How Much Does a POS Machine Cost in Nigeria – Price Today

POS MACHINE PRICES IN NIGERIA How much does it cost to get a GTBank POS machine or one from any other commercial bank? Do you know how to start POS business in Nigeria? Well, read on. The Point of Sale (POS) system was introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria in the year 2012 as part […]

Fairly Used Tokunbo Cars for Sale in Nigeria with their Prices

CURRENT PRICE LIST OF TOKUNBO CARS FOR SALE IN BERGER LAGOS, NIGERIA The ownership of a car, aside the responsibility and obligations that go with driving it, brings a sense of fulfillment and pride to its owner. The trend in the 70s and 80s in Nigeria, was the purchase of new cars, a good number […]

How to Start Cold Room Business in Nigeria

Interested in starting a cold room business in Nigeria? If YES, here is how to start cold room business checklist with no money and no experience. Starting a Cold Room Business In Nigeria Starting a fish cold room business in Nigeria is usually for two major investment purposes; for ice-block making and frozen food business. […]

How To Start Hire Purchase Business: Okada Bike, Car, Danfo Bus, Trucks

Starting Hire Purchase Business for Commercial Transport Vehicles Do you want to learn how you can start a hire purchase business and be making money into your bank account without doing any hard work? So many people have become rich running this kind of business. A hire purchase business is typically a kind of loan […]

How To Make Ankara Bag, Purse, Shoes And Other Accessories

 How To Make Ankara Accessories: Bags And Shoes, Clutch Bag, Button, Earrings, Cake, Jewelry, Bangles, Earrings, Necklace In Nigeria It is no more a news that you can make your Ankara bag, purse, shoes and other accessories with Ankara fabric but do you know how to craft one? The ladies are so fond of bags, […]

Top 10 Fast Selling Products in Nigeria

HIGH DEMAND PRODUCTS IN NIGERIA FOR 2019 Are you thinking of starting a business in Nigeria and you are looking for fast selling products you can sell? There are many fast selling products in Nigeria that any entrepreneur can start a business around and make good money from. Many at times, success driven Nigerians are […]


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