Detailed Swot Analysis Example for Business

Examples of SWOT Analysis – Personal and Business Assessment
Do you need SWOT analysis examples for a restaurant, a small retail business and as personal assessment for students, employee etc?

A very vital tool for business management is SWOT (STRENGTH, WEAKNESS, OPPORTUNITIES AND THREATS) analysis. It is a very useful tool to for understanding your strengths as a business, your weaknesses, the opportunities that are open to you and threats to the growth and existence of your business. Important as it is, a lot of find it a daunting challenge to pen down a detailed SWOT analysis for their business. In this presentation we will be discussing the SWOT analysis example for a dog grooming business.

As implied earlier, the purpose is to create a good marketing action plan. In this case, a dog grooming business has the following SWOT analysis as a very important part of its business plan. Let’s take a look at a detailed analysis for the dog grooming business.

Has A Growing Customer Base

For over two thousand years dogs have been always regarded as man’s best friend. With time the growing importance of the roles played by dogs in man’s daily activities makes more people to want to keep dogs as pets. More also, people have come to realize that dogs make the most reliable and efficient security agents. Improved dog species and training facilities even make makes dogs more versatile and attractive to customers.

Client Satisfaction

Costumers’ who enjoy the dog grooming service don’t just keep it to themselves. They spread the information by word of mouth and refer other prospective clients to the grooming service. Business can only be said to be growing when clients are satisfied with the services rendered by dog grooming.

Additional Walk-in Business

In Addition to our on-site animal services we also get so walk in consultation jobs. This adds to our stream of income. Since almost most homes have at least a dog, the tendency to train or groom these pets to enhance their capabilities is worthwhile. Customers do come to our office for consultancy on issues they may be having with their pets.

Our Mobile Dog Grooming Van Has a Catchy Logo

A catchy logo is a very important tool for marketing. We have taken this fact into consideration in creating a very catchy logo for our dog grooming business. The logo on our van creates awareness and gives us more exposure when performing on site services.


As a typical fact, as a business we are not without weaknesses and shortcomings. We will briefly analyze our weaknesses into the following subtitles.

Marketing Is Not Given the Adequate Attention It Requires

A key weakness we have as a business is marketing. A growth of a business can be said to rely majorly on marketing and budget set aside for marketing. Because we only rely on word of mouth for advertizing, it is hard for us to scale up and grow as a business. This makes us to be unfortunately stunted as a small business or a startup.

Static and Purely Informational Website

Information on our website are not updated regularly so this makes the site boring and uninteresting. This in turn has a negative impact on traffic to the site and hence impacts negatively on our online visibility. To maintain traffic to our website and be visible online we need to make our website interesting be uploading new information daily or weekly.

We do Not Have a Marketing Plan.

The size of our clientele is so largely dependent on marketing plant. Our dog grooming business has been stunted in growth largely due to our lack of a marketing plan. We have not seen the need for a marketing strategy because we have always been satisfied with our small clientele and word of mouth referral. For this reason we will always remain a small business without any growth.

We Do Not Have A Marketing Budget

A budget for marketing cannot be overemphasized. So due to the fact that we do not have a marketing plan, there will be no marketing budget. In simple words we do not have a marketing budget. This fact has greatly stunted our growth as a business and also impeded us from reach our full potential.


We benefit from dogs increased popularity

Dogs are one of the most popular pets people keep. You hardly find a home without a dog. From time immemorial dogs have always been called man’s best friend. The reliability of dogs as security agents, messengers, even baby sitters has increased the acceptance of this wonderful pet. So invariably this in turn means good business for us.

Use The Social Media

The increasing use of the social media makes advertizing very simple and affordable. The social media has helped us advertize our business.

Increase In Walk In Traffic

As we can easily see from the above factors, an increase in the number of people with dogs results in more people requiring consultancy services for their pets. So we get more walk in grooming businesses.

Local Pet Fairs

Local annual pet fairs are a big boost to our dog grooming business. At these pet fairs we have the opportunity to interact with people and meet new clients, which is good for business.


We have several threats to the existence of our business and these threats are summarized in following subtitles.


Competitions from other dog grooming businesses in town pose a threat to our business. More so marketing is not one of our strong points. Some dog grooming businesses in towns are already having ads running on news papers, radio and television stations. To add to that, a dog grooming business in town is already partnering with a global giant to sell it’s services. Well this article is only an example of how to develop your SWOT analysis, which is a vital requirement in the feasibility study for every business.

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