African American Handmade Businesses – Most Successful Companies


Amazingly, there are many African American that are doing great in handmade business. Each and every one of these notable African American handmade entrepreneur has something valuable and incredible to offer.

These African American handmade business owners deserve a special recognition for their blazing and inspiring trail set and laid down for the world and the lives of the black race.

This list shall however discuss the top seven amazing African American, according to findings, who are doing really well in the handmade business.

1. The Purse Paparazzi

This is a fantastic handmade bag craved by an African American entrepreneur who based his business in Baltimore, Maryland, the Purse Paparazzi as it’s named is owned and also operated by a reputable African American husband and wife group.

Their handmade business offers women a nice assortment of unique, quality, stylish, edgy and fashionista hand bags that is always ready to be clutched for any available occasion!

2. Chris Campbell

Chris is another African American entrepreneur who is popular known for his bakery handmade shoe customizing with accessories for women. Need a fantastic handmade shoe to match that your ceremonial outfit and cake design? Then, Chris Campbell has something stupendous to offer you, ladies!

Chris takes on different model shoes and tailors them to suit and resemble a calorie-filled, treat sopping with some ice decoration and sprinklings. Also, you can get a beautiful arm chocolate- otherwise called a purse -with a good matching key chain.

Check the company out for their various seasonal wares or you can have a very nice design custom just for you.

3. Gwen Jimmere “Naturalicious”

Naturalicious is the first African American business owned by a woman to hold a patent for natural hair food/care product. It is the number one company to build an all-in-one, all-natural hair care system specifically designed for the curly, kinky, wavy and curly hair touches.

She created her line of Naturalicious named “OooLaLocks” products so that women who want their hair natural can save money and time doing it. This was created after being tired and frustrated because it does take her many hours to style the hair every blessed day.

The naturalistic hair products are made up of 4 good step hair care that allow her customers get their hair all styled within an hour.

4. Celeste Beatty

It was in 2000 that Harlem Brewing Company was launched, this African American artisan crafted a beer which was picked up recently by Walmart, based on news flying in the street, and sooner, maybe few weeks to come, it would be in choice stores.

Amazingly, all the bottles are handmade or crafted in small consignments in Harlem, but made with some fine plants that are fully grown, harvested in the New York. Celeste identify her beer source of inspiration to the love she has for spices and creativity, so, she goes into making the amazing southern foods.

5. Valerie Reed

Valerie is an African American who founded the Valana Minerals after a sadly disappointment with the kinds of makeup for black women. She doesn’t let the disappointment weigh her down, instead she decided to move on with life, eventually she opened up her own business so that she would be able to cater for women like her; who sadly, often can’t find skin accessories to suit their brown beautiful skin tones.

Valana offers different types of beauty skin care services ranging from foundation, eye shadow and blush, to lip color together etc. Valana Minerals is the sole or only its kind in line of mineral makeup for black women.

6. Todd Parsons Designs “Todd Parsons Ear Art”

This is another amazing African American that own an out-of-thinking handmade products which lead to him founding a business that led to the success in his life. Todd is a passionate maker of laser engraved ear art.

Todd has lot of varieties of designs ranging from incredible and unique jewelry to the digital fine art. Also, he can design a custom-laser to match your ear ring logo.

Women love his friendly character, the personal customer service himself and his designs. Irrespective of if it is the beautiful outline in a woman with an aesthetic natural hair, rendition of the Africa continents or just a related theme, Todd’s works, is usually, to honors Africa in some major ways.

In the long run, endeavor to identify the African American handmade business owner that inspire you the most! And if possible tap from their source of inspiration and get something exceptional done and the world shall celebrate you accordingly.

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