Strange Businesses You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Completely Strange Businesses You Do Not Know Existed

There are thousands of strange businesses you have never heard of or even know they existed in the first place. These same businesses have large niche market that they are serving.

If you can think of any business that may sound stupid to you, I will tell you that they are people making money from it.

I have seen business agency looking for prayer warriors and evangelist with attractive salaries. Just in case you will like to start a business that is unusual or work in a job that look strange, or just want to patronize such kind of business.

Here are 7 strange businesses that you do not know ever existed for your consideration.

1. Rent a Mourner

This kind of business exists in the United Kingdom where you can hire professional mourners to come and cry at a funeral service and wake keeping. Have you ever gone to a burial ceremony and you saw people that you don’t know crying more than the people you know that are friends to the dead person?

Those people may have been hired to come and cry.

These kinds of company works with family that need people to come to their funeral service because the deceased during his or her lifetime only had few friends who may not come for the funeral.

2. Cuddle Party

Sometimes you may need the comfort of someone to come cuddle you and you may not have someone to call. This is where Cuddle Party comes in.

Cuddle Party was founded 2004 as a non-profit social event hosting organization designed for adult to communicate and share affection. It is one of the weirdest businesses you do not know existed, where some strangers just come together to cuddle each other.

They have been hosting lots of event in Canada and United State of America and might be coming to your neighborhood next.

3. A Mystery Marketplace

Have you been in a situation where you have a certain amount like $10 and you don’t know what to buy with it? SomethingStore is a marketplace that can help you with something valuable for any amount under $10.

SomethingStore is one strange business existing since 2007 that can guaranty you a brand new mystery item in exchange for your $10. But, what is the item you are asking?

According to the company, your mystery item can either be a handmade necklace, rare book, box of gourmet chocolates, cool gadget, handmade earrings, a garden tool etc.

This company has sold up to 200000 items just with this idea that look strange. What are you waiting for?

4. Egg Alert

If you are having problem getting pregnant and are too busy in mapping out the best time when you will be fertile so you and your partner can have sexual intercourse. No bother again because a company called, “EggAlert” is here to help you out.

EggAlert is an SMS service that sends you an SMS alert to your phone to let you know when you are at the most fertile period of the month when you register with them.

5. Sock Savers

This is a very strange business you don’t know exists right now. Doing laundry is part of everyone life and sometimes when we do, we then to lose some of our little clothes especially socks. You know it is very sad having only one leg of sock without knowing the where about of the other leg.

With Throx, you never have to bother yourself about that again. This company changes the status quo by selling socks in threes instead of pairs. That way, when you lose one of your socks, you still have your pair with you.

The third sock was met to act as a backup in case one leg lost. So, you can do your laundry anytime
and anywhere with no worries.

6. Ring 4 Freedom

This is another strange business you never exist. Ring 4 Freedom is a web-based service that sends a fake call to your phone so you can avoid someone you don’t want to have conversation with. Sound nice right?

You may have seen apps that do that, but, Ring 4 Freedom was the first to introduce that. The business was designed for people who want to get away from someone they don’t want to continue a conversation with but want to do it in a polite manner.

It is triggered by a button on your phone and you just get to act as if you want to pick the call elsewhere.

7. Line Standing Service

This is a very funny strange business you didn’t know existed. Who could have thought about this kind of business?

If you have somewhere to go to and you know that before you get there, there will be people waiting in line to do what you also want to do. You can contact to help you get someone to stand on your behalf anytime, anywhere.

Unfortunately, this service is only available and accessible to people in Washington DC.

These are the top 7 strange businesses you do not know existed. You can either patronize any of them if they are available in your locality and open something similar to theirs in your locality.

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