Starting a Pressure Washing Business – Sample Business Plan Template PDF

Interested in small pressure washing business ideas? If YES, here is how to start a pressure washing business with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

How to Start a Pressure Washing Business Company

Find out how you can earn a good amount of income running a pressure washing business by reading this post. A pressure washing business can be a profitable business, mostly if you learn how to build a solid business foundation and take the following tips that will be shared in this post.

Yes, it involves a lot of work to start a pressure washing business, but it is one of the most lucrative service business known. The business can be started by anyone with very little capital because the overhead is low compared to most other businesses.

The profit margin of a pressure washing business is superb. Your target customers are restaurants, homes, commercial building like business offices, stores etc.

Do you want an assistance on how to start a pressure washing business? Here you go;

Step 1: Do the Groundwork
Upon deciding to start a pressure washing business, you must first do some groundwork so you can lay a solid foundation for your business.

What is the groundwork?

  • Conducting a market research
  • Finding of license and permits
  • Surveying regions and potential customers
  • Financial modalities

Experts will even advise you to take a job in pressure washing with an established firm so as to get a first-hand experience.

Step 2: Get the Equipment
The next step is to get the equipment that will be needed to carry out the work. The equipment is not much and expensive. Yes, you can start by renting equipment but it is better to buy your own as every equipment you use is an asset to your business. What you will be needing for the business includes;

  • Pressure washer
  • A van or truck
  • Good quality water hoses
  • Turbo nozzle
  • Chemical and surface cleaners
  • Work shirts or uniform

Know your budget and decide on the best quality items to get for your pressure washing business.

Step 3: Learn the Skill
This is very important and that was why I said above that you should go work in a pressure washing firm before establishing your own. You will need to learn how to operate the pressure washer itself. You will need some skill to be able to effectively and safely clean different surfaces. Pressure washing is not just about buying the equipment and just spraying water everywhere you see dirt on your client’s place. There are things you will need to learn to succeed in the pressure washing business. The best way to learn the skill is by working in a pressure working firm even if it takes a year to learn all that you will need. If you can’t go that route, you can choose to undergo a certificate course on pressure washing at any trade school. Aside from the skill, you will learn from working with a pressure washing company, you will still end up learning other things like their marketing strategies, how much they charge and so much more.

Step 4: Create a Business Plan
The main reason for writing a business plan is that it saves you from wasting money and time on unnecessary things that do not contribute to the business. A good business plan should have an executive summary, market analysis, projected income and expenses, equipment and cost, vision, mission, advertising, and marketing plans etc.

Step 5: Get a Team
I know that a pressure washing business can be operated by one person. But, if you want to build a big company, you will need a hire people so you can use leverage and profit from it. You can’t be the one doing accounting, doing the main pressure washing job and still be the marketer.

With a team, you get to focus on managing the business and have more time to go market your services to get more clients. If you do everything yourself, there will be no time to go out to look for clients.

You would not welcome a situation where a client will have to wait for you for hours because you were busy attending to another customer’s work. This is a very bad experience for a startup like your business. To grow this kind of business, you will need a professional team to help you while you manage the business.

Step 6: Obtain License and Permits
In most states, it is compulsory to get a business license and permits before you can be allowed to operate any business. It is not difficult. All you need to do is apply for a local business permit and a contracting license at the county clerk office. You will also need to register your business for tax purposes.

Step 7: Marketing your Business
Don’t wait till you officially start your business before you start looking for customers. Your marketing starts even before you start the business. The best and economical way to market your business is through the printing of flyers, business cards, running Facebook ads and yellow pages.

You can also partner with painters in your area so they can refer you when any of their clients need the service of a pressure washer. I am sure with this post you should be able to start a pressure washing business. Let me know your thought through the comment box.


Interested in small pressure washing business ideas? If YES, here is how to start a pressure washing business with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

How to Start a Small Pressure Washing Business

Do you want to start a pressure washing business ideas? If YES, here is a free guide to starting a pressure washing business with little or no capital.

Pressure washing, also known as Power Washing entails the use of high-pressure water to remove dirt and unwanted particles like grease, gum, paint, mold, debris and other materials from objects and surfaces, such as buildings, cars and concrete floors.

The use of Pressure washing can be traced to the period around the year 1935, when the first sets of pressure washers were available commercially, in Pennsylvania, USA. Today, the variants of the Pressure Washer include Cold Pressure Washer units and hot water power washers.

You can start a Pressure Washing business with minimal investment in equipment and other incidents but you should consider that the business will require physical fitness, stamina and top-notch business skills, especially for the early days, when you are most likely to be servicing customers personally.

It must be stated for the record that Pressure Washing requires you possessing the skill set required to safely and effectively clean a variety of floors and surfaces, without any incidents/accidents.  The other important aspects of the business which you should pay careful attention to include:

a. Is Pressure Washing in alignment with your passions, goals and objectives?
b. Can a Pressure Washing business make you a profit?
c. What steps can you take to compensate for unforeseen loss and damage that may arise from a pressure washing session?
d. Are the equipment and machinery you need for the venture available? Do you need to be trained on their use?
e. What target markets will you look to service?

A sincere appraisal of the following questions will give you the platform to successfully start and run a Pressure Washing business.

How do you start a pressure washing company? As with starting any kind of business, there are certain structural templates that can guide you in setting up a Pressure Washing business. They include the following action steps:

a. Learn How to Use a Pressure Washing Machine

How do you start a pressure washer? This basic step is the most important part of the puzzle in running a successful Pressure washing business. You will have to learn how to use the various kinds of Pressure washing machines, not only because you want to provide satisfactory services but also to guard against causing damage to the surface being cleaned or the surrounding environment.

There are a number of ways by which you can gain the training and experience you need in operating these machines. You can intern at an existing Pressure washing business and have a hands-on training on using the various kinds of equipment.

You can also obtain videos and other instructional materials, that give detailed tutorials on the safe and effective use of Pressure washing machines.

b. Carry Out Market and Feasibility Analysis

This step is important as the findings you will obtain will determine whether a Pressure Washing business will be sustainable over the long term.

How much does it cost to power wash a driveway? The findings you should concern yourself with include determining the composition of the market demographics that may likely patronize your business. Under demographics, home owners, health facilities, hotels, resorts, schools, public utilities as well as other categories that could form your target market.

A veritable target market for your Pressure washing business is senior citizens living alone or in care centers. This set of people will have a need for Pressure washing services.

Once you have ascertained the market feasibility of your potential Pressure washing business, you can then come up with a detailed business plan

c. Develop a Detailed Business Plan

You can view a business plan as the coordinates that your ship will use in charting a course when you set sail. Consequently, your business plan for a Pressure washing business should provide information regarding equipment and supply lists, customer/target market types, pricing, startup and operating capital requirements and other probable incident expenses.

Other information that should be captured by your plan include your projections for growth and expansion, your anticipated income and turnover, as well as the activities of the competition in your target markets.

d. Obtain Work Equipment and Tools

In order for your Pressure Business to kick-off effectively, you will need to obtain Pressure washing machinery and supplies, depending on the number of cleaning services you plan to offer at inception.

Also depending on your starting capital outlay, you could also procure a van to move you to your customers’ location efficiently.

e. Obtain Business Liability Insurance

This condition is important due to the nature of Pressure washing business. Remember that accidents and damage to property could occur as you carry out your activities; hence it is expedient that you are covered with a policy that will help you offset the costs of damages and other related matters.

The categories of Insurance that you should consider include the following:

1. Liability Insurance, which will help you cover the damage to property that arises from you pressure washing.
2. Workers Compensation benefits. This policy comes in handy when you or your staff suffer injuries or impairment as a result of conducting your business activities
3. Equipment Insurance. This will mitigate the costs of damages to your operational equipment.

f. Obtain Relevant Permits and Licenses

Depending on the country of your operation, it is important that your Pressure washing business obtains necessary approvals and permits to conduct business in your target/niche market.

In conclusion, you can consider specializing in one customer area at inception. Then as your business grows, you can decide to expand your services to other niche markets. The thrust is to start small and then expand your coverage.

In addition, you must come up with cost effective means of marketing/advertising your pressure washing services to your target markets. Fliers, leaflets, word-of-mouth referrals as well as social media marketing are veritable mechanisms in this regard. The goal is to find which marketing mix works for your pressure washing company and to engage in those activities on a consistent basis.

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