Interested in small makeup business ideas? If YES, here is how to start a makeup business with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to start up?

It is no longer a secret that the makeup line business is a billion-dollar industry. If you are looking at the possibility of starting a makeup line of your own, this post is meant for you.

Everyone is looking for an opportunity to become financially independent and we have heard people say often that one of the fastest ways to achieve this is to get involved in the business.


How to Start a Makeup Line Business

By doing this, you are not only going to be empowering your bank account, you will also have the chance to contribute your quota to humanity by employing other people to work for you.

So, how do you start a makeup line of your own?

Before I mention the first step, I also want to say that you have to develop a strong desire to succeed and also the drive to be consistent, because you are solving a problem and you are improving on yourself and your product.

Now, these are the steps;

  1. Conduct a Market Research

This is absolutely the first step you will need to take to start a makeup line. You do not need to hire anybody to do this for you. Because, in the course of the research, there are so many things you will find out because of your interest.

When you are conducting a research, your focus should be on the product i.e. kits or accessories. You may research extensively on an existing product from a particular company to understand the product and luckily find out any weaknesses so you can come up with your product as the solution which you will then use as your unique selling point.

If you have an idea too, you may need to carry out a research on your idea, to see how acceptable and how viable your idea is.

  1. Get Trained

The fact that you have an idea of what you want to do does not give you enough edges in venturing into the business. You will need to be well trained.

The training equips you and give you the chance to put into practice what you are learning without securing an extra cost in most cases. You do not want to play with the people’s face; you are dealing with the appearance and look of the people.

Even when you have started, you need to keep developing yourself because things are changing and people’s needs are changing as well.

  1. Write a Business Plan

This is a very serious step to take and as such, you should be very careful with it. A business plan is a direct translation of your business but on paper. It’s crucial because if you are going to get a sponsor or an investor, it is with this proposal that you will attract and win them.

You need to also understand the content of your business plan because whoever will invest in your company want to hear you speak like one who knows what he is doing.

It will also help your company have projections and this is where you also select your target market.

  1. Make Free Samples

Do a pre-testing of your product. There is a saying that people don’t buy your product, they simply buy you. This is the place of trust.

After you must have completed your training. Make samples, and give people you know to use it for free and collect feedback in return to use as testimonials to win customers.

After this, make another sample but this time around, you are giving it to people you may not know and ensure you give them your contact details so that they can get back to you with honest feedback. This way, you are already creating your potential customers.

  1. Create a Strong Brand of your Makeup Line

At this point, you are creating awareness of your makeup line. Do not forget the saying that there is no bad start. In other words, so long you keep improving your brand, it doesn’t matter how you start but that doesn’t mean you should start anyhow.

Do not run your business like a petty trader shop. Run it like an organization. This may help:

  • Pick a good and catchy name.
  • Get a vision and a mission statement.
  • Register your company and brand as soon as you can.
  • Get a very attractive but simple logo.

You may and you may not need an office from the start but do not waste time in getting one.

  1. Marketing

If after you have taken all the other five steps you miss it in the area of marketing, it will look like you did not take any step after all. Marketing is referred to as the driving force of any organization.

Remember that you are not creating the products for your own use. So, you need to have a very good marketing strategy in place to experience success with your business. you will need to employ professional salespersons to help with getting customers for your business.

Also, leverage on the power of social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Create hashtag with the name of your brand and market your goods. Do promo, organize the contest, seminars and so on.