How to Start a Lipstick Line Business

Starting your lipstick line can bring so much fun, but it will entail a lot of hard-work at the same time. Nonetheless, if you invest a little bit of time and effort, you can actually earn a tangible living from the business. So in this article, we will be discussing the steps on how to start a lipstick line.


What you need to start with is figuring out the types or variants or colors of lipstick that your line will produce and also finding a lab and distributor that will assist in the production.


The ability to understand the kind of business to go into and also the exact time to launch such business is one skill that separates successful entrepreneurs from those that struggle with their business.

If you want to own a startup and you don’t want to go through the hurdles of struggling in the growing business, it is best to consider starting a business that the products will be needed on a daily basis.

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Lipsticks and its other similar products are in use in almost every part of the world and it will interest you to know that the stakeholders in the business generate huge sales year in year out.


What is the cost to start a lipstick line? Most business startups prefer to start with Auraline Beauty. If you are starting with this producer, then you should plan to pay up to $7.23. This cost will cover a liquid to matte lipstick and with just a single colour logo.

You may be charged more depending on the total quantity ordered and the shades selected. And you should also note that the minimum order you can go for is 48 units of same-style packages.

A 48-piece collection of lipsticks (4 different shades, 12 units per shade). This will cost about $350 with shipping cost inclusive plus printing fees.

If you would like the lipsticks packaged in boxes, those cane be purchased separately at the rate of $2.28 per unit box with just a one-color logo. So for 48 boxes, the entire cost will be about $109.44.

The lipsticks will be packaged by Auraline Beauty into their boxes before they are shipped out to you.

One of the reasons why most entrepreneurs chose to deal with Auraline Beauty is because of their high range of top quality lipsticks. The firm has spent many years to perfect pigments and formulas and this is for your own advantage; to provide the bet range of products for your customers.

You will also be given the opportunity to order for sampler kits so you can handpick your favorite shades and products. These are some of the samples you can choose from

  • Lip sampler kit
  • Traditional lip liners
  • Velvet liners
  • Jumbo pencils
  • Hydra-gloss glosses
  • Liquid to matte


  • Psychographics and Demographics

The Psychographics and Demographic composition of users of lipsticks is all encompassing. This is not restricted to females; males can also utilize lip glosses for protection against harsh weather on their lips.

So when you start a lipstick line, your targets should not just be women, you should ensure that your marketing is as well targeted at the male folks.

  • Niches

There are specifically no niches in the lipstick line. Producers of lipstick are also mostly into production of lip gloss and other type of lips enhancing products.

You should also understand that branding is necessary and it is just one of the ways through which you can penetrate the market and increase sales in a short possible timing.


Competitions in this line of business is beyond you and your local environment or even your country, it is international. You can also testify to this as major lines from France, United Kingdom, Italy, China and other cosmetic companies across the world can be found in the United States. So it won’t be an understatement saying the competition in the industry is tight.

But at the same time, no matter how stiff the competition is, if you have done your home-work and you give your brand a very sound promotion, at least in your local environment, you will always breakthrough in the local industry.

What matters the most is churning out quality products and creating a sound marketing campaign.


In as much as buying a franchise would have been the best option for a whole lot of entrepreneurs; it is rare to see one to buy. So most business people who have the passion to start a lipstick line start from the scratch.

Well the business is still thriving and opportunities abound all across the world as customers always want to try out new variants, especially that of a popular figure they are following on social media.


As it is obtainable in most other businesses, the likely challenges that you may face in your lipstick line is unfavorable government policies and sometimes, economic downturn, which obviously affects the people’s purchasing power.

Another threat that you may face is when a new line arrives in your location.

But as discussed earlier, the most important factor in winning the hearts of your customers is churning out quality items only with great offers to make them endear to your products.


Since you are coming into a market with lots of brands and products in circulation, you will need to ensure that your marketing campaign is all encompassing.

Your targets are fashion-oriented ladies, which age range will be between 15-60 and the majority of these people can be found on social media. So it will be wise to concentrate a larger aspect of marketing your lipstick line on these media.

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